VA Jay Clarke

Holographic Image created from Transporter Log.

Onyx, Jay Clarke is the CO of the time traveling ship the USS Edinburgh. He is also male, a Joined Trill, a Flag Officer in Starfleet, a member of the Alpha Centauri Institute and Vice Admiral of a possible future ACI 01.


Onyx contacted AC01 on Stardate 90524.2 from the ship currently known as the USS Edinburgh.

At this time the ships shields and hull have stopped all internal scans and several officers and crew were arrested by the ships security and were returned to AC01 with no recording devices.

During the current temporal disturbances currently effecting the station the arrival of the Edinburgh has been logged with Temporal Investigations.

VA Telev granted VA Onyx clearance to the station and added him to the command line of the station under only the VA himself.

VA Telev noted in his logs to be watchful for the possibility of another Berlinghoff Rasmussen.

Admiral Three had the crew of the USS Edinburgh assist with special projects. Most recent reports say the crew has returned to the Edinburgh and is on full Lockdown from the station.

Tholian InvolvementEdit

When the Tholians attacked ACI-01 in early 2413, Onyx was implicated in the attacks.  He soon explained that in the future he was approached by the Tholians because they fear research being done on anti-Tholian defenses and weapons.  Onyx accepted the Tholian proposal to betray the Institute only so that he could travel back in time to stop them.  Taking advantage of a temporal storm created by the Tholians, Onyx traveled back and bided his time.  Eventually an opportunity presented itself and Onyx convinced H'Rrao to assist him.  Working together, the two used the Tholian attack to discover that the temporal storm was powered by a system deep within the caves of Nukara. 

Onyx insisted to the officers of the present ACI that the device must be destroyed and that all ACI records must list his future self as a traitor so that the Tholians will consider him a potential spy.  Accepting his explanation, a small squad lead by H'Rrao and Dan' ro  infiltrated the Tholian network and managed to deliver an explosive device, detonating it and destroying the power source that controlled the storm.

With the means of his travel into the past now erased, Onyx and his entire crew vanished in a pre-destination paradox.

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Starfleet Service RecordEdit

  • Redacted by order of TI.