USS Robert L. Howard
Robert L Howard
The USS Robert L. Howard on patrol
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Mission SummaryEdit

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Vessel NamesakeEdit

The USS Robert L. Howard was named after Vietnam War veteran Colonel Robert Lewis Howard, United States Army. Colonel Howard is the only United States soldier to ever be nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor on three separate occasions for three different actions. All three of these nominations occurred during a thirteen month period between 1967 and 1968. Colonel Howard finally received the CMH for the third action which occurred on December 30th, 1968. Upon Colonel Howard's death on February 22, 2010, he was (and remains) the most highly decorated soldier in United States history.

Ship SpecificationsEdit

Production Base: TBD

Type: Ushaan class Escort

Accommodation: 50 crew; 10 visiting personnel; 300 personnel evacuation limit;

Power Plant: TBD

Dimensions: TBD

Mass: TBD

Performance: TBD

Armament: TBD