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Full Name Telev
Gender Male
Race Tellarite
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Position President
Ship(s) USS Rainier
Player WereWolf359

Seerda sim Telev is a Tellarite Engineer, a Starfleet Admiral, and a Fleet Officer of the Alpha Centauri Institute.


Born on Tellar Prime in 2364, Telev spent the formative years of his life travelling his world and others due to his father's occupation as a political adviser. In 2375, he returned with his family to Tellar to settle in the main city of the planet's primary moon.


In 2383, at age 19, Telev entered Starfleet Academy despite his parents' hopes that he would choose politics and some day become First Minister of Tellar. During his term at the Academy, Telev displayed exceptional aptitudes in diagnostic and reverse engineering. He received numerous academic distinctions and was highly sought upon graduation. His prowess, and some family connections, resulted in an offer for a posting aboard the Federation flagship.

Telev, however, rejected the opportunity in order to serve aboard the light cruiser USS Tangiers with a long-time family friend. His service aboard the Tangiers was marked by conflict with its Chief Engineer and he was reprimanded twice in his first month. However, after four years aboard the Tangiers he had been promoted to full Lieutenant and transferred to the cruiser USS Gagarin. There he performed steadily and reliably. He was rewarded with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and moved from Engineering to Operations. The full record of Telev's duties aboard the Gagarin remains classified by Starfleet but in 2398 he was promoted to Commander and assigned as first officer to Captain Daenek on the heavy cruiser USS Chin'toka.

Five years later, after the loss of her captain and crew in the Hobus system, Telev was made Captain and assumed command of the Galaxy-class cruiser USS Rainier. Telev commanded the Rainier for years, guiding her through battles and crises, always speaking of the vessel and her crew fondly, if a bit gruffly.  He relinquished command of the Rainier only upon resigning from Starfleet and becoming Ambassador to the Ursinae.

The ACIEdit

Not long after Telev as
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Fleet Captain Telev during an interview onboard the Rainier

sumed command, the Rainier was assigned to the Alpha Centauri Institute as part of the ACI Guard.

Telev and the Rainier have since served the ACI on several occasions, notably during the Hexagon Action and the incident with the USS Gantry. Upon the departure of Fleet Captain Sanek from the ACI, Telev was promoted to Fleet Officer and put in charge of the Recruitment Office. He served in that role for many months before taking over the position of Provost. Shortly afterwards, Telev was promoted to Rear Admiral and assumed the office of Vice President following the resignation of Rear Admiral Pasqua Hawthorne.

Months later, Telev was abducted by the L'si, a transdimensional race that had been exposed to deadly radiation as the result of actions taken by Telev and the crew of the USS Tangiers years before. Seeking re
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Telev in sickbay immediately following the L'si abduction.

venge, the L'si held Telev in their dimension until he was rescued by an ACI Task force consisting of Ilara Zhal, Six of Thirty, Jay Clarke, Leon Redfield, and Raymond Leasor among others. He spent weeks in sickbay recovering from physical wounds and the effects of a several days of acute radiation exposure.

After a lengthy recovery, Telev returned to active duty during a period of transition for the fleet. With losses mounting and moral at a low point the Institute suffered a further blow when its President Davin Felth was reported lost in Gamma Orionis. Telev assumed the position as head of the Institute, making him the fifth President in the ACI's history.  His administration saw a period of expansion coincide with a period of stability in the leadership of the ACI and its vision.  During Telev's term, both ACI-01 and the Institute's research facility on New Romulus moved from the conceptual stage, through Starfleet and Federation political approval, into the construction stage.  Shortly after, Telev surpassed all of his predecesors to become the longest serving president in ACI history.  Telev guided the ACI for over two years, overseeing its procurement of the ACI Mining and Trade Outpost as well as its expansion into the Solanae Dyson Sphere

Telev resigned the Presidency shortly after the Undine invasion of the Alpha Quadrant forced a settled peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  He currently serves as Federation Ambassador to Ursalis while retaining his Starfleet rank.

Personal Relationships and InterestsEdit

As of this date, Telev is single. He is an avid collector and maintainer of timekeeping devices and has numerous examples from different cultures and eras. He is an aficionado of classical Tellarite music and owns an extensive library of recordings. Telev reads prodigiously on a variety of topics but focuses primarily on political and military histories.


