Captain John McHale
Captain McHale in early 2411

Full Name

Jonathan Tems McHale (Joran Tems)




Trill (Unjoined)


Engineering Officer

In-Game (OOC) Rank

Vice Admiral

Fleet (IC) Rank

Captain, Retired as of 2412


U.S.S. Galahad NCC-97862



Jonathan Tems McHale.

General InformationEdit

  • Species: Trill (Unjoined)
  • Age: 40 biologically, 53 chronologically (D.O.B.: 04/05/2360)
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Engineer, starship EPS and engine design specialty, ACI Chief Engineer, civilian engineering consultant.
  • Known aliases: John, Johnny (by select few), Joran (by parents, close friends), Mr. Tems (by Anja Xyli)
  • Relatives: Daren and Niliah Tems (parents), Tae Liana (wife, deceased), Antia Liana-Tems (daughter)

Born on Trill as Joran Tems and named secondly John McHale after a human that indirectly saved his parents life and ensured John's existence.

John McHale has had what he would described as a very interesting life. From days of adventure before he joined Starfleet to almost everything that happened after that. While John makes a living as an engineer he is quite capable in many fields of work. He is well versed in combat weaponry, and has been trained by his Chief Security officer to effectively wield a Bat'leth. He also has proven himself a very capable starship combat tactician, however his battle strategies leave something to be desired. He also has several scientific interests, which he labels as hobbies. These include Astronomy, Astrophysics, Spacecraft Orbital Mechanics (though this ties in with his actual work as well), Cosmology, and Temporal Mechanics. He also has several other random hobbies including but not limited to: Earth classic rock music, fiddling with all manner of random devices, robotics, things that are shiny, things that are pointy, and things that spin (because spinning is so much cooler than not spinning).

John held the rank of Captain and was in command of the U.S.S. Galahad. He is a member of the esteemed Alpha Centauri Institute which he constantly tries to play a large role in as the organization opened his life up again after several periods where he buried himself in his work and took little joy from anything. He feels he owes them a rather large debt of gratitude and would go out of his way to help anyone in the fleet with anything. Following his retirement from Starfleet he still works with ACI, but no longer holds a rank.


John is a dedicated starship engineer and would consider himself one of the best he knows, this is due to what he calls a 'funny personality' which is just a snarky form of self-indulgence. As one gets to know him John seems to exude a lot of self confidence almost to the point that it would seem he is too confident in certain situations, but often he is merely masking his true level of confidence which varies from situation to situation. He prefers not to think about dramatics and hates feelings of dread or fear so often times he will purposefully try to act as if a situation is not as serious as it is, even though he is well aware of the true nature. Others at times have misunderstood this as him not actually taking some things seriously though. This has led to a pet peeve of people not understanding things he is saying or doing when he himself thinks it is obvious what is going on, that and a general dislike for people who don't bother to better themselves or learn more. He has once been described as if an insane person mixed with a brilliant mind, he would be the result. It doesn't take much however to make that statement true for his parents as it turns out his personality is heavily inspired by his father.

It is not known to many but John was actually a very timid individual in his early youth and was afraid to take some risks, despite seeking adventure. He also rarely had the confidence in himself that he did later. His time in Romulan space with his then best friend M'ret changed and bettered him in many ways. His experiences there made him the person he is today. That and Starfleet eventually ironed out some of the creases but it couldn't stop him from being himself, which after that time in his life was a far more confident and stronger individual.

Another rarely noticed facet that close friends learn about him is that his often cheery nature is a mask that covers up some rather deep turmoil in his life from stuff in his past to things in the present. It is not to say he isn't actually happy, he just doesn't want to be the depressed and brooding person that life would seem to want him to be.

He also has a rare aversion to Joining, which is thought of highly in the Trill species. Part of this comes from pressures from his mother who is joined and always suggesting the idea to him. Also it is that he is actually terrified of the concept of loosing himself. He fears once joining, he will never be just himself again, he will forevermore always be part of some conglomerate of memories residing in another life form. For this reason he never was joined and prefers to not be.

Before Starfleet, The Romulan connectionEdit

John was born on Trill in 2360 but was raised in space by his parents who owned and operated a mobile ship board business in which they designed and sold premium starship components to all sorts of clientele, including cargo industries, private contractors for transport services, and even Starfleet itself. John grew up learning the ins and outs of engine components and starship structure. The only thing he thought about more than such things were astronomical things such as stellar evolution and the workings of the universe. His fate was sealed.

