Kih'Vok sutai Pallara
Full Name Kih'Vok sutai Pallara
Gender Male
Race Klingon
Class Tactical Combat Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander (4)
Fleet Rank Commander
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Ship(s) USS Robert L. Howard
Player Cerebus06

Brief InformationEdit

Commander Kih'Vok is a Klingon with ties to both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Being raised with the ideals of both cultures, when the Khitomer Accords were broken by J'mpok, it placed Kih'Vok in the uncomfortable situation of having to choose which side to give his allegiance to. He selected the Federation, in no small part due to his belief that the Accords were broken for no other reason than for a thirst for conquest and glory. And, while those are certainly Klingon values, Kih'Vok's deep sense of honor could not allow him to side with the Empire, as he felt the breaking of the Accords was a dishonorable act.


Kih'Vok is the consummate Klingon in most every sense of the word. At six foot, six inches tall, along with being very well fit and muscular, he is a rather imposing figure. He is proud, somewhat haughty, and can be rash at times. He is honorable almost to a fault, and will refuse to conduct himself, or follow any order, in a manner that he feels is dishonorable to himself... as well as dishonorable to Starfleet. Normally fairly reserved (for a Klingon), he can be stirred to instant anger and violence when his honor is questioned, or he (or those he considers friends) are insulted.

He has a deep appreciation and loyalty to Klingon tradition and culture, and openly admires the Empire and it's accomplishments throughout it's history. However, the resultant war between the Federation and the Empire has left him with a sense of having a split personality; his loyalty to the Federation is unquestionable, but he still feels the draw - as a Klingon - to the Empire. This draw does have a bittersweet taste... the rejection of the Khitomer Accords and immediate war (which Kih'Vok believes constitutes the equivalent a backstab) with those whom the Empire had considered allies for almost a hundred years is not an act, he feels, an honorable society would make. Furthermore, the rejection and discommendation of any Klingon who chose to remain with Starfleet and the Federation by the Council - and it's subsequent taint of dishonor - left an emotional scar that is not easy for him to ignore.

The typical Klingon opinion of Romulans and Remans is even more pronounced with Kih'Vok. His time on the U.S.S. Kelvin and the frequent clashes with them left him with experiences that went beyond the typical Klingon grudge. He hates Romulans, and to a slightly lesser degree Remans, with a passion that is difficult to quell.

Family InformationEdit

Kih'Vok was raised by both his parents throughout his entire childhood until he left for Starfleet Academy at the age of seventeen.


  • K'tok sutai Pallara
    A career Starfleet Security Officer who instilled a loyalty and respect for both the Federation and the Empire in young Kih'Vok.
    • Current Status: Living (53 years of age, currently stationed at Starbase 24)


  • Bel'maH Reshtarc
    A warrior in her own right, Kih'Vok's mother instilled a deep sense of honor and respect in him at an early age.
    • Current Status: Living (51 years of age, currently living with Kih'Vok's father at Starbase 24)


  • Bel'TaQ sutai Pallara
    Kih'Vok's sister. She has recently entered Starfleet Academy to pursue a career in Engineering.
    • Current Status: Living (23 years of age, in her second year at Starfleet Academy)
  • J'Pak sutai Pallara
    Kih'Vok's younger brother. Despite growing up together, they had little real interaction with one another aside from constant rivalry. J'Pak has entered Starfleet to pursue a career as a Security Officer.
    • Current Status: Living (22 years of age, in his first year at Starfleet Academy)

Other Family MembersEdit

  • ZiS'pol sutai Pallara
    Kih'Vok's only uncle. He was an influence in Kih'Vok's later childhood, and assisted with getting Kih'Vok to both his Rites of Ascension.
    • Current Status: Living (49 years of age, currently assigned as a Security Officer aboard the USS Miles Dyson)
  • Ken'Dach Mors
    Kih'Vok's first cousin. He has had little contact with Ken'Dach since leaving Qo'noS; however, Ken'Dach has made it clear he considers Kih'Vok a coward for "turning his back on the Empire."
    • Current Status: Living (28 years of age, currently assigned as a Tactical Officer aboard the IKS qet 'Iw)
  • Krimex zantai Pallara
    Krimex is Kih'Vok's cousin by marriage. They both hated each other at first sight, and frequently got into rather brutal fights at a young age. This continued as they grew, until eventually it resulted in bloodshed; Krimex with a deep scar down the left side of his face, and Kih'Vok with a scar in his left thigh from a dagger.
    • Current Status: Living (31 years of age, currently assigned to a Scout Flotilla for the Klingon Defense Force under J'mpok)

Family Name and HistoryEdit

Kih'Vok sutai Pallara is a member of House Pallara of the Empire. While this House has fallen into some decline over the last several decades, in the 23rd Century it was a prominent House, and had many prestigious warriors noted for their accomplishments against the Federation.

Kih'Vok himself is the great grandson of General Klemm zantai Pallara, the commander of the 123rd Flotilla known as "The White Flame". The 123rd was a particularly prestigious unit of extremely competent officers and ships in the 23rd century, and participated in the Federation Klingon War of 2267-2268. It's most famous action was acting as a blocking force for General Kor in the Battle of Organia.

Brief BiographyEdit

Childhood and Early Life (2381 - 2394)Edit

Kih'Vok sutai Pallara was born on October 24th, 2381 on Qo'noS to K'tok sutai Pallara and Bel'maH Reshtarc. Kih'Vok spent most of his early life on Qo'noS being raised in the traditional Klingon way; however, one thing that set his family apart was that despite a loyalty to the Klingon Empire, his father also felt loyalty towards the Federation as well, as he served the Federation as a member of Starfleet (as had Kih'Vok's grandfather, J'om'Vak). He instilled this same duality of loyalties to his son as he grew.

