ASTROMETRIC COORDINATES: Alpha Quadrant, Iota Pavonis, Z6, Satrex System

AFFILIATIONS: Recent Federation Member

DOMINANT SPECIES: Baekai ("Bakai"), Dreeyed ("Dryaed") (known collectively as “The Satrexi”)


Satrex Prime is a minshara class moon that orbits a Class 7 gas giant in the Satrex System, located deep in segment Z-6 of the Iota Pavonis Sector. Satrex is home to two sentient species, the Baekai and the Dreeyed; the Baekai are a humanoid mammalian species while the Dreeyed are a humanoid species that shares characteristics with plants and algae. The atmosphere is saturated with a dangerous pheromone group that has detrimental effect on metallic compounds and psychotic effects on most humanoids (more details below), and off-world access to the biome is limited to domed-environments.


The United Federation of Planets first became aware of Satrex Prime in 2336 when the civilian Andorian colonial vessel The Psshan crash landed on their homeworld. This first contact ended in an almost near catastrophe as the over two thousand Andorian colonists became violently psychotic when exposed to a naturally occurring compound in the Satrex atmosphere. If it had not been for the advanced biological knowledge of the Satrexi, the colonists would not have survived. Although an open-minded and non-xenophobic species, several similar incidents have been recorded in their history. This latest contact only served to remind the Satrexi why they elected to isolate themselves from other sentient beings over 3500 years ago. The Satrexi were impressed, however, with the Federation’s peaceful response to the incident, and have cautiously increased their cultural exchanges and contact over the last 75 years.

While the Federation only recently became aware of The Satrexi, their culture has known of Earth for thousands of years. Long ago in their history, some of their first explorers made contact with humans during the Mycenean Period of Ancient Greece. Their contact had a profound impact on the mythology of the humans, and this incident would later motivate their planet’s space exploration program to develop their own version of The Prime Directive.


Evolutionarily, the two dominant species on Satrex evolved in much the same manner as other worlds. Thanks to extended oral traditions and inherited memory, the Satrexi are able to track accurately the development of their civilization for well over 50000 years, when their first transcontinental contact occurred between the two sentient species. Through patterns typical of many worlds, they experienced periods of violence and conflict, but were able to develop beyond these challenges and create their first global government around 3700 years ago.

Over a century later, the Satrexi had advanced their conventional technology sufficiently to create a stable warp field, and a period of interstellar exploration began. By the time the Satrexi attempted to establish a colony on Earth, they had enough negative experiences to realize that their biochemistry was causing harm to others, and elected to limit their space exploration to within their own system.


The Satrexi live as harmoniously within the ecosystem of their world ad they do with each other. Over time, they have developed a constitutional monarchy in which representatives of different regions, known as “Courts” are elected to rule. Courts are a collection of Satrexi who share a common association; whether it is geographic, familial, or those that share a common characteristic. Some examples include The Court of Stars that is comprised of Satrexi living off world, The Court of Winter, for individuals who live in conditions where cold temperatures prevail, or the Court of Revelry, which is made up of citizens in the entertainment industries. Political alliances among individual Satrexi vary, and affiliations can change several times in one person’s lifespan.


Both Baekai and Dreeyed are a deeply spiritual people; whose religious narratives are centered in the concept of animism. While all objects in nature are revered, most of their theology is centered on worship of the elements of Earth, Sky, and Sea. A common phrase heard among The Satrexi is “By the air, sea, and skies!” or variations thereof.


The Satrexi are a culturally sophisticated people; whose attitudes, values, and faith are shaped by both their biology and the verdant environment in which they live. They are an agrarian society who favor biologically based technology, and have reached significantly advanced levels in genetics, agriculture, and medicine. They are hesitant to kill without just cause, and their attitudes towards property and person tend to be more collective and communal in nature.

Related to this trait is what appears to outsiders as a casual view towards mating and romantic relationships. Satrexi vary a bit on this point; while the Dreeyeds form mostly monogamous bonds, Baekai engage in polygamous bonds and do not restrict sexual expression within relationships. This is strongly correlated with the biology of the animals on Satrex Prime; most of whom emit pheromones to indicate sexual interest and mood (See “Special Alert” below). They therefore are much more tolerant of sexual expression than many species, and do not have a finely developed concept of jealousy. This attribute can make relating to other species very difficult for the Baekai; most of whom will agree to an “Oath of Conduct” as a condition of visiting or residing on Federation worlds.

Dreeyeds and Baekai also differ in their general personality and philosophical outlooks. Dreeyeds tend to be a much more consistent, patient, and some might say stubborn, people; while Baekai tend to be more mercurial, optimistic, and light hearted in their worldviews.