Telev's closest personal friend is his Chief Medical officer, Dr. Grazov. The two met early in life, thanks to their parents' long-standing friendship. Though they did not spend much time together during their formative years, they attended Starfleet Academy concurrently, with Dr. Grazov graduating the year before Telev. It was in order to serve with Grazov that Telev chose the cruiser Tangiers after graduation.

Telev's complaints about his CMO's attitude are legendary and frequent. As a gruff humanist, Grazov is the perfect foil for Telev's pugnacious pragmatism and their debates are a regular source of entertainment for the both of them. Each has saved the other's life on numerous occasions and neither would consider leaving the other behind under any circumstances.

Pasqua HawthorneEdit

Telev and the Liberated Borg Pasqua Hawthorne first met while Telev was still aboard the Chin'toka. The two were thrown into a relationship when they confronted a threat from the Devidians. The experience, and subsequent encounters, sufficed to prove their common sensibilities and mutual respect.

Much later, Telev helped bring Pasqua into the ACI. As members of that organization, they continued to work together in numerous instances. Most notably, Telev was the project lead on the installation of a Romulan cloaking device aboard Pasqua's ship, the USS Starwind.

In late 2410, the two once more confronted the Devidians when the Section 31 contact, Franklin Drake, alerted them to the presence of the aliens in the Eta Eridani Sector.

Pasqua and Telev remained close friends after Pasqua's promotion to Rear Admiral and Vice President of the ACI. Not long after that, upon her return from shore leave in her home town, Pasqua presented Telev with the gift of an antique Earth timepiece: a hand-crafted Glashutte wristwatch from Italy. The watch remains in Telev's collection as one of his most prized pieces and a reminder of a long and lasting friendship. 

Ilara ZhalEdit

Not long after he became President of the ACI, Telev tapped the youn Andorian tactical officer Ilara Zhal as his chief diplomatic officer.  The two worked closely on many occasions to encourage exchange and cooperation between the Institute and non-Federation worlds.  The bond they formed was strengthened after Ilara lead the away team that rescued Telev from the L'si and then again when Telev helped Ilara deal with the near-loss of her starship, the USS Lor'Vela.

John McHaleEdit

Telev and the Trill Engineer John McHale have enjoyed a friendly rivalry ever since their first meeting. Though Telev would argue the rivalry is primarily contained within his friend's imagination, the two frequently exchange boasts and good-natured insults over their two ships, the Rainier and USS Galahad.

McHale left the ACI for a period of years but later returned and became a trusted resource during Telev's presidency of the Institute.  McHale's past eventually caught up with him, however, and he was forced into extended chrono-stasis to prevent accelerated aging.  Like Pasqua Hawthorne before him, McHale paid tribute to his friendship with Telev and presented him with an antique Romulan mechanical clock dating from nearly three-hundred years prior, from before the Earth-Romulan War.  With his friend and verbal competitor no longer available, Telev keeps the clock in working order and uses it to measure the time until a cure for John's condition is found.

Service RecordEdit

  • 2383: Enrolled Starfleet Academy.
  • 2387: Graduated Starfleet Academy with honors, assigned to USS Tangiers, NCC-93613 as Lieutenant, Engineering, Shield maintenance and repair.
  • 2391: Transferred to USS Gagarin, NCC-92979
  • 2393: Received Commendation for Dedicated Conduct.
  • 2393: Received Commendation for Exceptional Performance; Cited for Valor.
  • 2394: Promoted with special distinction, Lt. Commander Operations.
  • 2398: Promoted and transferred to USS Chin'toka, NCC-93812 as Commander and First Officer.
  • 2403: Promoted to Captain and assumed command of USS Rainier, NCC-93956
  • 2409: Attached to the Alpha Centauri Institute
  • 2411: Assumes Board of Directors position within ACI; Promoted to Vice Admiral; elected Vice-President, ACI.
  • 2412: Elected President of the Alpha Centauri Institute.
  • 2414: Resigns Presidency of the Alpha Centauri Institute; Becomes Federation Ambassador to Ursalis.