Richale Tal'tinar
Full Name Richale Tal'tinar
Gender Female
Race Caitian
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Captain
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Jaguar
Player Saberjackal

Hailing from Signus II Tally as she is often known a rather delightful nickname given her that she wears with pride. Growing up mostly among humans, Andorians and one Vulcan she bearly had much interaction with other Caitians as a youth. Seeing herself as a bit of an odd one out she acted out for years until the law caught up with her after a prank nearly turned tragic. Given the choice to have a prison term or join Starfleet she joined the next day.
Her early career was marked with demerits and notices of repremand until she joined up with security and command. Almost instantly the attitude stopped swiftly after all if one's going to be tough why not be with the toughest gang of all?
She is often viewed as a little odd or atypical by some and from others as downright weird. Always remember a fuzzy face and a big smile don't mean friends they mean teeth and claws first and foremost.