Full Name Rena-7
Gender Female
Race Liberated Borg Human
Class Engineer
Rank Captain
Fleet Rank Commander
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Ship(s) USS Stormchaser
Player BestBubbles

Rena-7 was a liberated Borg Human and former member of the Alpha Centauri Institute.

First Name: Rena-7
Middle Initial:
Species: "Liberated" Borg, Assumed Human
Home World:Assumed Earth
Profession:Starship Command , Engineer
Character Rank:Commander
Academic History and Distinctions: Graduated Vulcan Science Institute (General Physics and Applied Sciences), Graduated 1st in class, Starfleet Academy (Engineering Major)
Service Record: Graduated Vulcan Science Institute , with Honors . . Graduated 1st in Class, Starfleet Academy at Lieutenant(jg) . . Decorated for Valor and given Command Commision after assuming Command of USS Comet during Borg incursion.

Biography: Rescued from Borg Wreckage at Wolf 359. . Taken to Vulcan for complete study and was "Liberated" by Study Team. Applied 42 times to Vulcan Science Institute , Graduated with Honors and left for Starfleet Academy, Graduating top of her class. She has fall'n into Command and seems oddly well-suited to it. She has no memory of who she was before the borg, and it is a topic that she avoids. The Study Team treated her more as an adopted child, than a test subject and she looks to them as if Family. She changed her numerical designation after the team seemed to name her "Rena" , and likewise has changed her uniform (her and her Crew) after a team member suggested " after all that work put into liberating you, you should show it off "

In 2410, Rena in the project to install a Romulan cloaking device on the USS Starwind. Not long after, her vessel disappeared with all hands while on patrol.