The USS Longrifle is an Armitage-class Heavy Escort Carrier under the command of H'Rrao.

The name Longrifle refers to a type of weapon used in the frontier wars of the North American continent on Earth in that world's late 18th century.  The ship's dedication motto comes from an obscure historical text on the weapon and testifies to the role it played:  "An unknown smith, in a shop long since silent, fashioned a rifle which changed the whole course of world history, made possible the settlement of a continent, and ultimately freed our country of foreign domination."


Initial ServiceEdit

Originally launched as a Heavy Escort, the the first USS Longrifle conducted missions that were primarily combat operations and guerrilla support for the war against the Klingons. In this capacity, the ship carried a varied crew of security and assault officers, including the advanced infiltration, espionage, and sapper squadron of Commander H'Rrao.

In 2410, the Longrifle transported several anomalous data samples from Deep Space 9 to Deep Space K7. The samples were crucial to the work of Sodock and were heavily guarded by Commander H'Rrao and his squad. The extra security, however, did not prevent the theft of the samples by the Ferengi Grodd. (Episode: The Scavengers)

Later that year,

The original USS Longrifle, adrift and heavily damaged after being attacked by True Way forces.

the Longrifle was attacked by True Way forces while on duty in the Eta Eridani Sector Block. The ship was later discovered drifting through space by Velar, Pasqua Hawthorne, and A. G. Donovan. With all her crew dead or missing, the ship was towed to K7.


The Longrifle spent almost the next two years in dry-dock undergoing repairs and an extensive refit.  During her time in drydock, there were numerous reports of anomalous readings and temporal activity aboard the ship.  Eventually, it was discovered that the data samples the Longrifle had transported nearly two years prior trace amounts of chroniton radiation aboard the vessel.  When the radiation came into contact with sympathetic particles, short-duration temporal events could be triggered.  As the ship neared relaunch, one such event took place during an inspection tour.  The inspecting officers and half of the crew were transported forward in time to a battle outside of ACI-01 against attacking Tholian forces.  The Longrifle was crucial in turning the tide of the battle, saving the station, and sealing the temporal rift that had p
Screenshot 2013-01-06-23-14-52

The refit USS Longrifle in orbit of a possible future ACI-01.

eriodically torn open. 

Upon returning to the present, the report of the incident was sealed by Temporal Investigations.  Even so, Starfleet acted on the intelligence provided and, foreseeing the role the ship would play, immediately assigned H'Rrao, who had been witnessed in command of the vessel during the battle, as its newly promoted Captain and commanding officer.  The ship was launched shortly after as the third of Starfleet's new Armitage-class Heavy Escort Carrier line. The refit ship was assigned to the Alpha Centauri Institute under special circumstances.  Her initial assignments included assisting in the colonization of New Romulus and patrols in the Tau Dewa Sector, as well as special orders regarding events surround the time-traveller Jay Clarke.


  • Primary Mission: Long-Range Escort; Secondary Mission: Infiltration and Asset Recovery
  • Class: Armitage
    *Length: app. 500 meters
    *Height: app. 90 meters
    *Beam: app. 325 meters
    *Mass: 3.05 million metric tons
    *Decks: 27
    *Operating Crew Complement: 400
    *Armament and Defense:  **Fore: 1 Dual Phaser Bank, 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher, 2 Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon; **Aft: 1 Phaser Beam Turret, 1 Tetryon Turret, 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher; **Shielding: Omega Force Regenerative Shielding


The crew of the Longrifle includes many veterans of the conflict with the Klingons, as well as combat-medical specialists, flight-deck officers, and others.  Andorians and Humans comprise the bulk of the crew, with Trill, Bajoran, Rigelian, and Caitian officers making up other large blocks.

Upon assuming command of the vessel, H'Rrao brought with him several members of the senior staff of the USS Samarkand.  These included many members of his former sapper squadron and other officers with whom he shared a history.  He was not, however, allowed to choose his own first officer.  Instead, Starfleet assigned Commander S'Ral, a Caitian officer familiar with carrier operations.

Senior StaffEdit

First Officer: Commander S'Ral, Caitian Female.

Second Officer: Lt. Commander Shar, Andorian Soong-Type Android (Male)

Chief Engineer: Commander Ayla, Andorian Female

Chief Medical Officer: Commander de Rossi, Human Female

Chief of Security: Lt. Comander Pallas, Bajoran Male.

Chief Science Officer: Commander Joreb, Trill Male