Jian Sheng
Full Name Jian Sheng
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Candidate-Associate
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Jerusalem
Player Acylion

For every young rising star that graduates from Starfleet Academy, there's the enlisted grunt who's spent twenty, thirty years in the fleet. That's Jian Sheng.

For every young prodigy that shoots up the career ladder, there's guys like Sheng - who go sideways. Over the years, he's done almost every gold-collar service job in Starfleet, from sanitation engineer to graveyard-shift repairman, from transporter operator to cargo loader. But that's fine with Sheng. He didn't join Starfleet to be a hero.

And for most of his career, he wasn't one. Until a Cardassian True Way cell attacked the shipyard where Sheng was posted. He was the ranking NCO of a skeleton maintenance crew, performing refurbishment work on an old starship. When the Cardassians hit, Sheng took the ship out of dock and fought off the raid.

According to Sheng, he was just doing his job. But Starfleet disagreed. Leadership qualities? Huh? Courage under fire? Seriously?

First they gave him a commission. Then they sent him to command school. And now Sheng's a Captain, with a ship of his own.

Sheng's still not quite sure what to make of it. He never had ambitions. Not like this. The only thing he ever wanted...was to do his job. But now there's people relying on him. And if there's one thing Sheng knows, it's this:

Now he really can't afford to screw up.