Knowing that his self-proclaimed destiny was to become a Starfleet Engineer he applied to the Academy in 2378 but was rejected due to not having any prior degrees in starship engineering despite having a lifetimes worth of knowledge on the subject. Rather than work toward a degree for that he elected to travel the stars, see more of what was out there and get some first hand experience on civilian ships. His travels didn't stay restricted to Federation space though as he found himself wanted to learn more about other areas, especially Romulan space, an area he always thought seemed interesting. This led to a chance encounter with a Romulan scientist named M'ret who operated a small crew out of a transport ship. He wanted to avoid his scientific work being used by the Star Empire in ways he didn't like so he practiced it as a civilian traveling from place to place, sometimes taking random odd jobs to make ends meet. Despite the life style he was a brilliant scientist who knew an extensive amount about quantum and astrophysics, which made him a perfect intellectual match for John. The two became fast friends and John joined his crew shortly afterwards.

M'ret, life on the fringe, becoming a new person, and Tae.Edit

John's travels with M'ret are often remembered by him as one of the best times in his life. He learned a lot out there, not just about science and engineering as he worked with M'ret in such fields and took up the role of resident engineer of the transport ship Ry'alan, but also he grew a lot personally. M'ret and his crew had been living out on the fringes of Romulan space for the most part as they could conduct their business in peace. However from time to time they'd go in closer to the center of the Star Empire. This allowed John to learn about and understand how real Romulans are, compared to the ones of the military and the government that everyone in the Federation saw. He dealt with civilians. He gained a lot of appreciation for them as a people.

John eventually would get involved in some of the more dirtier aspects of life on the fringe as well as he joined his new family on endeavors related to getting them more funds or equipment needed. Some of these endeavors bordered of the level of questionable legality. Whether these actions would be considered legal by Federation or the Empire is suspect. Likely neither. As a result he learned a lot of his combat skills and weapons training here before Starfleet taught him their standard stuff. M'ret also took it upon him to open John up and get him to be less timid. He well succeeded in that, as John became far more confident in himself and far more capable of handling himself in many situations. The things his friendship with M'ret did for him made him the person he is today.

Eventually during his travels with M'ret he encountered who would be one of the most important people in his life. He met a woman by the named of Tae Liana, a transport adviser for some cargo M'ret was renting out. She was a peculiar type being 1/2 Romulan, 1/4 Human, and 1/4 Trill but lived her whole life out in the gray areas around the Neutral Zone. She had what would have been called a fringe lifestyle. Structured government society was something she'd never seen much of so at first it served as an interesting contrast between she and John. From their first meeting even M'ret said he could see a spark between the two. John and Tae became very close friends indeed but through a combination of John not taking enough initiative more than once and Tae purposefully playing hard to get, they never entered into a true relationship.

Eventually John reapplied to Starfleet Academy in 2382 and this time due to his travel experience he was accepted. The only downside was that he now had to leave the life he had live for nearly four years behind. M'ret's general distrust of government military institutions like Starfleet always made him wary of the thought but he supported John nonetheless, despite feeling like he was loosing a brother. Tae took John's departure harder, becoming upset about it and actually refusing to speak to him for a while. Though as John returned to Federation space he managed to keep in contact with his friends and even Tae when he could get a signal out to Romulan space and not have it look suspicious.

Starfleet, Early assignment, and hardshipsEdit

With John's engineering knowledge he managed to graduate Starfleet Academy in 3 years. Throughout those years he kept in contact with his friends from before as he could but never more than messages due to the distances. As an Ensign in Starfleet he was batted around but his work paid off quickly and he made Lt.JG shortly afterward by 2386 and got an assignment on the U.S.S. Monte Carlo commanded by then Captain James Logan. It was here he'd meet some lifelong friends in the Federation that would help even to shape his own future crew. It was here that as a junior engineer he initially sketched out his custom Sovereign class designs which would later become Galahad. As he befriended Captain Logan himself and continued being good at his job he was given better positions each time. He would end up spending 5 years on that ship going from Lt.JG through to Lt.Cmdr. thanks to his work, making Assistant Chief Engineer of the Monte Carlo.

The return of Tae, Hobus, and a future that never was.Edit

A few months into his posting on Monte Carlo in 2386 Tae almost randomly showed up in his life again with no warning. John was shocked but extremely happy to see her again. As it turns out she had never been able to live her life quite the same since he had left.. the years being harder each one. Eventually she decided to leave her life behind to come back to him. Showing more emotion than she ever really did normally she admitted her true feelings for him, which he easily reciprocated. Their true relationship finally began then. While John never asked how she made it to Federation space or had proper credentials to get work there they began working on building something of a life when he was available. Captain Logan looked the other way several times as she even sometimes made trips to the Monte Carlo. In all truth, it was the happiest time of John's life, resulting in him and Tae planning to get married.

Then the Hobus supernova happened in 2387. Romulus was destroyed in the blink of an eye due to a serious of unusual circumstances. Both John and Tae wanted to know if their friends were still alive. Through countless searching and messages John was unable to find any information on whether M'ret was alive or not. He just never heard anything. John almost lost himself in trying to find something. Tae being there was one of the few things that kept him positive. Around this time, the two married in secret before any actual wedding took place. This is partly a knee-jerk reaction to recent events, but also something Tae cryptically suggested and never explained.

