Last Name:McConnel
First Name:Zack
Middle Initial:F.
Home World:Earth
Profession:Starfleet Officer (Sciences)
Academic History and Distinctions:

  • Robert Bateman Secondary class of '08
  • Starfleet Academy class of 2400, was considered but ultimately ejected from the Vulcan Science Academy

Starship Class:(currently) Akira class Heavy Escort
Starship Registry:USS Bannockburn C, NCC 94890-C

Brief Biography:

October 15th, 2010. Zack McConnel was walking home from work one morning. He passed a small house that has a strange buzz and a dull purple glow emanating from it. Curious, he went to investigate. He knocked on the door, but there was no response. Trying the door, the knob was cold to the touch. Suddenly the door flew off its hinges and he saw some sort of portal for a split second before he blacked out and woke up on Utopia Planetia. He spoke to the commander of the shipyard who explained that the year was now 2400, then an Admiral who debriefed him on his trip from the past. Finally, he spoke with a counsillor, who recognized his potential and recommended Starfleet as a career path. Thoughtful in most situations, but not afraid to do something spontaneous that "might work if we're lucky", Zack has proven himself to be a very capable captain.