79885-3312 Skeriss
Full Name 79885-3312 67-9-Arristhissa Skeriss
Gender Non applicable
Race Aius
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Commander
Fleet Rank Commander
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Sesskarra
Player chtulhlu

Record incomplete.

Possibly the strangest member of starfleet, skeriss has spent the last seven years of his life observing, catalouging and transmiting every fackt he can find reguarding our society.


Found wandering the academy grounds seven years ago, skeriss was imediatley detained by academy security.


At first glance, Commander Skerris is a somewhat comical figure, Jir almost child like enthusiasm combined with his inability to comprehend metaphor or sarcasm gives Jir a air of naivatey and foolishness that has caused many to treat Jir with thinly vailed amusment or contempt.

Deeper examination, however, paints a far darker picture.


A bilogical construct, skeriss represents a race that has mastered genetic maipulation even to the degree that [DATA WITHHELD]* the implications of wich are fascinating to say the least, although further studies have been hampred by his pre-programed defences that cause him to seek out and destroy any data about his genetic structure.

what we do know is that he posses a amazing ability to regenerate wounds almost instantly, with the larger limbs tacking longer to regrow, this ability has been stated to extend to regrowing cerbral matter after otherwise fatal head injurys, although this has not yet been observed and skeriss Itself states that the shock of such injurys usualy prove fatal before regeneration can occur

  • [the information presented revealed a leathel flaw in Aius biology, one otherwise well hidden. for the sake of pan-species relations it has been deleted.]