In 2388 however, with no explanation, Tae then disappeared. Leaving only one message indicating that John could never truly succeed with her around, that her presence was incompatible with the great things he could do. John tried tirelessly to contact her to find out more but never heard from her again. He was devastated. He fell into a state of depression for a while, focusing solely on work and his career. Although he eventually was able to allow himself to be relatively happy again, he always felt as if he was missing something from that day onward, and he never talked to anyone about Tae from that day on. From then on he continued his career in Starfleet and his life as it was from there. Eventually he was raised to the position of Lt.Cmdr. and Assistant Chief Engineer of the Monte Carlo. A spot however opened up that would allow him to be the Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Europa. Though not wanting to leave the assignment that gave him so much, he felt maybe a fresh start would be nice and Captain Logan agreed. So John took the posting, shortly after getting to know Captain Parks he was made 2nd officer of the ship as well.

A changed M'ret and conflict written in the starsEdit

Running away from a past like John's is a difficult thing to do. In 2392 a chance encounter with a Romulan Bird of Prey on the edge of Federation space had the Europa on an alert status as the Romulan ships weapons were charged. After being hailed it turned out the ship was being commanded by none other than M'ret. John couldn't help but wonder why he was in command of a Romulan military ship... it seemed quite out of character for him. However he was also relieved to find M'ret had survived, despite never hearing from him for almost five years now. Despite all this there was high tensions for some reason, John volunteered to go over to the ship and talk to M'ret, since he knew him, and figure out what was going on. When he went over there his meeting with his old friend soon showed that M'ret was not the man he used to be. The destruction of Romulus and a variety of events had changed him. A more frantic individual than before, his calm personality was now an slightly disturbed and manic one, as if he went from scientist to mad scientist. He had felt the sting of loss like all Romulans, now he was trying to get some compensation for it. He didn't care about the Empire or the Federation. He just wanted to help restore the order for the Romulan people, who were in a rougher position now than after the Shinzon incident. Somehow this involved him 'removing' the populace of two Federation colonies so they could be used for some experiment of his that he never explained. John was shocked, couldn't believe was his old friend was saying. He couldn't allow this to happen. Using an emergency beam out he told Captain Park was was to happen and the Europa engaged the small Romulan ship. A small space battle ensued and they damaged it enough to ward it off. M'ret left, sending a single message to John.

"We were the greatest of friends, you and I John.. we could do anything together. I will always remember you and respect you as such. Time has changed the two of us though in ways we both can never understand. Our beliefs, our ideals, they are not compatible any longer, and never will be again. History has made us enemies, and we will play that role until the end of time! The great friends who will fight to the end, our conflict will be written in the stars itself! I look forward to seeing you again old friend.. we will make history you and I..." - M'ret, a message to John, 2392.

After another 3 years had past John moved up in ranks yet again, a full Commander and now first officer of the Europa, but still Chief Engineer. On a routine patrol some runaway tachyon readings and a large power spike caused the Europa to check out what turned out to be a cloaked Romulan ship. It was a modified version of a Mogai class warbird. It was none other than M'ret again. He said fate had brought them together again, but fate would soon be changed. He had somehow gained access to a temporal device of some type, and although seeming to be working for someone the best information John had said that he wanted to change history, not just save Romulus but cause several other destabilizing events to change. It would almost seem he engineered the meeting for the purpose of having John fight him. Captain Park was away at a conference and John was in command of the Europa now. After some scans revealed the device created a bubble that transplanted it to a different temporal point it was clear disabling the ship wouldn't be enough. For safety John sent the majority of his crew to a nearby planet. His main bridge crew stayed with him, Second officer Sivak (a Vulcan), his assistant chief engineer Christine April, Chief of Science Alina Mandra, and Chief Tactical Prohm. Of those Christine had served with him on the Monte Carlo. He entrusted things to them as he beamed to M'ret's ship to stop him from traveling to the past. He found the device was massive, interconnected to the ship, and due to massive waste heat the Romulan was the only crewmen. John engaged him in what started out as a fire fight, and turned into a close quarters combat. John had learned several new tricks since Starfleet however and managed to overpower him. M'ret activated the device remotely however and it started up. Not having time to learn how to turn of the strange device, which he was sure was not of Romulan origin, he took his phaser and fired and the main control system. The device overloaded and sent a lot of energy through the ship as it generated a bubble that surrounded itself and the Europa. The targeting system had been smashed though and both ships had been shot forward from 2395 to 2408.

Sounding almost a bit like his old self M'ret actually berated John for doing something equivilant to pushing a button without knowing what it did. John made sure the device was permanently out of commission and left, leaving M'ret on a disabled ship. The Europa managed to reconnect with Starfleet, who were surprised to find the ship and the few people on it were alive after 13 years. After confirming their identities and several talks with the Department of Temporal Investigations, John was re-acclimated into Starfleet, which needed all the people it could get. The Federation was now at war.

