Sarleya t'Rllaillieu
Full Name Sarleya i-Mnaeha t'Rllaillieu
Gender Female
Race Romulan
Class Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Position Astrophysics Officer
Ship(s) USS Hawk
Player CrimsonSpot
"Sarleya is rather unique for a Romulan and still seems to be finding her way in the galaxy."


Sarleya tries to stay unnoticed due to the fact that she is a Romulan in the Federation. She keeps her anger and most emotions low key, only those who get really close know just how strong her emotions can be however. She is driven towards finding a way to return her people to their former glory, during the time of her Great-Grandmother, a secret she guards very closely.

Early LifeEdit

She was a typical Romulan in the fact that she was very proud, even on the remote colony she was born and raised on. All that changed once the Empire crumbled after the Hobus Supernova


Quite pained at what her people have endured but vowing to stop it from happening again rather than taking the militant route some of the other Roumlans did she instead decided to join Starfleet and learn what happened and how to stop it from happening in the future.


2387-2405: early life

Sarleya's was raised on the colony planet of Khazara, born to Maiek and N'alae t'Rllaillieu, great grand daughter of Ael t'Rllaillieu. After the Hobus Supernova devastated her race's homeworld and living through the aftermath of that she decided she would do whatever she could to make sure that does not happen to anyone else. When Starfleet was allowed to bring food to her colony she left with them to join the Academy.

2405-2409 The Academy

While starting in Starfleet Academy with a major in sciences she met Daivo Odin and the two remained friends even after he transfered to the Tactical branch.

2410-Present The Alpha Centauri InstituteEdit

Sarleya joined the Alpha Centauri Insitute after the disappearnce of her friend Daivo Odin, she was quickly befriended by John McHale who had previous experience with her people. As the two became closer and he learned more about what she had been through a plan was formed to return to her home planet of Khazara and build an industrial replicator so that her colony can produce what they need and not have to rely on getting supplies from Sela who was letting the colony die without aid from the Empire.

Currently she finds herself assigned along the Romulan Neutral zone doing what she can to help the fringe colonies there while staying within the best interests of Starfleet, having convinced Admiral T'nae that the logical course of action is to lend assistance to the worlds who get none from Sela, thus if the time comes that they need to make a choice, that they will side with Starfleet who actually helps them instead of Sela who refuses to.