Three of Sixteen
Rear Admiral Sixteen
Master of efficiency. Diplomat, Scientist, Tactician ... adapting to the situtation.
Full Name Three of Sixteen
Gender Male
Race Liberated Borg Human
Class Science Officer
Rank Fleet Admiral (in-game)
Fleet Rank Fleet Admiral
Fleet Position President
Ship(s) U.S.S. Antardis
Player Voyager316

Age: 57

Height: 1.86m, 6'1"

Ships under command: USS Antardis, USS Daedalus, USS Zetta


Academic History and Distinctions:Edit

  • 1st Starfleet Academy Training
    • 2383-2387
    • Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology
  • University of Alpha Centauri
    • 2387-2390
    • Doctorate in Subspace Physics
  • Daystrom Institute of Technology
    • 2390-2392
    • Bachelor of Engineering in Starship Operations
  • 2nd Starfleet Academy Training
    • 2397-2400
    • Command Training

Service Record:Edit

  • 2387
    • Bestowed the rank of Ensign
  • 2392
    • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
    • Assigned to the USS Lipari as a science officer
  • 2394
    • Promoted to Lieutenant
      • Assigned as chief science officer
  • 2397
    • ​Transfered to Command track
    • Returned to Starfleet Academy
  • ​2400
    • ​Promoted to Commander
    • Assigned to the USS Discovery as First Officer
  • ​2406
  • ​2407
    • Promoted to Captain
    • Assigned to the USS Antardis as Commanding Officer
  • 2409
    • Joined 36th Expeditionary Task Force
  • 2410
    • Transfered to the Alpha Centauri Institute
    • Assigned to oversee R&D
  • 2411
    • Promoted to Rear Admiral
    • Appointed as Chief Science Officer of the ACI
    • Briefly commanded the USS Vista as Commanding Officer
  • 2412
    • Promoted to Vice Admiral
    • Appointed as Vice President of the ACI
    • Assigned to the USS Olympia as Commanding Officer
  • 2413
    • Assigned to the USS Zetta as Commanding Officer
  • 2414
    • Appointed as President of the ACI

Brief BiographyEdit


Joining Starfleet Academy in 2383, Three pursued a bachelor of science in nanotechnology. He then attended the University of Alpha Centauri  for another four years to earn his doctorate in subspace physics. After leaving the university, Three then studied at the Daystrom Institute of Technology for two more years to obtain his bachelor of engineering in starship operations.  After serving aboard the USS Lipari for five years, Three returned to Starfleet Academy to transfer to the command branch.

Officer YearsEdit

USS LipariEdit

Three was then transfered to his first starship, the USS Lipari as a science officer after leaving the Dystrom Insitute. Under the command of Captain Mattie, Three was quickly able to perform well beyond his duties. Two years later, he would replace the chief science officer and receive a promotion to lieutenant.  When the Lipari returned to spacedock for an extensive refit, much of the crew were reassigned.  Three decided to transfer to the command track, leaving the Lipari and returning to Starfleet Academy.

USS DiscoveryEdit

After his second round at the Acadmey, Three was promoted to Commander and transfered to the USS Discovery, replacing its first officer.  Three attributes the Discovery for his fascination with the Intrepid class and all its variants.

USS AntardisEdit

Three eventually left the Discovery and transfered to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, joining the construction team of a new Intrepid class vessel.  After construction of the USS Antardis was finished, Three was promoted to Captain and assigned as the USS Antardis' commanding officer. Responsible for it's refit modifications, Three was able to command the ship perfectly. His signature dual red matter capacitor system would be incorporated on the Antardis and all his future designs. The true test came during the attack on the Vega Colony. Encountering the Borg for the first time as a Starfleet officer was difficult, but Three learned fast and soon became an expert on their tactics and strategies.

Flag Officer YearsEdit

Chief Science Officer of the ACIEdit

With the increased Borg threat, Three turned to Starfleet's affiliates to better utilize his talents. Eventually he joined the Alpha Centauri Institute and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral and appointed Chief Science Officer of the ACI. With this position, he commissioned Federation Research Facility 297, specializing in liberating drones, researching the Borg, and starship construction. The facility was destroyed by a Klingon raiding force, but not before the finished construction of the USS Vista, which Three then briefly commanded during the Borg Invasion .

Vice President of the ACIEdit

Leaving the Antardis and Vista to the command of the Borg Task Force, Three took over the newly constructed USS Olympia.  Unfortunately, not too long after, the first attack by the Tholians on the ACI resulted in the abduction of the Olympia.  The Tholians pulled the vessel into a temporal vortex, its end point in time and space unknown to the ACI.

Three was not to be deterred though.  Desperate to find a vessel that could finally serve the purpose of high defense while pursuing scientific endeavors, Three turned to the USS Zetta, a timeship he and a team had recovered from the Tholians several years prior and was stored away.  Only after much time were the Zetta's remaining temporal components workable.  Returning it to active duty, he used it to open a connection to the time and place of Facility 297's destruction several times over a few months.  Each time they would recover Borg ship parts, but at the cost of the ship's durability.  With the technology missing what could only be assumed as crucial components, the vessel suffered from time shears that gradually displaced portions of the ship.  On one final attempt, the ship dissappeared completely until returning several weeks later.  The ship was sent for study to find a means to reverse the process.

Still, without a ship, Three continued his grand plan that had been stopped with the destruction of Facility 297, the Vashta.  Research on the Narada and the Tal Shiar's Borg designs were utilized with his own plans to create a autonomous, borg focused vessel.  Using networks of cordical nodes and nanites, the vessel could function perfectly with only minimal crew.  Hidden within the asteroid belt of the ACI's new dilithium mine, the Vashta was built upon after each of the Zetta's returns.  Finally with a vessel to rival any in the quadrant, Three knew nothing could stop the ACI ... until the ship failed.  Much of the reason the Borg still use biological components is the requirement of cordical node technology.  Three believed he could sustain the networks artificially but without thousands of alcoved drones, similar to a cube, the vessel could not function.  The Vashta was set aside until the technological restraints could be overcome.

The Vice President's prized jewel was a hunk of inactive metal floating in space.  He refused to allow this to be his fate and returned to work on the Zetta.  In a desperate attempt, he overloaded the ship's tipler cylinders in precise intervals with its manheim device.  Instead of creating quantum duplicates or restoring the ship to a previous state, it began converting itself.  The temporal shears receaded and all temporal displaced components returned.  However, the proceedure went too far.  The original timeship was from a timeline where it had never been in the past.  Three's experiment did not repair the vessel but instead "updated" it to this timeline's version in the future.  The Zetta vanished and was replaced by a far more militarized version.

President of the ACIEdit

That very day, Three then accepted the role as the ACI's President.  Shortly after, the Undine invaded the Alpha and Beta quadrants.  After years of attempting to establish a protected base for scientific research and exploration, Three undid all his work.  In a declaration to the Institute, he announced that the majority of projects, research, and advancements in the ACI would be aimed towards the defense of the Institute and the Federation.  Work in science and engineering would be repurposed until the threat was deemed manageable.

Special PositionsEdit

36th Expeditionary Task ForceEdit

  • Command Staff Officer
  • Exploratory Division Leader
  • Task Group Avalon Leader

Alpha Centauri InstituteEdit

  • R&D Division Chief of Staff
  • Cultural Specialist of Photonic Lifeforms
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Archive Curator
  • Vice President
  • President