U.S.S. Grandeur

Ship Information:Edit

  • Name: U.S.S. Grandeur
  • Registry: NCC-94379
  • Class: Odyssey (multi-role Science variant)
  • Roles: Ultra-long-range exploration, territory defence, tactical cruiser
  • Crew: 2,500
  • Captain: to be determined
  • Motto: "Learn the past, watch the present, and create the future." - Jesse Conrad

Ship Description:Edit


Official banner of the Grandeur, which shows her dedication plaque motto.

The U.S.S. Grandeur is a Odyssey-class starship that is currently assigned to the Alpha Centauri Institute, under the supervision of Captain Marcus Williams, although she is not his active vessel.

Grandeur is fitted primarily for scientific and exploration purposes, although she also encompasses many features intended for the operations and tactical variants of the Odyssey-class starship, such as an Aquarius-class escort and automated worker bees for repairs far from starbase.

The ship is painted in a unique design, influenced by her captain's tastes, that reflects the multi-role nature of the vessel. Dark war-influenced patterns adorn the hull, along with teal-coloured sections of plating that reflect her science-orientated nature.

Grandeur is primarily being tested as a ultra-long-range explorer; with a crew complement of 2,500, numerous recycling systems and extensive luxury facilities, she is designed to operate for years away from direct Starfleet contact.