Dell Stolliker
Captain Dell Stolliker.
Full Name Dell Ewan Stolliker
Gender Male
Race Trill
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Fleet Captain
Fleet Position Provost, Chief of Engineering
Ship(s) USS Washbourne
Player JmTheMick

Born in 2384 to Inara and Arjin Stolliker on the Trill homeworld, Dell spent most of his childhood and adolesence on starships. His mother, Inara, was the third engineer aboard the U.S.S. Akagi. His father, Arjin, was a civillian exo/xenobotonist who loyally followed his wife from assignment to assignment. Dell has an estranged sister, Lorilai, who left the family following the accidental death of Arjin in 2401.

Shortly after Arjin's death, Dell entered the Academy's engineering program and graduated with honors in just under four years. He was assigned to Star Fleet R&D outpost 112 in the Ukraine region of Earth. It was while he was there that he was contacted by Admiral *classified* and joined *classified and expunged from record*

He found that working for *classified and expunged* did wonders for his career, as he was given access to better equipment and was promoted at blinding speeds. By 2406, he was given command of his own vessel, the USS McKellar, which he designed and oversaw the construction of. In late 2408, he developed a new weapon technology which caught the attention of Admiral Quinn who, in an effort to keep it quiet while he tried to figure out how to claim credit for the discovery, had assigned the McKellar to the B'Tran Cluster for "an indefinite period of service."