Last Name: Vslars
First Name: NorDine
Middle Initial:
Species: Trill
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Home World: Trill
Profession: Scientist, Varius Fields No imparticular love but for the lve of science as a whole
Rank: Captain
Academic History and Distinctions:

VsLars has held positions at various institutes throughout the the Alpha Quadrant and holds several degrees, including multiple Ph.Ds. Oddly, despite advanced education and training, VsLars has received few special distinctions and was promotoed to command by pure happenstance, having been in the right place at the wrong time.

Service Record

After serving on a variety of ships over several years, VsLars accepted a bridge officer position on the USS Serenity before it was decommisioned. He transferred to the Intrepid-Class USS Serenity D and promoted to first officer prior to a maiden voyagge that ended her former Captain's life in the Rolar Nebular. VsLars took command during a battle with a ship of unknown origins and directed a rather unexperinced crew to safety. As reward, Starfleet promoted him to the rank of Captain and the command of the vessel.