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Rear Admiral Shilara.

Silis ur Shilara
was a Saurian female and a Starfleet Admiral in charge of Personnel in the early 24th century. In 2409, she was 178 years old. Shilara was a veteran of the Dominion War and a long-time officer.

During the Hexagon Action, Shilara acted on behalf of Captain Telev and helped question S'kel Beckwith aboard the USS Agincourt along with Dr. Davin Felth and John McHale.

Shilara had contact with the ACI once again during the crisis involving the Scavenger Universe and Sodock's multiverse spectrum project. She met individually with several fleet members and relayed the details of Sodock's project to them, ordering them to assist in the completion of his work by taking possession of crucial anomalous data samples from Commander H'Rrao and delivering them to Starbase 39.