After 2408, meeting the ACIEdit

Starfleet gave him a promotion to Captain and command of the U.S.S. Endeavor, a refit Constitution class ship and sent him to deal with all sorts of things. It took time for John and the crew he had with him to acclimate to the new times but they slowly did. Sivak eventually decided to retire from Starfleet and so John made Christine not only his chief engineer but also first officer. His crew expanded, welcoming a Klingon known as Rynar, a Bolian known as Osnim, a Betazoid doctor named Ilgra and several others.

Always watching in case M'ret would show up again, he continued his duty, did patrols, and helped in the war effort. By 2410 he still hadn't seen M'ret again, but he had reconnected with other old friends. His former commanding officer, now Admiral Logan was in command of a ship named the Arthur C. Clarke.

Out of pure curiosity John had to know.. in 13 years, what had become of Tae? He knew he should have left it alone, that it was a part of his life long gone. However, he dug up information. What he found though nearly destroyed him. While he never knew why Tae had left him or what she did after that, apparently in 2397, two years after John's disappearance she was on a transport that suffered a malfunction in the main engines that caused it to explode as it went to warp with no survivors. For two years she probably thought he was dead.. and then she died.. and John would never know why she left him. John nearly had a mental breakdown at this time going into a severe bout of depression like the one when Tae first left but a bit worse. His crew slowly helped him through and he was able to complete missions assigned to him by Starfleet. On the inside though, John was half a man.

Around this time John was taking some time of at Deep Space Nine when he overheard a conversation between a group of people on the upper balcony. He listened in to what they were saying. Something about it intrigued him. It was as if this random group of people, mostly Starfleet officers, was dealing with some very serious but interesting things. To say John's curiosity was piqued was an understatement. It was like something came along that could give him something to think about. John approached the people to learn they were members of the Alpha Centauri Institute, which was a subdivision and fleet inside Starfleet which focuses on R&D but also dealt with tactical matters. At the time they were discussing a problem dealing with a missing comrade.. who had seemed dead but there was a chance he could have been alive. John was heavily intrigued and offered his services to help them. He did join them on the mission and one Captain Dell Stolliker was rescued from a unique warp bubble of his own creation, for which John labeled him as a genius. He continued to remain in contact and helped the ACI in various matters but he had not officially joined them yet for reasons he no longer recalls.

It should be noted that meeting the ACI was something that gave John renewed purpose in life. Since his second major bout of depression he finally found something, and a group of people who gave him something worth moving on. Since meeting the ACI he has been a generally happier individual, and has been able to try and put his past behind him more as he moves on in his new life, with his new friends.

Eventually it was decided to retire the Endeavor and John was given command of a heavy cruiser by the name of the Sangraal. He had a tough time adjusting to his ship but made it work eventually. He started working on a new mystery with the ACI involving the destruction of a medical ship known as the Jarvik and another missing ship. The plot opened up a chain of events as it turned out Section 31 was directly involved and creating none other than some type of temporal engine, though its function different that it sounds. John eventually took part in the final confrontation and capture of the leader of the organization known as Grom. With him in captivity and Dr. Race rescued before he became a walking Red Matter bomb John finally decided he wanted to become more officially involved with these people and officially transferred to the ACI.

Sometime in the middle of those events he had answered a distress call from the Arthur C. Clarke to find it abandoned, crew mission. A Romulan ship attacked and the battle resulted in the Sangraal being destroyed, but its crew were saved due to a beam out to the Clarke. While Admiral Logan and his crew became MIA Logan left a lot of recommendations behind, one of which was for John to be given command of the Clarke for some reason. Later John learned before his disappeared Logan had set about doing the ultimate favor for John. He had taken his old Sovereign redesigns from back in the day and adapted them into modern designs and had John's dream ship, the Galahad constructed. Eventually it was finished, on the outside a Sovereign class ship, but on the inside, John's unique designs to the power systems and the engines could be seen. John took command of the Galahad eventually and still commands the ship to to this day. Between him and Christine the ship has been made to have one of the best engine systems in the fleet.

The Dulan IV incident, other revelationsEdit

Later John has taken it upon himself to learn what happened to the Clarke's crew. Between doing other work for the ACI and living his life as normal he had done research but came up with nothing. Eventually he got an anonymous message saying some of the crew were at a prison camp on Velar II. John decided to stage a prison break and rescued 3 of the Clarke's crew. From there they received information about more on Dulan IV. John managed to enlist the help of Fleet Admiral Allahweh Felth of Starfleet Intelligence, then in the ACI as well, and from there started working on the mystery of what was going on and to try and save the crew of the Arthur C. Clarke.

