Mara Tel-Stolliker
Full Name Mara Tel-Stolliker
Gender Female
Race Joined Trill
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Rear Admiral
Fleet Position Vice President
Ship(s) USS Tenara
Player CrimsonSpot

"Mara Tel was an inquisitive student, and quite adept at her chosen role of Engineering. With the need for more and more ships to be added back to the fleet we felt she was the best choice to tweak these old ships to full modern specs, but there is no need to stop there, let her find us new standards for Starship Design."


Mara is quite intelligent and very observant of her surroundings unless she is running through a project in her head. She sees many problems, including personal ones, as a puzzle that she needs to find the best solution to fixing. This can lead her to be quiet at times, carefully analyzing the situation in front of her and running possible scenarios through her head until she determines the best course of action.

She is quite a joking individual, and has a difficult time letting someone close since the Symbiote tries to convince her she is above such things. Once she gets to know someone she cares very much for them and does not wish to see any harm come to them. She is very accepting of everyone and lets their actions determine any negative thoughts of them.

Early Career

While having no problems through her enlisted years, the reality of the wars that Starfleet finds themselves in currently did not sit well with the Trill. Preferring a peaceful solution over a violent one led to some interesting choices during the time she served on, and was in active command of a Starfleet Vessel.


Since transferring to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers she can put the violence in the back of her mind as she works towards bettering the entire Federation through more resource efficient equipment. While knowing full well that some of her advancements will be used for war she continues to believe the non-violent uses of her work far outweigh the damage it may cause. Due to her dedication and the advances she has made in reverse engineering weaponry brought back by Starfleet vessels in the Gamma Orionis sector and devising a way to apply it's effects to more mainstream Starfleet weaponry she has been assigned to the Alpha Centauri Institute. She has since gotten married to a Trill by the name of Dell Stolliker after working with him at the Institute.


2381-2398 : The early yearsEdit

Mara was born in 2381, and while quite intelligent she never seemed to fit in with others very well. Her desire to eventually become a host and her shyness led her to excel herself with computers and machinery. First by taking things apart to see how they worked, eventually being able to reassemble the item back into a working state. From there she began to try to make whatever she was toying with do it's job better, and then onto making it do things it was not designed to do as well.

2398-2402 : The academy

She applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy in the Engineering program and quickly rose to among the top in her class. She strove to be the best Trill Engineer amongst her peers in preparation for becoming a host, graduating with honors.

2402-2406 : The enlisted yearsEdit

Mara spent the first 2 years of her enlistment on Sol, helping with the fleet-retrofit project before taking a leave of absence as a Petty Officer to return to Trill to be joined in the year 2404. She returned to Starfleet to continue her work on retrofitting vessels to not only make them spaceworthy again but to include the advances in technology since the vessels were decommissioned.

2407 - present : Starfleet Corps of Engineers


Starfleet Corps of Engineers

After several successful missions Mara located a Klingon Weapons Lab and successfully infiltrated and procured samples of the Klingon's work. She was able to quickly identify and modify a torpedo using the newly found technology to destroy the "Doomsday Device". On the returning voyage to Starbase 1 with the remaining weapons she took it upon herself to disassemble them and began work on reverse engineering them. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers was impressed with her ability and the knowledge of the weapons she managed to obtain in such a short amount of time and requested her transfer into the Corps. She was accepted and is now based out of Starbase 1 where she is assigned to procure alien technology and learn to adapt what is necessary onto current Star Fleet Vessels. She remains in command of an NX vessel to serve as her mobile laboratory and testbed, as well as give her the ability to seek out new technology in various sectors of space.

Hobbies and Interests of NoteEdit

Mara quite likes music of all sorts, after the experiences of the first host, Azuria, as an opera singer she has begun to seek out the music of every culture she meets as she feels that is a key part into understanding the culture and the species in general. She also still retains an interest in Robotics from the second host, Tempeste who was a prominent member of the Trill Science Ministry. In addition to Mechanical Engineering, she has dabbled a bit in Genetic Engineering with her Tribble breeding experiments.

Personal RecordEdit

Academic History and DistinctionsEdit

Graduated Primary Education Facility with honors.

Graduated Starfleet Academy with honors and a degree in Engineering.

Selected to join with the Tel Symbiont by the Trill Symbiosis Commission.

J. Bruce Award and Scholarship

Jalhal Award for excellence in warp field studies.

Cochrane Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Reverse Engineering.

Service RecordEdit

2402-2406: Utopia Planetia, MarsEdit

Chief Petty Officer assisting with retrofiting of old Starfleet Vessels to allow them to be returned to active duty including advances in technology since the vessels were decommissioned.

2407-2409: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, SolEdit

Tasked with finding technology that could be used by the Federation and finding ways to implement it into existing starship design.

2410-2411: Alpha Centauri InstituteEdit

Transfered to the Alpha Centauri Institute to be on the leading edge of technology and experiment on designs more freely. She has worked her way up the ranks from Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, to Captain of the Guard, and eventually Vice President.  Mara left the ACI to be with her husband and conduct independent research on Trill.