USS Sanctuary
Sanctuary Warp
The Sanctuary during warp.
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The fourth ship of Starfleet's "Search, Rescue and Retrieval" task force.

USS Sanctuary, NCC-94963Edit

The Sanctuary is a hastily recomissioned ship that is assigned to Search, Rescue & Retrieval duties under the command of Captain Patrik Hunter. The ship is running on a skeleton crew - only essential personnel - and is missing a lot of non-essential systems and facilities (like an arboretum or holodecks).

Category: Heavy Cruiser
Class: Cheyenne
Accommodation: 50 (skeleton crew)
Armament: Phasers and photon torpedoes


Length: 394 meters
Beam: 250 meters
Height: 134 meters
Mass: 1,900,000 metric tonnes

Refit ChangesEdit

  • Senior staff quarters size doubled by combining two quarters into one
  • All lower deck quarters converted into guest rooms for evacuations (they are not needed because of reduced crew)
  • Enhanced phaser arrays (as far as the power transfer grid can handle)
  • Secondary tractor beam to better tow ships
  • Removal of holodecks to compensate for higher energy requirements
  • Replacement of sonic showers with water showers in the captain's quarters
  • Replacing bridge module with a the "Blaze" variant of the Prometheus-bridge (second refit)


Original Ship Edit

Originally, the Sanctuary was named USS Cheyenne, NX-71619 and was a prototype vessel for the Cheyenne class. Several technical problems and underwhelming performance resulted in some drastic changes for both the Ahwahnee and the Corinth and early decomissioning of the Cheyenne.

Recommissioning for SRR duties Edit

The SRR recommissioned the Cheyenne in Earth Spacedocks and christened it the Sanctuary, NCC-94963.
Typical for SRR recommissions, most of what Starfleet considers non-essential has been left out and only some of the ship's systems have been updated.

Refitting after near-destruction (Second Refit) Edit

Sanctuary Drydock

The Sanctuary in Earth drydock.

During one mission that seemed to be nothing more than a routine task of towing a ship back to Federation space, the Sanctuary was ambushed by an as of yet unidentified ship and suffered heavy damage. Thankfully, no member of the crew was seriously hurt but the Sanctuary had to stay in drydock for quite a while.
During these repairs, Captain Hunter had the opportunity to update several of the ship's systems - as far as the aging ship systems allowed, anyway. One of these much needed improvements was installing a new bridge-module. The new bridge is a variant of the Prometheus bridge named "Blaze".

Ship Dedication Plaque Edit

Not much thought has been put into the usual quote or motto for the dedication plaque of the Sanctuary.
It simply reads: "A place of refuge and protection."

Senior StaffEdit

First Officer Edit

Sanctuary FO

Shalia T'shaph

Commander Shalia T'shaph
Andorian Female

Security Officer Edit

Sanctuary KO


Lieutenant Junior Grade Pa'Tar
Klingon Male
Due to Captain Hunter's background as a diplomat, the Klingon Pa'Tar was transferred to the Sanctuary during its recent refitting. Previously to this assignment he was a spy for Starfleet in the Klingon Empire. He is unnaturally gentle and peaceful for a Klingon. It is rumored, he is actually from the mirror universe.
Previous Chief Security Officer Lieutenant Nine Echo was transferred to ops.

Science Officer Edit

Sanctuary CSO

Leara Vit

Lieutenant Leara Vit
Trill Female (unjoined)
Leara Vit is actually an unjoined Trill. She was choosen to be joined with the Vit-symbiont but very shortly after joining the symbiont died from unknown causes. Luckily for her, the joining had not been long enough to kill her as well but this made her unfit to further joinings.
Traumatized from this experience, Leara joined Starfleet, where she became a science officer.
Through their very short time joined, Leara did not gain any experiences or memories from Vit. She did however keep the Vit surname.

Chief Engineer Edit

Sanctuary CEO

Ryu Takahashi

Lieutenant Commander Ryu Akira Takahashi
Human Male (Japanese)
Ryu Takahashi (or "Takahashi-san" or just "Takahashi" as he is called by his friends) is an engineer by heart. He may not be the best but he loves his work.
Born in Japan and raised more or less by a big corporation, he trained to become an engineer very early on.
He actually never intended to join Starfleet as he preferred to work on planets and not on starships. In fact, Takahashi suffers from mild claustrophobia. An as of yet undisclosed mistake he made during one of his assignments for that corporation forced him to quit his job and leave Japan. Unable to find another job he decided to join Starfleet.
His assignment to the Sanctuary was another unintended happening as he specifically requested to serve on a planet but the SRR urgently needed engineers and so Starfleet command assigned him to the Sanctuary.

Conn Officer Edit

Sanctuary CCO

Syrah Ylaine

Lieutenant Syra Ylaine
Bajoran Female

Operations Officer Edit

Sanctuary COO

Nine Echo

Lieutenant Nine Echo
Metahoplite Male (genetically engineered Human)
Nine Echo is the result of a failed attempt to create Metahoplites, a strong warrior-race that would have been the pinnacle of what late 22nd century military-leaders regarded as supersoldiers.
However, the Metahoplite experiment went wrong as almost all specimens suffered genetic defects.
Military command decided to scrap the project and shut down all Metahoplite-facilities, leaving the specimens - which were completely grown but still in suspended animation - in their test-tubes.
The E, F and G-batches were found on Mars just a few years ago. The specimens were freed and integrated into human society.
Nine Echo is from tube number 9 of the E-batch. He is very strong and agile but suffers from dwarfism and is unable to feel pain, fear or sadness.
With the arrival of Pa'Tar, Lieutenant Nine Echo has been assigned to Ops.

Chief Medical Officer Edit

Sanctuary CMO

Dr. Sylack

Dr. Sylack
Vulcan Male
A once brilliant Vulcan medical doctor, Sylack has become old and shows the first signs of Bendii Syndrome.
He is still able to practice since possible telepathic emotional projections are kept under control by his Vulcan nurse T'Xan.
The doctor and his head nurse are currently MIA.

Commanding Officer during graveyard shift Edit

Sanctuary CO

Tanya Mozhaisky

Ensign Tanya Mozhaisky
Human Female (Russian)
Recently demoted from Lieutenant back to Ensign and transferred for disciplinary reasons because of her aggressive tendencies towards commanding officers, Ensign Mozhaisky now commands the Sanctuary during graveyard shift.
Captain Hunter noted that Ensign Mozhaisky's performance under these conditions is more than satisfactory.


The USS Sanctuary is not fully functional and not suited for civilians or extended periods in deep space.

((OOC Notes))Edit

((The Sanctuary was originally intended to be a Constellation class ship. However, that class is currently not available in STO. If it ever will become available, I will most likely retcon the Sanctuary from a Cheyenne to a Constellation.))