T'Na Lon
Full Name T'Na Lon
Gender Female
Race half Vulcan, half Betazoid
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Rank Candidate-Associate
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Balance
Player netbiker

Personal DetailsEdit

T'Na Lon was born of Sinel, a Vulcan Ambassador to the United Earth Government, and Jemma Lon, Betazoid Cultural Attaché on Earth. She grew up in various boarding schools in Switzerland, near Lake Geneva, and studied at Geneva University, majoring in Psionics and Paranormal studies, with a minor in Engineering.

She lost her parents when the ship that was carrying them back to Vulcan for a vacation was attacked by Klingons. This prompted her to join the Academy, where she showed great tactical ability.


Academic History and Distinctions:Joined Starfleet Academy at 18 for basic training, graduated as a Lt. three years later. Worked twice as hard through school and the Academy because she refused to shift the balance in her favour by using her telepathic powers. Now serving her first commission as Acting Captain of the USS Balance.