With the help of the U.S.S. Adama and the Felths, John was able to learn that Dulan IV held almost 70 prisoners from the Arthur C. Clarke. Shortly after this was learned Chief Jessica Richards got people together to form a group to help liberate those at the camp. Gathered together along with herself and John were Captains Faratok Din'Barad, Dell Stolliker, Sanek, Lt.Cmdr. Scott Culver, N'tarim, and Takerra. They formed a fire team and set out with a bold plan to raid the compound while John surrendered as a distraction.

As they arrived they set off their plan. The team holographically disguised as Romulans beamed down to the base as John went to the Romulan commander's ship. As the team worked to infiltrate and find the hostages John was interrogated by Silon before being through in a brig where to his surprise he met one of his old Romulan friends named Dren, also a prisoner. The meeting caused old memories to resurface and Dren told John the true story of Tae's departure all the years ago.. and the revelation that left John speechless, but with feelings of happiness again for a subject that for so long caused him pain: He had a daughter, who was now grown up, named Antia Liana-Tems.

With new drive and motivation John and Dren escaped their holding cell. Dren explained that Silon's objective was finding and capturing or killing M'ret who had become the architect for a sedition against Sela's Empire. While M'ret still didn't care about Starfleet and still thought of John as an enemy.. today their goals were the same. As the team found the hostages and prepared to beam them to Galahad John and Dren stormed Silon's bridge and in a face off Silon tried to kill Dren, but John caught her thrown knife and reversed it back at her. Silon's guard then showed his true colors as a sympathizer of M'ret and used the embedded knife to kill Silon. The guard and Dren then beamed away as M'ret's fleet decloaked and started tearing apart Silon's ships and bombing Dulan IV, the slogan "Remember Romulus" declared loudly. John beamed back to Galahad, ordering the ship be taking closer to the planet to beam the rest of team up.

As Galahad rammed the atmosphere the team and all tagged prisoners were secured (Scott and Takerra making it out via their Runabout) and Galahad warped away to safety. John met with his old commanding officer James Logan who thanked John after remarking on his insanity. Clarke's crew would be situated in time. Fara looked after Jessica as she had received a minor injury. She would later be reassigned to a new fleet. The rest of the team would continue on with their ACI duties, John would be commended but ordered to a couple months mandatory leave to remark upon the rash decisions that almost resulted in a diplomatic incident. The whole of Clarke's crew was released as the truth of the Empire's internal affairs issue became public.

A mission of good will, and growing friendshipsEdit

After the dust settled with the Dulan IV incident John found him back with normal ACI duties. After helping with a situation fighting parasites who were an old enemy of the Federation on the transport Woldram 1, John soon found him again becoming involved with Romulan affairs. This time though it came out out of a genuine interest to help a friend. Lt.Cmdr. Sarleya t'Rllaillieu mentioned more of her people's plight on her home world of Khazara, a neglected colony of the Romulan Empire, surviving on supply drops from Starfleet, and Sarleya's reasoning for being in Starfleet, to help her people. John's sympathy and general interest in the welfare of the Romulan people drove him to say that he could help by using his industrial replicator to make a large cache of supplies, or possibly even construct them their own replicator system (assuming it could be kept from the Empire's knowledge, lest they take it).

Sarleya couldn't be more grateful that John was offering so much, and the two started working together on the idea, a friendship becoming stronger as well. However what started out as a goodwill mission might have been pushed farther when John started to wonder if in order to keep the Empire from abusing Khazara more they might get some help from Romulans who are interested in helping those in need.. namely M'ret's seditious group, known now as Senatus Rapare (roughly translated as "To take the Senate"). John knew going down this road was a dangerous choice as he couldn't be officially involved, and M'ret would not help him.. and would need convincing to help Sarleya, who was in Starfleet. To get started though John introduced Sarleya to his friend Dren who was moved by her plight and wanted to help her. He said he would see what he could do to get M'ret involved.. but it might take more convincing from Sarleya herself.

Dren and John also discussed privately the nature of John's daughter, who since Tae's death had been in the custody of Dren. Antia was now 21 years old and technically on her own but she still worked with Dren, but out of M'ret's knowledge (whom Dren still considered a friend, but was wary of in his current state). John decided he should put the effort in to meet and get to know his own daughter, whom he never knew existed until now. It was planned he would meet her whilst also making a trip to Khazara to help build the replicator systems. Dren traveled to Khazara to see how things are for himself, in order to help convince M'ret further to help. However while there an Imperial Guard unit started watching Khazara, as if looking for something, making the situation dangerous. Not long after a random civilian bombed the Guard offices on Khazara, sparking the Romulan Guard to suspect that part of the seditious group were stationed there, and set up a blockade of the planet. Dren worked to prove the the man who did this was just a man gone crazy and not a rebel. He found evidence of this but fabricated more of his own, as he needed the Romulans to not be looking so close. When the evidence came to light the blockade was lifted but several ships remained in orbit.

