Last Name: Khitomer
First Name: Vahs'ak (Nickname Kit)
Middle Initial(s): D. S.
Species: Romulan / Klingon Mixed Breed
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Home World: Khitomer System
Profession: Star Fleet Officer
Character Rank: Lt. Commander
Service Record:

  • Graduated Starfleet Academy - San Francisco with Honors 2405
  • Security Team: U.S.S. Virtue
  • Assigned to Starbase 24 in 2406 and attached to the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps - Linguistics and Intelligence Division
  • 2407 decorated for heroism after a six month period engaged in (classified) under the direction of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps
  • 2408 received first real starship Command responsibilities as the Commander of the USS Serendipity.

Starship Class: Centaur - Light Cruiser
Starship Registry: (System Error - Security Protocal Alpha)
Brief Biography:

Lt. Commander Vahs'ak D'Delak Sirella Khitomer was born roughly during the year 2384 during the first years of the Klingon occupation of the Khitomer Star System during the Klingon / Romulan war. Vahs'ak she is the daughter of Kleg son of Drex of the House of Martok; who took her mother as a war bride during the occupation. The only significant clue to Vahs'ak's relationship with the House of Martok is hidden within her DNA and secreted in one of her two middle names. Following the Romulan tradition of naming Vahs'ak was gifted with the name D'Delak (which is a sort of Romulan short bow - an ancient weapon) and Sirella (the name of Martok's beloved wife and the grandmother of Kleg). Clearly Vahs'ak would not have received the gift of such a significant name if her mother did not hold deep significance within the heart of her father Kleg.
During the occupation a series of circumstances resulted in Vahs'ak being secreted out of the Khitomer System along with thousands of other war refugees. The Romulan freighter upon which she was being carried was badly damaged during the transit and would have been destroyed altogether (ironically by a Klingon Bird of Prey piloted by Vahs'ak's own Uncle) had it not been for the interference of a Federation starship, the U.S.S. Virtue.
Twelve Romulans were brought aboard the U.S.S. Virtue and offered sanctuary within Federation space until the end of the war. Among these was the infant Vahs'ak.
With no family and none of the Romulan survivors claiming custody of Vahs'ak and little beyond her name and system of origin within the databanks of the lost Romulan Freighter, it was determined that Vahs'ak would be raised by a foster family on Starbase 24.
Over time Vahs'ak matured to be beautiful, supremely confident and charismatic, intelligent and a bit gregarious. Her adopted human parents observed that in appearance she was almost always mistaken for a Vulcan, at least until her schoolmates got to know her and realized how boisterous and uncharacteristically emotional she would behave in comparison to the actual Vulcans on the station. Vahs'ak passed the entrance examination into the Starfleet Academy on Earth with flying colors and graduated with honors. Likely she would have managed a starship command of her own right out of the academy based on her academics alone however her mercurial nature and occasionally violent outbursts set her back. Her parents called in a few favors which managed to gain Vahs'ak an assignment as a young Lt. in the security department aboard the U.S.S. Virtue, the very starship responsible for her rescue all those years ago. Vahs'ak spent a little more than a year working as the usual "red shirt" sent down with away teams into dangerous missions. Boldly going where no human had gone before gained her each leg broken on different missions, a fractured collarbone, six different instances where she experienced broken ribs and a half dozen episodes where alien life forms either attempted to possess, eat or mate with her. Perhaps out of mercy the Head of Security for the U.S.S. Virtue agreed to an assignment to the Diplomatic Corps based out of Starbase 24. There Vahs'ak spent several years working as a liason and involved in some sort of covert activity which remains classified.
Recently Vahs'ak was promoted and granted her first command as Lt. Commander in command of the U.S.S. Serendipity.