USS Randall D. Shughart
USSRandall Shughart
The USS Randall D. Shughart leaving Vulcan
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On May 23, 1994, Shughart and Gordon were posthumously decorated with the Medals of Honor in recognition for the actions they took and the sacrifices they made to help protect the life of Mike Durant and the crew of Super Six Four. They were the only soldiers participating in Operation Gothic Serpent to receive the U.S. military's highest honor, and the first Medal of Honor recipients since the Vietnam War.

Medal of Honor Ceremony in recognition of Randall D. Shughart and Gary I. GordonEdit

Mission SummaryEdit

The USS Randall D. Shughart has been tasked with both a science assignment as well as the potential to serve as a combat vessel should the necessity arise. Currently assigned to Fleet Captain Sanek, it has seen action in the Gamma Orionis Sector, as well as deep space research in the B'tran Cluster. The vessel serves as a back-up vessel during Fleet Captain Sanek's transition between the USS Alan Shepard and his next ship assignment, pursuant to an Admiralty Hearing.

Vessel NamesakeEdit

The USS Randall D. Shughart is named after Sergeant First Class Randall 'Randy' David Shughart, a US Army Delta Force Sniper. Sergeant Shughart is the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for sacrificing his life to save downed pilots during the Battle of Mogadishu, October 3rd, 1993. Both Sergeant First Class Randall Shughart and Master Sergeant Gary Ivan Gordon were inserted within 100 meters of a downed Black Hawk helicopter and attempted to hold off enemy personnel in defense of helicopter pilot Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant until he could be rescued. Before a rescue could be inserted, both Sergeant Shughart and Master Sergeant Gordon were killed. Warrant Officer Mike Durant was taken captive by enemy forces, but released eleven days later.

Further NotesEdit

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Ship SpecificationsEdit

Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars

Type: Excelsior class Advanced Heavy Cruiser

Accommodation: 750 officers and crew; 130 visiting personnel; 9,800 personal evacuation limit

Power Plant: One 1500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; one impulse system

Dimensions: Length, 511.25 meters; beam, 195.64 meters; height, 86.76 meters

Mass: 2,350,000 metric tonnes

Performance: TBD

Armament: TBD