John's plan was to disguise himself fully as a Romulan for his visit. He convinced Dr. Felth to deliver his large supply cache as well with the Adama. While that was happening he and Dren would help build the replicator system in secret, and also work on something Dren was curious about but wouldn't elaborate on relating to the reason the Guard was watching Khazara. John convinced Sarleya to take some time off to help, she wanted to but didn't have the luxury of a higher rank or mandatory leave. Luckily John knew an Admiral he recently saved from a prison camp who owes him.. and after an incident involving attackers from another universe Sarleya agreed to have John pull some strings to get her leave so she could go home for a while, wanting the time away. John was happy to comply.

Soon with Galahad in maintenancemaintenence refit for the two months and John's now former first officer on leave before accepting a promotion to a new fleet John and Sarleya were off. Arriving there it was clear that while the Empire was lurking around life on the world was normal. It was here that John met for the first time his daughter Antia Liana-Tems and was able to begin a true relationship with her that time couldn't give him before. John began building the replicator while Sarleya took the time to be home again, dealing with some personal and family issues as well. Eventually though John and Dren uncovered an idea of what the Empire was looking for by beating them to discovering a hidden signal under a lake bed on Khazara. After telling Sarleya, and John learning more interesting things about her he hadn't known they went to investigate finding a small abandoned research lab the now defunct Tal Shiar used for study Borg technology. Sela wanted this lab as the Tal Shiar was massively farther along in its experiments in this field than the Empire proper. While this lab wasn't the scale of the mythical Vault it still presented a danger.

However M'ret appeared wanting the lab to use in his insurrection against Sela, after an argument with John, M'ret was made to listen to Sarleya, whom until now the mad Romulan thought nothing more than a traitor.. however he soon realized he was far from correct when Sarleya revealed her ancestry to him. M'ret deeply ashamed and conflicted from here had a moment of clarity in which he was convinced to help them. John and Antia concocted a transwarp coil overload to destroy the lab entirely while Dren and Sarleya moved the ship to a safer position and M'ret distracted the Empire's ship and successfully convinced Sela's forces he was behind the lab's destruction, John and Sarleya's involvement remaining a secret avoiding diplomatic issues. After the dust settled and the Empire left Khazara now that there was nothing for them there John continued the replicator project and they enjoyed the rest of their time off more fully. The two months came to a close eventually and John returned to ACI as the Assistant Chief of the Engineering department. Sarleya eventually receiving a promotion to Commmander after a hearing and earning a new ship. The two continue their work toward a better future for the Romulan people and taking out Romulan Borg labs in order to fight the proliferation of such technology. Antia came back with John to learn more of him and his life while Dren followed M'ret to keep him in check now that he knew more truth than before, his unstable state a possible danger from now on. John has begun to communicate with more of his old Romulan friends as well.

The rise of a new Republic and saving M'retEdit

In late 2411 he began focusing more on aiding old friends and disenfranchised Romulan colony worlds outside of the scope of his Starfleet duty. At first this was when he was only on leave but he later found ways to do so when active as well, causing higher ups in Command to question his commitment. He regretfully departed ACI to join the S3 Consortium which was an attempt by him and his former first officer, now Vice Admiral Christine April, to form a non-government organization devoted to creating engineering technologies for the betterment of all. The Consortium was intended to ally elements of Starfleet with the Stolliker Advanced Engineering currently managed by former Starfleet officer and ACI member Mara Tel-Stolliker, as well as the Romulan civilian group Senatus Rapare.

Sometime following the appearance of M'ret on Khazara, John and Sarleya continued to monitor things on the Colony Aid Network they had set up with Khazara and the new industrial replicator at the center. The system was proving very useful which made it more and more difficult to keep the Romulan Empire from noticing their constituent worlds were starting to fare better and better. In the past such events had led to uprisings and divisions. Though not as a direct result of the Aid Network, several Romulan worlds took advantage of the chaos of their government and its loosening grip to secede and form independent colonies like Virinat. Other worlds would remain in the Empire, and some banded together to create a new Romulan Republic with the intention of starting over to build a new Empire better than the previous, though they started very small. Other worlds claimed neutrality though in what was feared to be a civil war. John and Sarleya for the time continued their Starfleet work and work on the Aid Network stating out of these new events. Several times they heard reports of Senatus Repare giving the Empire grief, sometimes to the benefit of would-be Republic worlds.

Despite the inevitable schism and the tenuous political situation that arose when the Republic sought alliances with the Klingons and the Federation, the Empire was more concerned with a different internal element in the now rouge Tal Shiar led by Hakeev. A series of events coinciding with the rising of a Reman separatist group led by Obisek that John and Sarleya took a small part in (both were on Brea when Hakeev fell but were more active in orbit) culminated when Empress Sela began attacking the collection of Reman ships and their Starfleet and Romulan supporters (made up of militia members in the infant Romulan Republic). This was the first time John and Sarleya had any action related to the new Republic, which they found to be off to a good start. This battle however resulted in Sela's ship to be captured by a mysterious vessel (later assumed to be Iconian) and dragged through a gate that was subsequently destroyed. The Romulan Empire fell into chaos at the loss of their executive leader but slowly restored a temporary Praetor to power and tried to salvage what they could. The Empire withdrew to heal, but the Republic continued to grow bigger with Federation and Klingon support, incidentally acting as a new bridge strengthening the unofficial cease fire in the ongoing war between the two.

