Jessica Richards
Full Name Jessica Victoria Richards
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Master Warrant Officer 5
Fleet Rank ACI Fleet Captain
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS R'lyeh MK II
Player Brahman1453


LAST NAME: Richards






PLACE OF BIRTH: Elizabeth, NJ, USA (Earth)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a Relationship with Gelda.

ENTRY RANK: Warrant Officer 1 (May 2394)

CURRENT RANK: Master Warrant Officer 5 (July 2410)

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Alpha Centauri Institute

ASSIGNMENT POSITION: Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors

OTHER ASSIGNMENTS: Star Fleet Intelligence, Star Fleet Command J-2 WO


  • Bachelor of Arts in Historical Studies, Miss. State University (May 2391)
  • Master of Arts in Galactic Security, Miss. State University (May 2393)
  • Fellow, Institute for Strategic Studies (2391-2393)
  • Warrant Officer's Candidate School, Star Fleet Academy, Class of '94
  • Completion of Advanced Individual Training, Star Fleet Academy, July 2410


  • May 2394 to October 2397: Boatswain, Warrant Officer 1 (WO1), U.S.S. Doma.
  • October 2397 to March 2406: Intelligence Specialist, Chief Warrant Officer 2 (S-2 WO), U.S.S. Vector.
  • March 2406 to April 2407: Intelligence Specialist, Chief Warrant Officer 3 (S-2 WO), U.S.S. Vector.
  • April 2407 to Present: Intelligence Specialist, Star Fleet Command (Earth Spacedock).
  • May 2410 to September 2410: Captain of the Guard, Alpha Centauri Instittute, Starbase 39-Sierra.
  • May 2410: Temporary promotion to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4.
  • July 2410: Promotion to the rank of Master Chief Warrant Officer 5 upon completion of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Star Fleet Academy.
  • September 2410: Reassignment as Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, Alpha Centauri Institute, Starbase 39-Sierra.


Jessica Richards was born on Earth in the city of Elizabeth, NJ on 05/29/2369. When she was about 16-years-old, she moved down South when her father retired, and in 2387 attended Miss. State University, where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Historical Studies in May of 2391 and went on to receive a Master's in Galactic Security in May 2393. Upon the completion of her education, Richards tendered an application to the Warrant Officer Candidate School, part of Star Fleet Academy, and was accepted for enrollment in the 2393-94 training year. During her time there, she focused on tactical studies and the application of intelligence gathering to the front lines. In May of 2394, she received her billet as a Warrant Officer (WO1) and received a posting as a Boatswain (head of enlisted matters) aboard the U.S.S. Doma. After a three year tenure there, she received her commission as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 and was assigned to the U.S.S. Vector, a vessel where she saw quite a bit of front-line action. She served honorably aboard the Vector until she finally received a promotion to CW3 in 2406, after which time she continued to serve aboard the U.S.S. Vector and, in 2407, picked up responsibilities working in the intelligence office on Sol.

In May of 2410, Star Fleet Command decided to take her from her desk job on Sol and send her out to the front lines in order to get a more accurate picture of the state of the Federation. Upon the recommendation of Allahweh Felth, Chief of Star Fleet Intelligence, she was assigned to the Alpha Centauri Institute and initially given a billet as Intelligence Officer aboard the U.S.S. Adama, under the command of Dr. Felth, Davin. Yet, a sudden turn-over in command in the organization - the quick departure of Colonel Rhona Caitir and Rear-Admiral Utherr Sorven - facilitated the need for her to step up and take a position as Captain of the Guard and get a seat on the Board of Directors. She returned to Sol in order to partake in Advanced Individual Training in order to better learn her duties and be able to command a starship for the Guard. Thus, by July of 2410, she was promoted to the rank of Master Chief Warrant Officer.

She served as Captain of the Guard quite honorably, and after taking the promotion made greater efforts to get to understand the research conducted by the organization. She was injured on such a trip out into the Delta Volanis Cluster with Fleet Captain Sanek, but her resolve remains the same.

In September of 2410, with the departure of Vice-President Cara McFerran and Provost Marshall Syrlia Shenn-McFerran, she took a reassignment to the role of Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors.


Jessica has been involved with a few people in the past, some to a more serious degree. In general, however, she found it close with her career path to get close to anyone, especially close to those she would truly have an interest in. There used to be a running joke that she was married to her career, and in the past, she would certainly have believed this.

However, in more recent times, she had a serious relationship with Dr. Sakaki, formerly of the Alpha Centauri Institute, and then in the summer of 2410 met and fell in love with Lt. Commander Gelda of the organization. The two went on a mission that summer to rescue Gelda's brother from the hands of the True Way, and were imprisoned and tortured together. Ever since then, the two have had a very close relationship with each other, and when Gelda is not out on patrol in the Khazon Cluster, they spend every moment possible together.