Six of Thirty
Cadet Six of Thirty
Octonary Adjunct of Trimatrix 1029
Full Name Samantha Alice Mattie
Gender Female
Race Liberated Borg Human
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Rear Admiral
Fleet Position Member
Ship(s) U.S.S. Carthage NCC-91017
Player Voyager316

Age: 61

Height: 1.75m, 5'9"

Starship Class: Command Battlecruiser (T6)

Academic History and Distinctions:

  • 1st Academic Training
    • 2372-2476
    • Graduated 11th in the Class of 2376
    • Major in Engineering
    • Minor in Astrophysics
  • 2nd Acadmenic Training
    • 2409-2410
    • Major in Command

Service Record:

  • 2376
    • Bestowed the rank of Ensign
    • Assigned to the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) as an engineer
  • 2379
    • Promoted to Lieutenant
      • After the Battle in the Bassen Rift
    • Transferred to the USS Nova (NCC-73515)
      • Assigned as Chief Engineer
  • 2382
    • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
    • Transferred to the USS Creole
      • Assigned as Chief Engineer
  • 2385
    • Promoted to Commander
      • For her extraordinary command ability during her battlefield promotion
    • Assigned as First Officer of the Creole
  • 2388
    • Promoted to Captain
      • For her extraordinary relief work after the destruction of Romulus
    • Transferred to the USS Lipari
      • Assigned as Commanding Officer
  • 2397
    • Promoted to Rear Admiral
    • Transferred to the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards
  • 2399
    • Promoted to Rear Admiral Upper-Half
  • 2401
    • Promoted to Vice Admiral
    • Appointed director of an Advanced Quantum Slipstream development team
  • 2402
    • Present aboard the USS Redoubtable's first, and only, test of its Advanced Quantum Slipstream Drive
      • The attempt failed, destroying the drive, and leaving the ship and crew in the Delta Quadrant.
  • 2405
    • Assimilated during a confrontation with the Borg in the Beta Quadrant
      • Starfleet had no knowledge of this event until 2409
  • 2409
    • Liberated from the Collective
      • Rescued by the crew of the USS Antardis NCC-91316
    • Administered to Federation Research Facility 297
      • Underwent rehabilitation treatment, as well, as surgical repair
        • Due to liberation by blunt force, memory access was severely damaged
    • Demoted to cadet
    • Entered into the Class of 2410
      • Received more rehabilitation instruction, as well as, command training and historical readjustment courses
  • 2410
    • Borg Invasion
      • Given temporary command of the USS Natal
        • Battlefield promotion during a training cruise
    • Joined the Borg Task Force
      • Officially left Starfleet Academy
      • Promoted to Captain
      • Transferred to the USS Carthage
        • Assigned as Commanding Officer
        • Stationed over Defera
  • 2413
    • Carthage refit
      • Took extensive command courses directly at Starfleet Command
  • 2415
    • Carthage refit moved to ACI for unique modifications
    • Shadowed under Admiral Sixteen as final portion of command training
      • CO of USS Daedalus during this time
    • Officially joined ACI as a member
    • Promoted to Rear Admiral
      • Made CO of Carthage once refit was completed

Brief Biography:

Samantha's life was that of the typical, Human child growing up on Earth. She greatly aspired to join Starfleet. At the age of 18, she was admitted to the Engineering program. During her four years, she also entered the Astrophysics program. After Samantha graduated, one of her professors "pulled a few strings" and acquired a position for her aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E. The ship was docked at Earth for a few days, just in time for Samantha to be assigned.

After serving aboard for three years, Samantha was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and transferred to the USS Nova as the ship's Chief Engineer after the Battle in the Bassen Rift. Three years of adventure aboard the Nova, Samantha was offered the rank of Lieutenant Commander and the Chief Engineer position aboard the USS Creole. During a conflict with an alien life form, the ship's bridge was destroy, killing most of the senior staff. From Engineering, Samantha rerouted all control of the ship and assumed command. She was able to give orders and communicate with the entire crew to defend against the unknown being before restoring warp.

