Kyle Rain
Full Name Kyle Adrian Rain
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Captain
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Ship(s) USS Acheron
Player Adrian_Rain

Name: Kyle Adrian Rain
Raink: Rear Admiral
DOB: June 16th 2387
Bloodtype: A+
Race: mixed heritage Human. 1/2 Human, 1/4 Vulcan, 1/4 Betazed
Parents: Adrian K. Rain CinC Alpha Fleet, Jaquinna Carter-Rain Fleet Ambassador
Physical Features: Braod shoulders with a sleek atheletic figure. Sports short cropped hair and a constant 5 o clock shadow.
Distinguishing features: No tattoos, 1 large scar from surviving a Bat'leh strike to the face.

Kyle is from south western North America, but has spent time all over the country due to his fathers constant traveling. The accent has a bit of a drawl to it. Kyles demeanor is always one of a very friendly and outgoing guy. He sees everyone as friends unless they prove they shouldn't be and tends to play the role of big brother to everyone. Kyle inherited his parents cool and calculating mind, and proficiency with star ships and combat applications.

While he used to fear that he was growing up in his fathers shadow he's learned to since apply himself as hard as he can. His sister was always more proficient than he was. More naturally talaneted, but her hot headed nature tended to make her a target more often than naught. Kyle often playing the part of big brother for her. Coming to her rescue when needed with his older brother Seth.

Kyle can be seen heading the AF's task force for federation stability and security.