Solida T'yra
Full Name Solida T'yra
Gender Female
Race Betazoid
Class Medical Officer
Rank Commander
Fleet Rank Commander
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Ship(s) USS James E. McDonald (NX-571920)
Player Brahman1453

Solida T'rya is a Betazoid female, an officer in Starfleet, and a former member of the Alpha Centauri Institute.





GENDER: Female

SPECIES: Betazoid




  • Doctorate Degrees in Medical Science and Exobiology.
  • Published A Physiological Study of Advanced Zanthi Fever.
  • Published Cancer: A Retrospective History and Analysis.


  • College and Internship on Terra
  • Assistant Medical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Grayling for three years.
  • Medical Review Board Member for one year.


Solida T'yra was born to Betazoid parents on Terra on November 19th, 2374. Both her parents were Starfleet officers; her mother was a personnel officer for Starfleet Academy, and her father was a medical doctor who was both head of the neurologic department at the Starfleet medical facility as well as a professor of biology. Despite being raised on Terra and interacting - for the most part - with humans throughout her childhood, Solida was schooled in Betazed customs and lifestyle by her parents as she grew. She learned to develop her telepathic abilities early, and found that, mostly because of her blunt honesty, she was somewhat of an outcast at school.

In her teenage years, she began to take an avid interest in medicine when a close friend of hers was diagnosed with cancer. Despite there being a cure, this particular form of cancer was incurable beyond a certain stage... past which her friend had reached upon her diagnosis. Solida emplored her father to intervene somehow, but as he couldn't do anything to stop the disease she had to watch her friend slowly die over the next few weeks. The death had a profound effect on Solida. Already determined to follow her father's footsteps into medicine, it simply solidified her desire to get involved in attempts at disease control and cures.

After her graduation, she attended medical school, and was able to graduate in the top ten percent of her class... with her medical thesis a study on Zanthi Fever that eventually she published as "A physiological study of advanced Zanthi Fever." She followed this up with a four year internship. Despite serving her internship at the same hospital her father practiced at, she deliberately chose to serve under a different doctor as she wanted her own accomplishments to stand out. Her four years there ended with her being recognized as the top performer of her intern class, and shortly thereafter she received her doctorate in medical sciences.

It was the spring of 2400 that she decided to join Starfleet. She made the choice because she felt she could better serve as a doctor under the prevue and technical facilities that Starfleet offered. Her four years in Starfleet Academy were some of the hardest of her life... but she excelled in her studies as she found that she actually performed better under stress and deadlines. She continued her medical science knowledge and took side courses in exobiology to assist her in the possibility of having to treat other Federation races aside from humans and betazoids. In her last year at the Academy she wrote and published - due to her advanced studies on the subject - "Cancer: A retrospective history and analysis." She graduated in the spring of 2404 again in the top ten percent of her class.

It was shortly after her graduation, and during the mill and grind of preparing for a first term assignment, that she met a then younger Lieutenant Sanek while he was finalizing his year at the Academy teaching Astrophysics. Her initial infatuation was in part due to having never had direct contact with a Vulcan before, but she grew more intrigued as she could just barely capture emotions from him despite his outward emotionless state. As she awaited her assignment over the next few weeks, her infatuation began to develop into something more. When found out that Lieutenant Sanek was being assigned to the U.S.S. Grayling as Chief Science Officer, she had her mother make a few inquiries and she found that an assistant medical officer was needed on the Grayling as well. Solida immediately went and volunteered for the position, and due to her marks in the Academy and internship she was granted the position.

She spent the next three years aboard the U.S.S. Grayling. She found that serving aboard a ship was much different than a permanent billet assignment within Starfleet... but she surprised herself as she grew to like the excitement of being in space and exploring new places. The illnesses and wounds of her crewmates were academically challenging as well as she had to, on frequent occasions, diagnose issues on her own with little assistance or previous medical historical data. She began to actually enjoy serving aboard ship, her outgoing nature quickly making friends (which, due to being an outcast in school and less so in the Academy, was a new experience for her). She grew closer to Sanek as well, and slowly began to realize that he felt something for her as well - although not quite as obvious.

After her third year aboard the Grayling, she was re-assigned. The entire cadet crew of the ship was changing and getting permanent assignments. Sanek was provided the opportunity for a captaincy aboard the U.S.S. Nautilus - despite her requests she did not get a billet aboard the Nautilus but was instead assigned duty on a Starfleet Medical Review board, where it was her duty to oversee medical inquiries and serve on court cases involving Starfleet medical personnel. She also was assigned the task of reviewing new medical technology aboard newer Starfleet vessels, and evaluating their potential for use by medical personnel.

After a year of this duty, which she loathed serving but none-the-less performed very well, the sudden appearance of Sanek at her apartment door changed her life as he offered her the Chief Medical Officer position aboard his new ship, the U.S.S. Yukon. She gladly accepted... excited to get back into space where she could actually do something. She was also ecstatic to be aboard the same ship as Sanek again.


Solida is a very outgoing individual. She is not afraid to take risks, and can seem somewhat brash in her desire to get involved in things occasionally, due to a streak of daring in her personality. She is, however, extremely empathic to other individual's feelings and needs... especially whereas medical issues are concerned with disease, injury, and sickness. Her telepathic abilities to sense other's emotions allow her to interact with her patients on a much more empathic level, and - at least she believes - it helps her patients to recover more quickly when they know their doctor actually feels their pain in some way.

Despite being raised by Betazoid parents and as such being taught the customs and lifestyle of a Betazoid, Solida's exposure to humans during her formative years and later internship and Academy years definitely left it's mark on her personality. She does not act as one would expect a typical Betazoid to act, as she has taken on more human-like personality traits. However despite this, she still retains the Betazoid tradition of blunt honesty, which can - at times - cause strain amongst her friends and co-workers.

She abhors cruelty, bullies, and any sort of oppression and tyranny, and dislikes violence of any kind - although she does realize that at times it is necessary to protect freedoms and safety of others. She will rarely ever fight unless she has no choice... or unless driven to it by witnessing acts of brutality. A frequent clash of will exists between Solida and Sanek whereas away teams are concerned regarding this personality trait - she always "volunteers" to go on away teams, but will refuse to bring a weapon... bringing instead her medical bag and as much medical and trauma equipment as is practical.


Solida has had deep feelings for Sanek for many years, but in the summer of 2410, things finally came to fruition. While on a ruitine investigation of the Delta Volanis Cluster, their ship was almost destroyed due to the proximity of what was imagined to be a white hole, or possibly a worm hole. It was in that moment - when both of them feared for the loss of the other - that they came fully to terms with their feelings. Sanek spoke with former-counselor Nyssa about his feelings, and came to the realization that the 'logical' path was to tell Solida how he felt about her. Ever since that moment, the two have been extremely close, and now they spend all of their off-duty time together, making up for the many years they missed together.