Jason Riyal
Placeholder person
Full Name Jason A. Riyal Four of Twenty-Four
Gender Male
Race Borg-Augmented Human
Class Engineer/ ESS Operative
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Position Candidate
Ship(s) U.S.S. Nigeria
Player GhostofNova

Age: 102

Starship Class: Thunderchild Heavy Escort (T3)

Academic History and Distinctions:

  • 3rd in class for Warp Field Mechanics

Service Record:

  • Joined the FDC as an ESS Operative
  • Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Five years of supplemental tactical training
    • close escort tactics
    • hand to hand combat in special developed combination of seven martial arts
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Brief Biography:

Born en-route to colony Tycho 2 which sits on the edge of what is now known as Borg Space. Less than 1 year after his birth the Borg destroyed the colony, assimilating or killing every man, woman, and child on the planet. Jason and his twin sister Nicole were both among the 'lucky' souls to survive the attack, taken in their infancy and assimilated into the collective. Both were subjected to Borg experiments, artifically aging them into their physical prime within months. Jason was further enhanced both genetically and technologically to serve as an Advanced Tactical Drone. Fifteen years ago Jason and Nicole were among the Borg shock troopers sent to board the USS Venture as a distraction to allow their badly damaged Cube to escape. The cube's destruction along with technology Starfleet was testing at the time inhibited their ability to reconnect with the Collective, both were sedated and awoke at Starfleet Medical Headquarters on Earth where Jason underwent rehabilitation. Nicole, due mostly to the sheer amount of augmentation she had received, was not a candidate for the removal of her major implants at the time. Jason had only known life with the Borg, but humanity had shown great compassion for him and for his sister. He applied to Starfleet Academy in the hopes of repaying that debt and decided to focus his career on Engineering rather than a more combat related field, having taken enough lives during his time as an Advanced Tactical Drone.

It wasn't until after his graduation from the Academy that Jason found what he considers to be his true calling. Despite a mostly human appearance Jason was physically still more technology than man, major implants key to his function as an ATD were integrated so fully into his nervous system they could not be safely removed and having read reports of his rescue and training Admiral Sopek of the Federation Diplomatic Corps approached him with an offer a new career path. The Diplomatic Corps had suffered loses, sending their ambassadors into more hostile situations in the hopes of gaining new allies in the war against the Klingons, the Undine, and the Borg. The loss of experienced ambassadors was a critical issue and thus Sopek proposed the creation of a new branch of the diplomatic service. The Elite Security Service or ESS for short, would train the best and brightest candidates as personal protectors for those Ambassadors. Jason's borg implants made him a prime candidate and he jumped at the chance to use his gifts to protect others. He was given the rank of Lieutenant and sent to undergo the mandatory training. After completion he was assigned as the personal escort of Captain Ilara Zhal, a fine young diplomat who the Federation considered important to their efforts in recruiting new allies, securing trade routes and negotiating territorial agreements for new starbases and shipyards. After meeting with Captain Zhal and informing her of his new assignment Jason was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by Admiral Sopek, awarded the official title of ESS Operative, and given command of the USS Nigeria, a variant of the Thunderchild class Heavy Escort. He begins his new assignment as soon as Captain Zhal has recovered from her own injuries and is fit to oversee the negotiations toward or rescue of a officer abducted by a species called the L'si, who consider the Federation a hostile threat to their people.

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