Carolyn Trabian
Placeholder person
Full Name Carolyn A. Trabian
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Science Officer
Rank Cadet, 4th year
Fleet Rank Cadet, 4th year
Fleet Position Member
Ship(s) None
Player Aneria

Age: 26

Academic History and Distinctions:

  • Achieved Superior Marks in the following courses
    • Anatomy
    • Exobiology
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Xenoanatomy
  • Minor Infraction noted for conflict with roommate

Brief Biography:

Parents: Harold M. Trabian (father), Lt. Celeste G. Trabian (mother)

Carolyn has been an excellent student all of her life. Her desire to enter Starfleet Academy came as no surprise to any of her family, as her aptitude for the sciences was beyond excellent. She had no intention of simply becoming a doctor, even though that is and always has been an admirable goal. She want to conquer diseases.

In her youth, a dear friend of hers was striken with a fatal case of the Romulan measles, a disease thought to not be able to infect cross species. Apparently, it had mutated. Unfortunately for the crew of the Saratoga, this mutation jumped aboard when the ship was dealing with a crisis in Romulan space. It nearly killed 17 members of the crew, and did kill 5 others including Carolyn's friend and two other children. Although she will most likely deny it, this is the moment that set Carolyn on the course she is presently following.

3 years ago, she and her father returned to Earth for her Great Grandfather's funeral. Her mother remained aboard the Saratoga as per her assignment. It was during that time that the Saratoga encountered a Borg Cube. While the ship escaped, several members of the crew were assimilated, including her mother. Carolyn has not given up hope in the search for her, but it has been a very long time.