Last Name: Sune

First Name: Otirin

Species: Bajoran

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Home World: Bajor

Profession: Starfleet Tactical Officer

Character Rank: Commander

Academic History and Distinctions:

Starfleet Academy (head of class)

Starfleet Officer's training

Degree in Engineering

Service Record:

Starfleet Security Forces Stationed aboard Deep Space 9

Starfleet Security Officer aboard USS Heart of Gold

Commanding officer aboard USS Heart of Gold

Commanding officer aboard USS Amsterdam, NCC-92878

Otirin Sune was born on Bajor, Musilla Province in the year 2382, thirteen years after the occupation of Bajor. Born into a proud and noble family, Otirin's mother was a research engineer and his father was a member of the Bajoran Militia. Before the Cardassian occupation Otirin Sune's family was a very wealthy and prominent family, but during the occupation all of the Sune family finances were stolen from the Cardassian invaders and all their influence lost.

During an engagement with Cardassian forces Otirin's father was wounded and captured by the True Way. Otirin's father was tortured by the Cardassians and discovered near death after a raid on a Cardassian base.

Once the occupation ended Otirin's family participated in relief efforts to restore the "old ways." Otirin's father became a strong political figure and helped develop the new provisional government.

Otirin's mother insisted that he become educated and pushed him into the university of engineering where he majored in warp theory. After university Otirin enrolled into Starfleet at the age of 21. Shortly after basic training he was assigned to the security forces aboard Deep Space 9.

Once the Klingons waged war on the Federation, Otirin immediately requested transfer to the neutral zone and was assigned to the U.S.S. Heart of Gold as security. After a battle against Klingon ships the commanding officer requested that Otirin undergo officer's training. Otirin was then transfered to the Sol system to undergo the training. Otirin was then once again transfered to the Heart of Gold, this time as one of the security officers.

While engaged with Klingon forces inside the Neutral Zone, Leuitenant Sune was placed in charge of the boarding party and assigned the task of engaging Klingon forces inside the enemy flagship with the goal of disrupting communications. While aboard the enemy ship the away team had their communications cut off and presumed that the Heart of Gold had been destroyed. However Sune ordered his team to proceed with the mission and not only succeeded but managed to eliminate the Commander of the enemy flagship and take over the ship. The communications between the away team and the Heart of Gold were restored and Sune and his team were beamed back on board. However the boarding party had suffered heavy casualties.

In another engagement the U.S.S. Heart of Gold was attacked by a Klingon invasion force and suffered heavy casualties, many of which were the assigned bridge officers. Otirin assumed command and was able to hold back the attackers until reinforcements arrived. Upon review Starfleet Command decided to place Otirin Sune in permanent command of the Heart of Gold.

Shortly after Otirin was nominated as commanding officer of the new Federation Cruiser the U.S.S. Amsterdam, and reassigned to Sol with standing orders to patrol the Neutral Zone.