As a result of the Federation and Klingon cease fire over the Republic and continued Borg threats, another venture beyond the neutral zone resulted when word from Dren to John and Sarleya, worried that M'ret might try something drastic with the Empire he was fighting in chaos over their lost leader, had done something drastic and gotten the attention of a Romulan businessman and private security contractor to the empire known as Karlen. Karlen swiftly captured M'ret and Dren and assumed control of Senatus Repare, leaving many in the group unaware leadership had changed. Karlen was actually the half-brother of John's deceased wife Tae and therefore the biological uncle of Antia. The man was dangerous and John seeking to keep Antia safe lied to keep her out of the situation while he and Sarleya mobilized in an unauthorized mission in Sarleya's ship, which she named Bloodwing in honor of her family history, to deal with Karlen and utilize a possible cure for M'ret's insanity provided by Alidar. The events were successful and Karlen was outcast as his companies fortune was routed into S3 finances through Senatus Rapare.

The Tale of M'ret tr'NaihariaEdit

M'ret was awakened from his fractured mind and finally revealed that years ago he'd developed a method of time travel allowing only a users mind to travel back. The Tal Shiar tortured him for the technology before Alidar had rescued him. M'ret, later grief stricken by the loss of Romulus testing the technology on himself in an effort to see if he could create a better timeline. He soon found that a limitation in his technology disallowed him to make sweeping changes of history due to the structure of the mutliverse and the infinite timelines inherent unless certain events changed in specific ways to allow him to create the timelines he desired. This resulted in him disabling the safety limiter and temporally jumping so much he began to damage his mind trying to force outcomes so that everything ended up better, but the Multiverse continuously fought back. Amusingly this resulted in rekindling M'ret's belief in the Elements and the sentient Universe which as a scientist he long ago derided as superstitious nonsense. Continued travel and mental damage led him to openly declaring war on Time and the Universe as he eventually reworked his changes to land himself back in the original timeline he began in resulting in his 2392 confrontation with John. From there M'ret discontinued use of the mental time travel as it failed to bring about the results he wanted, but the damage to his mind was done, he now no longer thought linearly and could only see certain goals and lost perspective to the world around him. This resulted in him buying a different time machine device from Mr. Park based on unknown alien technology that would allow him to physically time travel, which he hoped would allow him more freedom to alter things since he need not go only where he existed previously. This plan was cut short by John in 2395 (see above). After M'ret's time device was destroyed and he found himself stranded in 2408 he scrapped together what technology he could and used his knowledge to start the underground sedition movement known as Senatus Repare.

M'ret no longer having access to direct time travel, and no longer satisfied with any of the results from his mental time travel experiences left him seeking a new way to improve his world. His mind was still mentally fractured from the effects of his uninhibited time travel thus allowing him to only see specific ideas and never consider the big picture or other people. He decided to move his war against the Universe to a war against the Romulan Empire, seeking to destabilize it in retribution for the damage they had caused him. Ultimately he planned to use resources of theirs in the chaos to recharge his time travel fueled conflict. His following eventually grew, made up of militant and extremely dissatisfied civilians and former military members of the Empire, some of which chose to join Senatus Repare preferring the direct action to just seceding or forming new governments like the Republic eventually would. No one fully trusted M'ret, who scared many of his followers but they felt he had the charisma necessary to allow them to achieve something. M'ret eventually ran into Dren again who tried to calm his old friend and speak reason to him, but such was impossible in the man's state. Dren decided to follow M'ret to act as a surrogate conscious since M'ret in his more lucid moments listened to the advice of his old friend. This eventually led to the events of Dulan IV (described above) where M'ret's armada decimated the Imperial prison camp there after John and the ACI rescued the crew of the Arthur C. Clarke. Afterward M'ret came into direct confrontation with John on Khazara where learning he was in the presence of the descendant of Ael t'Rllaillieu reverted him to a short term lucid state where he was willing to help them keep a Tal Shair research lab out of Sela's hands. It is possible his lucid state was also a result of learning about John's daughter from Tae whom he'd never learned about, as Dren kept her existence a secret from him at Tae's request. He became less outwardly hostile toward John but their friendship was still in tatters so he basically ignored him from then on.

