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Full Name Sodock
Gender Male
Race Benzite
Class Science Officer
Rank Captain
Fleet Rank Commander
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Ship(s) N/A
Player WereWolf359

Sodock is a Benzite theoretical astrophysicist, Starfleet officer, and a member of the Alpha Centauri Institute. His primary focus is on the phenomena of parallel universes and their overlap or 'convergence' with our universe.


Sodock was born on Benzar shortly before the outbreak of the Dominion War and, as a result, his earliest memories are of the Dominion occupation of his homeworld and its subsequent liberation by Romulan forces. Several members of his immediate family, and large portions of his geostructure group, were killed during the occupation for resisting the order imposed by the Vorta and Jem'hadar.

Sodock escaped the anguish of these early years by withdrawing and throwing himself into academic life. Early aptitudes for science were encouraged conscientiously by his remaining family and Sodock went on to earn several degrees before enrolling in Starfleet Academy. This decision was not made lightly. Despite the role the Federation played in Benzar's ultimate freedom and the undying gratitude every citizen of that world, Sodock was deeply concerned by the military aspects of Starfleet. Additionally, his anti-social nature made adjustment to a non-Benzite society challenging, a challenge made even more difficulty by the limited number of Benzites in Starfleet. However, recognizing that no other organization could offer the reach and technology of Starfleet, Sodock determined to graduate from the Academy and serve aboard a science ship.

The achievement of that goal proved less fulfilling than he had hoped. Though the life of exploration and discovery aboard a starship suited him, the state of conflict in the Alpha Quadrant at the time proved too disturbing. Forced repeatedly into violent situations, and constantly reminded of the tragedies of his early years, Sodock eventually sought and was granted transfer to a pure research position aboard Starbase 39.

Academic Background and Distinctions Edit

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude (equivalent) from the University of Semadon, Benzar.
  • PhD. in Astrophysics with honors from Dwora Institute of Science and Technology, Benzar.
  • Two years post-doctoral study in Wormholes and Mirror Universe Physics at the Sorbonne, Paris, Earth.
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy top 5% of his class.

Starfleet Service Record Edit

  • 3 years as Science Ensign and Lieutenant aboard the light cruiser USS Merriweather including several months temporary assignment to the Astrophysics Group of the Argus Array.
  • Two years as Lt Commander aboard the USS Turing during its tour of duty in the Pi Canis and Alpha Centauri Sector Blocks
  • Special Citation (shared) by the Starfleet Sciences Division for his confirmation of the existence Crusher Particles and a Citation of Merit for his work in analyzing the attempts at Temporal Interference by factions within the Klingon Empire
  • Promoted to Commander and made Chief Science Officer of USS Ptolemy in 2409
  • Transferred by request to Alpha Centauri Institute, Starbase 39.
  • Returned to starship duty, assigned to USS Speedwell.
  • Officially listed as Missing/Status Unknown after disappearing from the Speedwell.

Multiverse ResearchEdit

Quantum Probability Mapping and ModelingEdit

By early 2409, after several long months of work with the ACI, Sodock at last unveiled the results of his work to the Starfleet Science Council. In a presentation before some of the most noted scientists in the Federation, Sodock revealed a mathematical model for predicting the nature and shapes of alternate universes. Based on quantum probability, the model resulted in a map, or spectrum, of neighboring universes, each unique but overlapping its neighbors.

At the same briefing he revealed a secondary consequence of his model: the prediction of convergence events, moments of shared events in the multiverse that created exceptionally high probabilities of crossover from one universe to another.

As a result of this presentation, and due in part to increasing reports from the field of just the type of incidents he was predicting, Sodock's work was given the highest priority by the Science Council. Immediately afterward, he began assembling large amounts of anomalous data samples that he labeled as Type 2 quantum incursions. These samples were used to refine his mathematical model and by late that year contributed to the creation of a fully functioning 'scanner' that could be used to identify points of convergence between universes.