When Kih'Vok was six, his father was re-assigned to a new duty station aboard Starbase 39, in part due to the Hobus Supernova crisis. The move had a profound effect on Kih'Vok; not only had he lost Qo'noS as his home, he was exposed to other races for the first time on a regular basis as well. As the only Klingon in school on the starbase, he was left alone for the most part until the day a human boy attempted to bully him. The physical injuries Kih'Vok inflicted on the boy during the fight were serious enough to warrant a legal case. Kih'Vok was left alone after this incident.

At the age of thirteen, Kih'Vok and his father made a pilgrimage to Qo'noS so that Kih'Vok could perform the first Rite of Ascension.

Kihvok academy

Kih'Vok at Starfleet Academy.

The Kuvah'magh And Later Childhood (2294 - 2399)Edit

K'tok was not a religious Klingon, but a few years later when he heard the rumors of the Kuvah'magh in the person of Miral Paris, he imparted this legend to Kih'Vok and informed him that Miral's path would be the one to take for true glory and the restitution of the Klingon Empire. As Miral joined Starfleet, this coincided with K'tok's belief that the Klingon Empire could only rise again as a member of the Federation. Infatuated with this sentiment, and trusting his father to know the truth, Kih'Vok embraced this philosophy and resolved to join Starfleet once he graduated. He was seventeen years old.

Due to the frictions that were developing between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, K'tok decided that, immediately upon Kih'Vok's graduation, it would be best to make the pilgrimage to Qo'noS so that his son could perform the second Rite of Ascension. This ceremony was completed only days after Kih'Vok finished school... and confirmed his status as a Klingon Warrior. Proud of his accomplishments in both academic and Klingon tradition, Kih'Vok applied to Starfleet Academy shortly thereafter and was accepted.

However, everything changed for Kih'Vok only weeks later - when the Klingons rejected the Khitomer Accords after launching full scale war against the Gorn.

Starfleet Academy (2400 - 2405)Edit

Kih'Vok had only been a member of Starfleet Academy for a few weeks when the news spread like wildfire across the campus. The few Klingons at the Academy, including Kih'Vok, met to discuss the situation. Kih'Vok was outraged at the Empire's rejection of the Khitomer Accords, and was very outspoken to the fact... several others however openly approved of the move and an argument broke out. If it were not for Starfleet security it is likely several Klingon cadets would have been severely wounded or killed that day. The situation was made worse several days later when the Klingon Empire rejected all Klingons who still embraced Federation principles, thereby disgracing them and their families in Klingon society.


Kih'Vok's first Cadet assignment, the USS Huron.

Over the next few months, Kih'Vok was torn between his loyalty to two warring governments. He still felt that the correct course of action was to remain with Starfleet, in part due to his belief in his father's interpretation of the Kuvah'magh, but also because he felt the rejection of the Khitomer Accords was an act of disgrace by the Empire. Both of these sentiments are shared by his father, who is reassigned by Starfleet to Terra several weeks later. This resolution to his feelings helped him progress through a difficult year, and his remaining time in the Academy is spent deep in study. Five years later, he graduated from the Academy and began preparations for his cadet cruises.

First Cadet Cruise (2405 - 2406)Edit

Kih'Vok's first cruise was aboard the U.S.S. Huron, a venerable ship taken out of mothball months before the cruise began. An updated 23rd century Constitution class vessel, much if it's systems were in a constant state of dis-repair. As the cadet Helm officer, Kih'Vok saw his first combat several months later when the Huron was assigned to the task force that came to the rescue of the colony on the planet Korvat during the Klingon attack on that planet. Initial fears by some of the crew were laid to rest when the fighting began... despite the enemy being Klingon, it made little difference once the battle was joined. Kih'Vok performed brilliantly, showing an innate knack of space combat and maneuvers. However, the ship was badly damaged, and required a several week journey back to Earthdock where it was decided to finally junk the old vessel.


Kih'Vok's second Cadet assignment, the USS Kelvin.

Second Cadet Cruise (2406 - 2409)Edit

His next assignment was aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin, a newer Constitution Refit class vessel, where he alternated between Helm duties and Combat Operations duties. Kih'Vok spent the next three years aboard the vessel, mostly in the Alpha Centauri and Iota Pavonis sectors. During this period, frequent clashes with rogue Romulan and Reman forces gave Kih'Vok a great deal of combat experience... and also proved to him the Klingon's distrust of Romulans and Remans was well founded as he saw firsthand on many occasions their lack of honor, lies, deceit, and treachery. He lost several friends during this period due to these clashes, and in once case barely survived an away team mission that left his face scarred for life.

Final Assignment and the ACIEdit

After his years aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin, his cadet status was reviewed by Starfleet. He was found to be a fit officer, with his actions and conduct in keeping with Starfleet traditions and protocol. He spent the next several months in a transition state alternating between Earthdock and Earth, before finally being assigned the U.S.S. Robert Howard - an Ushaan class Federation Escort. This first command also came with an assignment as a Tactical Officer to the Alpha Centauri Institute Division.

Hobbies / InterestsEdit

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Academic History and DistinctionsEdit

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Service RecordEdit

Kihvok on patrol1

Commander Kih'Vok on patrol.

  • USS Huron (Constitution class light cruiser - NCC-1825)
    Assigned to the Romulus Sector and assisted with actions against the Klingon Empire. Participated in the defense of Korvat. Kih'Vok served as a Tactical Officer, given high praise by his captain.
  • USS Kelvin (Constitution Refit class cruiser - NCC-92140)
    A three year assignment as a Tactical Officer and Helm Officer. Operated in the Alpha Centauri and Iota Pavonis sectors. Frequent clashes with Reman and Romulan forces.

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USS Robert L. Howard (NCC-220210)

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