The Creole was repaired and instituted a new captain. Samantha was promoted to Commander and then offered the position of First Officer for her outstanding performance. In 2387, the Hobus Supernova threw the quadrant into chaos. Instead of retreating to Federation space, Samantha insisted that survivors of the catastrophe would require aid and assistance. The Creole traveled into Romulan Space and aided the various colonies for seven months. The following year, after the Creole returned to Federation Space, Samantha was promoted to Captain for her efforts in the relief effort and by reference of her captain. She was given command of the USS Lipari.

After nine years of traveling the quadrant, Samantha was eventually promoted to Rear Admiral and requested assignment to the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. Two years later, she attained the rank of Rear Admiral Upper-Half. In 2401, Samantha was invited to be the director of an Advanced Quantum Slipstream development team. She was promoted to Vice Admiral and took command of the project. Slipstream technology had been only compatible with certain ships, but after two years, the USS Redoubtable was equipped with the new advanced system. Samantha boarded the vessel ceremoniously for the first test run of the slipstream drive. The Redoubtable left Mars and proceeded to open space.

The plan was to have the drive on for five seconds. Unfortunately, the system locked as soon as the slipstream was generated. For the first few seconds, compensation for the variances was as expected. However, the variance began to drastically increase and the ship was thrown out. Located in the Delta Quadrant, near the edge of the Beta Quadrant, the ship set of return course, with the slipstream drive damaged beyond repair. After three years, the crew was eventually assimilated by the Borg.

In 2409, the crew of the USS Antardis encountered the Borg in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block. It was not their first encounter, but this time, they found Samantha. The crew was trained in infiltrating Borg vessels and abducting drones. Unfortunately, the away team was required to use blunt force to sedate Samantha. She and the other drones were taken to Federation Research Facility 297 for rehabilitation and surgery. Due to blunt trauma, Samantha, now referring to herself as Six of Thirty Octonary Adjunct of Trimatrix 1029, suffered memory loss.

Over time, she was able to retrieve memories. When signs of her former self and Starfleet training began to return, she was admitted to the Class of 2410 at Starfleet Academy. The familiar setting helped stimulate memory recollection. She underwent more rehabilitation and socialization classes, as well as, Computer Programming and Starship Command programs. The return to her former self was going as scheduled until the Borg incursion the Federation. She was acting captain of the training vessel USS Natal, under the supervision of Captain T'Nel when the Borg invaded. Several cadets, academy staff, and T'Nel were killed in the initial attack. Six took full command of the vessel, evading the Borg until the task force could arrive. Six and her crew proved their worth in the battle and were assigned temporary command of the vessel. The Natal was ordered to assist the Borg task force at the intersection of the Sirius, Regulus, and Alpha Centauri Sector Blocks.

After exemplary work defending the sector, Six was promoted to captain. She and her crew were given command of the USS Carthage, assigned Defera to counter-act the entrenched Borg, and ensure they remain isolated on the planet.  When needed, the Carthage came to the aid of the ACI.

In 2413, the Carthage went under an experimental refit to completely upgrade the vessel. Six's former memories had begun to return, and thus, signed on for extensive command training in hopes to return to her former admiral rank all those years ago. Intense studying and field experience during occasional returns to Deferi had been quite valuable. As a last portion of your training, she was to shadow another admiral.

In 2415, that admiral was Three of Sixteen. Forming a small fleet of his own, Three brought Six on as captain of the USS Daedalus, one of three vessels in the group. The Carthage had then been moved to the ACI's shipyard to undergo the more advanced upgrades as part of the refit. During a brief tour in the Delta Quadrant to negotiate with the Cooperative, Six's memories were fully restored with their assistance. After returning, Six signed on as a full member of the ACI having felt considerably grateful for the assistance it had greatly provided in her life. Now officially completed her command training, Six was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of the Carthage once again.

Bridge Crew:

  • Acting First Officer Twelve of Forty Subjunct of Unimatrix 147
  • Acting Chief of Security Tala
  • Acting Chief Science Officer Neli
  • Acting Helmsman Marcus Shelby Santos
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