Ebrun Velar
Full Name Ebrun Velar
Gender Male
Race Cardassian
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Commander
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Camulus
Player ElMarto84

'Last Name: Velar First Name: Ebrun 'Species: Cardassian Age: Undisclosed Gender: Male Home World: Cardassia Prime (allegedly) Profession: Covert Military Operative/Undercover Intelligence Operative Character Rank: Commander Academic History and Distinctions: Trained in covert ops, undercover work, firearms, sniping and close quarters combat
Service Record:Raised in a True Way run colony. Received training from former Obsidian Order agents. Defected to the Federation. 'Brief Biography:
Velar was born to traditional parents who had abandoned Cardassia Prime and the new Federation Friendly council in favour of furthering the cause of the separatist group known as the True Way. From a young age Velar was raised to honour the pre-Dominion War Cardassian ideals. He showed great aptitude in all tests that he was set and was taken under the wing of a small group of individuals who had once worked for the Obsidian Order. He was trained up to be one of the first of a new breed of Order agents, destined to return order to Cardassia when the True Way finally "liberated" the planet. Eventually Velar grew disillusioned with the True Way ideals and he planned and orchestrated his escape from the colony he had been living on. Escaping to the Federation and calling for Asylum, his arrival caused some debate amongst the Starfleet Brass. Here was a man who, by his own admission, was trained with the skills and standards of an Obsidian Order agent, looking for a place amongst them. Eventually his worth was seen and he was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence. His natural talent at disguising himself combined with the cosmetic experts at SFI led to him quickly becoming an effective undercover operative.

He has recently returned to Federation space after spending two solar years undercover amongst the True Way Alliance.

Assigned command of USS Camulus.