Dreeyeds are an amalgam of plant and algae characteristics. They breathe, photosynthesize complex molecules, and germinate every ten years. Every ten years, their bodily functions will slowly degrade, and the husk of their outer limbs and corpus will shed, leaving their neural functions maintained within a seed. This seed is planted and a new bodily husk is grown over a period of 6 Terran months. With proper care, Dreeyeds have exceptional lifespans; some are known to have survived several thousand years.

Baekai are believed to have evolved from a bovine-like hominid. They exhibit characteristics typical of prey animals, such as finely honed vision, magnetoception, and hearing. Their sense of smell however, is their mostly refined characteristic, and many Baekai can determine proximity, temperature, and sometimes even the mood of other organisms in their immediate vicinity from their scent alone. Their magnetoception makes them highly sensitive to interspatial phenomena, and they can be overwhelmed by close proximity to such forces; such as those created by mirror universe incursions.

Like other bovines, Baekai have a multiple stomach digestive structure; allowing them to tolerate a diverse array of foods; though most remain true to their herbivore roots. Related to their digestive system are foods/beverages that are fermented, as the ETOH aids Baekai digestion; leading to the somewhat misleading perception that they are heavy drinkers.

Baekai biochemistry is iron based, and, although their physiology shares several characteristics with other Federation species, the chemical structure of their pheromone is similar to only one other known species; the Orions, although the Baekai pheromone is different in that it is gender-blind. As a consequence of this, they relate better to species with more developed attitudes towards sexuality, such as the Deltans and the Orions.


Pharmaceutical Catalog File # A112-33427-B445-XXVY

Compound Name: cisisopropenylmethylpentenphenylcyclobutaneethanol acetate

Native Environment: Among the Baekai sentients of Satrex Prime

Hazard Rating: Orange

Transmission Medium: Airborne pheromone, also direct epidermal contact

Associated Conditions: Bacchal Hypersexual stimulation and/or Satrex Psychosis

Etiology: Variable dependent upon hematology, physiology, biochemistry, and cultural behaviors of the affected organism. Typically, upon exposure, subject will exhibit a suite of symptoms associated with intoxication/inhibition reduction. Following within moments after exposure, many beings (but not all) will lose partial to total control of ego functions; often resulting in unabated pursuit of mating behaviors with the first sentient they encounter; regardless of attractions or associated gender. Engaging in sexual behavior contributes to more rapid hepatic processing /breakdown of the toxin than abstinence, though this may not always be culturally appropriate.

For organisms that are more susceptible to the pheromone, the compound will build up in the bloodstream and mutate existing neurotransmitters due to excess exposure. Once this mutation takes place, neural pathways will be inhibited; often leading to temporary psychosis. If an organism experiencing psychotic/violent symptoms is left untreated, then further neural degradation can become permanent and terminal; often by interrupting autonomic parasympathetic processes resulting in cardiac arrest.

Symptom Progression:

  • Stage 1 Symptoms: dizziness/lightheadedness, feelings of euphoria, light intoxication.
  • Stage 2 Symptoms: gender-blind sexual attraction, loss of ego controls in favor of id impulses, aggressive sexual behavior, erratic thoughts.
  • Stage 3 Symptoms: mania, violence, hallucinations, paranoia.
  • Stage 4 Symptoms: Loss of motor control, loss of bodily function control.
  • Stage 5 Symptoms: Coma, cardiac arrest, permanent neural damage.

Resistance to latter stage acquisition is largely dependent on body chemistry and cultural sophistication around sexuality/attraction. See the following examples for guidelines:

Iron based hematology (i.e. humans, denobulans, betazoids, bajorans, trill): High rate of initial susceptibility. Unless experiencing prolonged exposure, most will not progress past stage two. NOTE: Baekai, Orion females, and Deltans, while expressing a hemoglobin phenotype, are rarely affected past stage 1 symptoms due to natural body chemistry immunity (i.e. Baekai and Orion females) and/or through the ability to naturally regulate endorphins due to sophisticated cultural practices related to sexual expression (i.e. Deltans).

Copper based hematology (i.e vulcans, romulans, rigelians): Delayed susceptibility due to mental disciplines/physiology. However, their hepatic functions process the compound more slowly than other species; putting them at higher risk for Stages 3-5 symptom expression.

Cobolt based hematology (i.e. bolians, andorians, benzites): High rate of initial susceptibility and rapid degradation to Stage 5 expression.

Iridium based hematology (i.e ferengi, several lesser known alien species): Passing light intoxication, but otherwise immune.

Treatment Recommendations: Due to the rapid and virulent nature of the baekai pheromone, immediate isolation of the baekai exposing others to the compound is highly recommended, followed by strict quarantine procedures. Introduction of omeprazole and furosemide into the atmosphere is the next stage of treatment. These compounds are also useful in aiding an affected organism in clearing the toxin from their bloodstream more quickly. In cases of psychosis, standard antipsychotics are indicated.