Adian Pryde
Full Name Adian Kris Pryde
Gender Male
Race Trill
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Commander
Fleet Rank Candidate-Associate
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Ship(s) USS Helena
Player Adian_Pryde

Academic History and Distinctions: Masters degrees in Orbital Physics, Space Combat Tactics, BS in Warp Theroy,

Service Record

Starship Class: Tactical,

Starship Registry: NCC 800813 (Marovingian)

Referral (If Applicable):

Brief Biography: Adian was born on the Trill home world, shortly after his fifth birthday he at his parents request began his studying of mathematics and science. His parents Markus, and Saryllia having been astrophysicist and Markus being a joined Trill had high expectations and hopes for their only son. He was continually measured and trained while growing up. Unfortunately Adian wished to be just a child and often was being scolded for running away and hiding in different areas from his parents. By the age of sixteen Adian had learned what loss was for his father had passed on due to an issue with an off world expedition and an insect bite that proved to be fatal. The symbiont Pryde had passed on as well due to the inability of a worthy candidate to be in close proximity. This loss shook Adian to his core. Never the less his mother encouraged his growth and learning even more. By his 18th Birthday he was top of his fencing class, and was being accepted to begin studies as a Warp Engineer at the Institute of Science On Earth.

Prior to his arrival on Earth, Adian was to first begin the evaluation process under the scrutiny of Ezri Dax as his Field Docent. Spending time with Ezri was interesting to say the least for it was during the period of her life that she had just recently finished allowing the Dax symbiont???s personalities to merge with hers. She was at this juncture in her life the executive officer of the Defiant, having been allowed to join her for the explorative mission of the Delta Quadrant. But unfortunately during this portion of his examination she found Adian to be young and na??ve. Adian feeling as if all was lost tried to salvage

Favorite line, " meh only 5 combatants, still not fai