Afterward John and Sarleya managed to save him and Dren from Karlen, John injected Alidar's psycho cocktail (as John called it) which regulated chroniton damage to the neural pathways. This was a temporary fix as M'ret was still brain damaged by the time travel, he needed constant medication to remain lucid and it gave him headaches and a depressed mood but he could not think straight for the first time in an objective 20 years, which turned out to be a subjective 56 years by M'ret's calculations (the mental time travel negating any actual aging, M'ret was physically still only a few years older than John). Though their conflict technically over, John and M'ret only halfheartedly reconciled. His story did a lot of quell John's anger but there was a lot John couldn't forgive, and M'ret didn't blame him. M'ret gave up control of Senatus Repare to the S3 Consortium shifting its focus away from sedition. This caused many of the militant members to leave the group and eventually go to the Romulan Republic Militia. Though the remaining segment of Senatus Repare added legitimacy to S3 to get Starfleet on board, it soon became clear the organization was hollow after many left it and M'ret didn't want to actively be involved anymore. This would lead to trouble for S3's future. M'ret supposedly went to work repairing what was left of his life and hasn't spoken much to John since, though John hears things via Dren and Alidar.

Aftermath of the Karlen mission, lifestyle changesEdit

Shortly after dealing with Karlen and M'ret, Starfleet got severely annoyed with John and Sarleya being involved in yet another unauthorized mission into Romulan space beyond their jurisdiction. This time the damage was limited to civilians unaffiliated with the Empire and therefore the Federation did not have as much clean up to do as they did at Dulan IV. There were repercussions though: Sarleya was to be given a court martial and lost command of the Promethus-class Bloodwing. The news of the rapidly building Romulan Republic had however already determined her next action. She resigned from Starfleet and went on to become a senior member in the Republic Militia. This also effectively ended her involvement in the ACI. John went back to work at S3 but Starfleet wasn't done with him either.

Shortly after the Starfleet support in the S3 Consortium was withdrawn due to the Romulan element being less than useful and the new alliance with the Republic providing a better alternative. As a result the organization split up and what remained of S3 resided in a small flotilla commanded by Vice Admiral Christine April. Fleet Admiral Quinn, tiring of John's more frequent actions near Romulan space ordered him away from the neutral zone indefinitely and reassigned his ship to Deferi space. John, not wanting to be forced away from the Colony Aid Network or the people he cared about any longer, decided to resign his commission. Despite Command's plans the U.S.S. Galahad went under the command of Vice Admiral Christine April (who used to serve as the ships chief engineer) due to sly legal maneuvering by John and Christine. Admiral April now uses the ship as a research vessel with a joint Starfleet and Civilian crew for one of the last remaining engineering aspect of the old S3 initiative. This ironically (but not unexpectedly) allows John regular use of the ship as he once had despite his civilian status.

John decided to utilize his new civilian freedom to take a year to go into Romulan space to help more directly with the colony aid network and spend time with Antia, Dren, Alidar, and the Twins. M'ret was not involved as he was still piecing together his own life. As a result the Federation has no record of anything John did in the year of 2412.

In mid 2413 John made his return to Federation space and with S3 no longer existing as it had intended, he reapplied to ACI to serve as a civilian consultant. He rejoined and kept himself busy with mostly regular tasks and not getting involved in big events. It could be said after the Karlen incident John was looking for a much calmer lifestyle now. His return to Federation space also allowed for his daughter, Antia to continue her exploits on that side of the galaxy whilst having a place to visit in ACI-01 while John was there. John also does some unspecified and unregulated work and trade outside the Federation's knowledge. It is not believed to be anything of concern or import. He also introduced ACI to VADM Christine April who joined to give her full services once S3's remaining projects ended, which allowed John use of Galahad again from time to time. He also led Romulan Republic engineer Rekar tr'Keirianh to the ACI to expand his knowledge of non-Romulan cultures and act as an expert in Singularity theory.

An Uncertain FutureEdit

Eventually John's past finally caught up to him. He began to notice that the random issue of the accelerated aging was returning on him, but unlike his hand before, now it was all of him. Knowing he was running out of time, he put some affairs in order. Then when he suddenly had a massive aging spell on ACI-01 the rest of the fleet learned about the issue and tried to find a way to fix him. Tracking down M'ret they learned the Romulan also suffered from it, and it was directly related to the time jump the two took (their proximity to the device causing it, hence why Christine is unaffected). M'ret had lived through countless timelines trying to find a way to fix them both already and eventually decided that for the timeline he thought needed to occur, that it was a necessary punishment for all he did. He resigned himself to his fate and offered something to ACI to help John as best he could. In the end, all it was was a means to put John in cryostasis, until such time a solution could be found.

List of known Romulan acquaintences (past and present)Edit

Sarleya t'Rllaillieu

Alidar ir-Elehu tr'Hilian

Isha ir-Elehu (deceased)

Tae Liana (deceased)

Antia ir-Liathis Liana-Tems

Dren ir-Liathis

M'ret i-Ihhliae tr'Naiharia

The Twins (Kalad & Kaol)

Rekar ir-Mirhassa tr'Keirianh

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