Rekar tr'Keirianh
Rekar in his preferred Republic service dress uniform, with Subcommander shoulder pieces.

Full Name

Rekar ir-Mirhassa tr'Keirianh






Republic Engineering officer

In-Game (OOC) Rank

Vice Admiral

Fleet (IC) Rank



R.R.W. Dhivael



Rekar ir-Mirhassa tr'Keirianh was a Romulan engineer in the Romulan Republic and an ally of the Alpha Centauri Institute.  Rekar grew up on Mirhassa, a colony built up by the Kaveth ship-clan who came from ch'Havran (Remus) three centuries ago. His family has origins in ch'Rihan (Romulus) before the loss of the Two Worlds.

Rekar had no military or service record prior to his enlistment in the Republican navy but he rose to Centurion quickly due to intellect and need for officers. He was still considered rough around edges, but his aptitude for singularity technology was impressive enough to gain attention.

Rekar served well during Serona (five year mandatory service during young adulthood), but no formal military beyond civilian milita standing (old Gai'Shian reserves on Mirhassa). After leaving Mirhassa, he eventually joined Romulan Republic fleet as a ship engineer. Due to their increased need for officers he rapidly was promoted to Centurion and assigned to the RRW Shiarrael, a Ha'feh assault warbird. He later joined ACI through the joint officer advancement agreement with the Federation and eventually received special training and advancement to Subcommander. At this time he was given command of the Mogai-class R.R.W. Dhivael. Later work he did uncovering a potential illegal weapon development intended for Undine genocide got him promoted to Commander with a new job working for Joint Command's Division of Justice, a job he took somewhat begrudgingly as he preferred his Engineering work. Later during a scientific test on ACI-01 on some dilithium crystals, the station's main power core was sabotaged. Rekar elected to use his already decaying ship, the Dhivael, to siphon the energy away safely into his singularity. The result produced a heavily toxic exotic radiation that caused him serious injury, and would have killed him if not for protection rendered by the resident AIs of ACI. It is unknown how long recovery may take.


Rekar, as he is known to his family, is a descendant of Geillum tr'Keirianh, the master engineer of the ChR Bloodwing in 2275 commanded then by Ael t'Rllaillieu. Due to house name being passed on by the matriarchs Geillum was actually his great-grandmother's brother, meaning Rekar is the son of a line of female t'Keirianh. The Empire changed a lot in the time of his great-granduncle but it has changed even more since then with the loss of the Two Worlds and increase destabilization of the Empire. Rekar was always heavily interested in Rihannsu history and enjoyed stories of the old civil war between the Empire and the Free Rihannsu, the latter of which his ancestor was a part. This inspiration led him to become interested in engineering, and since Geillum tr'Keirianh developed the first Romulan singularity core on the Bloodwing, Rekar made that his focus of research. He is now considered an autodidact expert on Singularity engine cores since he had no formal education in it beyond library research.

When he reached the age of 16 he started his mandatory five year military service called a Serona. He enjoyed spending time on Imperial starships despite doing only menial tasks and in an effort to work directly on ship engines and real singularity systems intended to attend Rihannsu War College at the end of his Serona. However his family, and many in his community on Mirhassa disagreed and persuaded him away from it due to both the unstable situation in the Empire and a local distrust of Empress Sela. Rekar only needed to rethink the history of his family to see why they were right. He continued maintaining an active role in his local world's militia as every citizen does but he decided when he was 25 to leave Mirhassa and travel local Rihannsu space, especially the breakaway worlds from the Empire where rumors of a new government started. at 26 he found the New Romulan Republic and saw his change to engage in an active role in starship engineering. He joined the Republic fleet which was trained not by a rigorous war college but by veteran Imperial officers who left the Empire and other bootstrapped military officers (Romulans having never bothered with enlisted ranks, any military person is an officer).

In that year due to his recognized proficiency with singularities and the needs for higher ranked officers he quickly was risen to Centurion and was allotted use of an assault warbird, though not the ship he wanted, which was the Dhivael, a Mogai warbird that he would have gotten except it was heavily damaged in battle before the reassignment and is under intense repairs and refit. He now operates out of the R.R.W. Shiarrael. Though brilliant in singularities, he is still rough around the edges, and young for a Romulan officer. He is continually looking for a way to be given a chance to prove himself and test his skills, having reached out a Republic Enriov and descendant of Ael t'Rllaillieu herself and her network of friends, including former Starfleet officer John McHale who referred him to the ACI, a Federation Fleet allied with the fledgling Republic. Though he is understandably unsure about working with aliens or an outside government, he has cast aside his worries for the chance to prove himself and applied.

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