Board of DirectorsEdit


President Three of Sixteen  (Fleet Admiral - Starfleet Command)

The President of Alpha Centauri Institute is a Flag Level Officer that oversees the goals and defense of the Institute as carried out by its Provosts, Deans, and Individual Members.  The President is often called upon to report on ACI initiatives to several domestic and foreign organizations, such as Starfleet Command, Heads of State, and other prestigious academic bodies such as The Daystrom Institute and The Vulcan Science Academy.  The President is usually a Vice Admiral or its foreign equivalent.

Vice PresidentEdit

Vice President Fezile "Fez" Sonani (Civilian)

The Vice President of the ACI is a Flag Level Officer that assists the President in their day to day responsibilities and represents The President's Office when he, she, or otherly gendered is not available.  The Vice President is usually at least a Rear Admiral or its foreign equivalent.


The Provosts are a council of Flag Level Officers that serve as advisors to the President and Vice President on policy, procedural, and personnel issues.  They work with Deans and members to meet the mandates of the ACI.  They will often serve as the overall heads of a particular area of study (i.e. Engineering, Medical, Sciences, Tactical Operations, Security, etc.).  They may be of any rank or a civilian, but they are usually at least a Rear Admiral or its foreign equivalent.  The current Provosts are as follows:

ACI Provosts
Provost Christine April Director Research and Development (Rear Admiral - Starfleet Command)
Provost Rzuta Anoyda Director of Intelligence (Vice Admiral - Starfleet Command)
Provost Dandin Hansen Director of the Guard and Tactical Commander (Rear Admiral - Starfleet Command)
Provost Ehou Asnov Director of Foreign Relations (Vice Admiral - Starfleet Command)


Membership TiersEdit


Deans are members that have shown a high level of personal initiative within the fleet, and are granted the responsibility of creating goals and collaborating on research or defense projects with other members.  They may be of any rank or a civilian, but they are usually at least a Captain or its foreign equivalent.


Members of the ACI are highly qualified scientists, engineers, strategists, advisors, medical providers, command officers, and specialists representing the United Federation of Planets and allied governments that have successfully completed the ACI interview and screening process.  They contribute to the academic, research, development, and defense goals of The Institute.  They may be of any rank; whether military or civilian, from any allied government.


The Emeriti are former faculty members and flag level officers with a long history of distinction in the Institute who have left the ACI but, due to their status, are granted ocntinued access to fleet resources.  


Candidates are citizens of the United Federation of Planets or a foreign ally whose application has been accepted by the ACI and are undergoing the interview process to become members.  Candidates may be of any rank or its foreign equivalent, or civilians.