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The USS Rainier on patrol in 2409.

The USS Rainier, NCC-93956, is a Galaxy-class starship under the command of Captain T'Kal. For several years, the Rainier was commanded by Telev and assigned to the Alpha Centauri Institute.

The ship's dedication motto is a quote from Earth poet, Rabindranath Tagore, and reads: "These clumsy boats of mine are meant to dance on the ripples of hours, and not to reach any destination."


  • Class: Galaxy
  • Length: app. 600 meters
  • Height: app. 195 meters
  • Beam: app. 464 meters
  • Mass: 4.5 million metric tons
  • Decks: 42
  • Operating Crew Complement: 450
  • Maximum Crew Complement: 1000
  • Armament and Defense:
    • Fore: 2 Phaser Beam Array, 1 Dual Phaser Bank, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher
    • Aft: 3 Phaser Beam Array, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher
    • Shielding: Aegis Covariant Shield Array
  • Primary Mission: Exploration and Diplomacy
  • Secondary Mission: Fleet support and combat



The Rainier was commissioned in late 2368 during Starfleet's rebuilding phase after the disastrous losses to the Borg at Wolf 359. Construction was delayed, however, due to the decision to re-focus starship development efforts on new classes such as the Defiant and Prometheus. In late 2371, construction was re-started in response to the increased threat from the Dominion and the perceived need to expand Starfleet's capabilities in anticipation of conflict. Construction was finished nearly two years later at the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards, just as hostilities began to seem imminent.

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The Rainier in action against the Jem'hadar during the Dominion War.

Service in the Dominion WarEdit

The Rainier was launched under the command of Caitian Captain Mr'aa and was immediately pressed into service for the attack on the Dominion shipyards at Torros III. The Rainier saw action throughout the war and distinguished herself on several occassions, most notably during the Battle of Tyra where rearguard actions by Captain Mr'aa and his crew made it possible for the retreating Starfleet forces to conduct rescues of numerous personnel from over 40 destroyed vessels. For his actions, Mr'aa was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor and the Rainier was awarded a Federation President's Ship's Citation to be permanently displayed on her bridge.

Peace and ExplorationEdit

After the war Captain Mr'aa continued to command the Rainier for a total of eight years before he retired and assumed a teaching position on Cait. His replacement was his former First Officer, Emerson Faulkner who commanded the Rainier for ten years and remains the vessel's longest serving commander. During his tenure, coinciding with a period of peace and expansion for the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the ship charted forty-four new star systems and made first contact with three races. Captain Faulkner was promoted to Admiral in 2389 and over the following 10 years the Rainier had four different Captains, none of which served longer than three years for various reasons. The most recent commanding officer was Captain Gloria Bolano, who assumed the position in early 2407. Captain Bolano steered the Rainier through much during her brief tenure, including some of the most severe fighting in the Archanis Sector at the outbreak of hostilities with the Klingons. Unfortunately, Captain Bolano, along with most of her senior staff, was killed by Remans in the Iconia System in 2409 while acting on intelligence relating to the Hobus supernova.

Command of the Rainier then passed to Captain Telev, a Tellarite officer who transferred to the Rainier along with several crew members from the USS Chin'toka. Telev's first action was to complete the investigation of the Iconia System begun by his predecessor.

After extensive tours of duty in the Beta Ursae and Gamma Orionis Sector blocks, the Rainier was recalled to Earth Spacedock for a 3-month refit. The upgrades included additional engineering capabilities, hull upgrades, and the installation of a short-duration quantum slipstream drive.


The crew of the Rainier consists largely of races well-adapted to living together and originating from worlds with warmer than average atmospheres. As of 2409, the composition of the Rainier's crew was 57% Tellarite, 24% Vulcan, and 12% Saurian, with the remaining 7% including a mix of Humans and other species.

Senior StaffEdit

First Officer: Commander T'Kal, Vulcan Female.

Second Officer: Commander T'Vahn, Vulcan Female.

Chief Engineer: Commander Strel, Tellarite Male

Chief Medical Officer: Commander Grazov, Tellarite Male

Chief of Security: Lt. Ataz, Saurian Female.

Chief Science Officer: Lt. Commander Collier, Human Male