Captgroms31 char

Grom, a Keskian male in 2409

Keskians are a sentient humanoid race from the planet Keska IV. Keskians have a unique language that cannot be translated 100% by the universal translator. Consequently, Keskian’s will “purr” from time to time. They are also extremely shy and reclusive, though outgoing and almost boastful when they believe they have the upper hand or are involved in a breakthrough or discovery.

Drawn to service industries, or those where honesty is a paramount trait, Keskians will usually be found as medical or science personnel, security officers, religious leaders, etc. Keskians will rarely — if ever — be found as gamblers, cheats, law-breakers, or similar paths.

Keskians are generally hairless, with ridged skull with stripes and long cranial bones. Their skin is pink, often very bright, and they have wholly black eyes. They also have wide, flat noses and double arched eyebrows. Their hands are claw-like with long nails. .

Keskians have unique "gills” created with vented ears and neck adjustments, the source of their "purr". They also "weep" from ducts near their ears rather than their eyes as is common with many humanoid species.


Keskians were created by @MJRigg for use as NPCs in several ACI episodes. More on their species can be found at the Fontana Foundation website.