Sodock's work on the scanner was brought to a halt soon after. At first, work was delayed due to the disappearance of several data samples from the USS Longrifle. The samples, needed for detailed analysis in order to complete the model, were recovered and delivered by members of the ACI to Starbase 39.

However, it was soon revealed that Sodock's work was not designed simply to scan alternate universes but to allow for travel between them. Unknown to members of the ACI, was that Sodock's work was itself a convergence event and it was that work which was responsible for the recent increase in type of events his model predicted. One of those events was the infiltration of this universe by alternate version of Sodock and Dell Stolliker among others.

Worse still, delivery of the samples allowed the alternate Sodock and Dell to complete his device opening a portal for additional invaders from the Scavenger Universe to pour through with the intent of dominating this universe. In a fierce battle, the ACI successfully closed the portal and destroyed Sodock's device. (Episode: The Scavengers)

Return to DutyEdit

Immediately following the events aboard Starbase 39, Sodock was placed on forced medical leave after a diagnosis by Dr. Davin Felth of stress-related neurological and physiological fatigue. Sodock took the time to return to Benzar for the first time in several years, hoping to face some of the fears and other feelings that he believed had led him to seek alternate realities rather than deal with the pain of this reality.

After his recovery, Sodock requested and was granted permission to return to starship duty. After a brief layover at Memory Alpha, where he turned over much of his research and vast collection of anomalous data, Sodock joined the USS Speedwell for its extended survey of the Zenas Expanse.

Dimensional Exile
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Sodock and the liberated Borg Aldia Seven in an alternate-dimension Tholian work camp.


After more than a year aboard the Speedwell, during which Counselor J'hynn worked with him extensively on the problems that had plagued him for years, Sodock inexplicably disappeared.  Despite intense investigations that tied the disappearance to his previous research on the quantum multiverse and turned up circumstantial evidence linking him to temporal disturbances around ACI-01, nothing conclusive was discovered.  Over the next several months, scattered reports placed Sodock, or someone fitting his description, on board both ACI-01 and the Speedwell, as well as aboard the starships USS Vinland, USS Deimos, and USS Cumberland, and several Federation and Starfleet research facilities, including Memory Alpha.  Briefly, Sodock's disappearance was tied to the investigation surrounding Emile Makine and data concerning another possible multiverse incursion.  By early 2413, no reports of Sodock's whereabouts had been received for nearly six months and his status was updated to Missing/Unknown.


Unknow to the ACI, Sodock had been transported to another dimension as a result of work by his counterpart there.  In a reality under the control of an alternate version of the ACI, Sodock languished in prison for months before a Tholian attack on ACI-01 freed him.  The attack also unleashed a variety of energies connected to trans-dimensional research and, caught in an explosion, Sodock found himself flung into another reality.  The exact nature of the incident was later tied to the Hexagon Engine and Sodock's own scanner, which were being experimented on in combination with Iconian technology on the station where Sodock was held. 

Over the following years, multiple reports of encounters with Sodock flowed into ACI command with increasing frequency, leading many familiar with Sodock's work to conclude that another convergence event was on the horizon.  Confirmation was not long in coming as Sodock re-appeared at the ACI Research Annex on New Romulus. Visibly confused and frightened, this Sodock was no sooner identified as from another quantum reality than he disappeared but It soon becomes evident the sightings coincide with Tholian attacks as well as the discovery and activation of the Iconian Gateway on New Romulus.  Offering confirmation, another Sodock appeared on the newly occupied ACI Solonae Expedition Spire where ACI officers confronted a multitude of Sodock's from across the quantum multiverse over several hours.  Working with Sodocks flooding in from multiple realities, Institute members eventually masked their quantum signature at the space-time point of convergence obscuring the quantum axis and rotation signature until the convergence passed.

Sodock's fate remained unclear as an unidentified ship emerged near the Spire to beam the long-lost Benzite away.