Shandra Jerro
Full Name Shandra Jerro
Gender Female
Race Joined Trill
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Captain
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Ship(s) USS Union
Player Zenosis

Symbiotes Name: Jerro

First Name: Shandra

Species: Joined Trill

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Home World: Tiliius Prime

Profession: Engineer

Personal History:

      Shandra was born and raised in the Gheryzan province in the Eastern hemisphere of Tillius Prime in the year 2374, her mother worked at Gheryzan Hospital as a Doctor aiding with the various long term mental ailments of long term patients. Her father was a crewmember of a small independent freighter that went missing without trace when Shandra was Six years old.


2382: Unfortunately Helena, Shandra’s mother developed health problems in the year 2382 and after schooling Shandra ended up taking more time looking after her mother leaving her dreams of following her father into space by going to Starfleet Academy and joining Starfleet so she could explore the galaxy on hold, in 2396 Shandra’s mother died of her illness her will stating that Shandra must leave the planet and live her dream rather than remain behind and take her mother’s place in the Hospital.

2396: Shandra came to the Academy full of wonder and the excitement of leaving home for the first time, to begin with she struggled with her studies but her engineering tutor François Dupuis saw the sparkle in Shandra’s eyes when he was teaching the basics of Warp Core mechanics and theory, He took her under his wing and began to give Shandra the support she needed to keep up with the rest of the class, he could see she had the makings of a Starfleet Officer although others put her down as un-intelligent and slow.  The first year was a struggle but by half way through the second year she was in the middle of her class when it came to the aptitude scores further rising in her Engineering Scores being in the top five of her year. His tuition steered Shandra towards engineering meaning she joined the other cadets who intended on becoming the future engineers of Starfleet.

2398: Shandra was summoned back to Trill by the Trill Symbiosis Commission due to a Symbiote requesting to be joined to Shandra by name.  Too this day the Symbiosis Commission does not know how Jerro (the Symbiote) knew about Shandra. Meaning she ended up taking 6 months out of the Academy, but the Academy Admiralty accepted she would return although this was an unusual situation.

2399: Shandra returned to the Academy using the name Shandra Jerro, she had successfully be joined. She finished her studies still in the top 3 in Engineering Scores, with in the top 10 in Science but near the bottom in tactical concerns, She was assigned as an Engineer on a Shikahr class Frigate USS Albatross gaining the position of Chief Engineer two years later, then She was reassigned to the USS Union NX-93281-C a Celestial Class Cruiser (Galaxy Class variant with extra Armouring)

2403: she gained a promotion to Captain and was assigned the command of a Captured Terran Empire Ship give the name USS Union NX-93281-D as the Union C was reassigned to Academy Cadet training and renamed USS Unity.

2405: Unfortunately the Union D was destroyed in a Borg attack with the loss of 282 crew, Shandra Jerro lost her command status while an investigation was carried out, and this investigation found no fault with how Shandra had dealt with the situation and took into account the injuries she herself had sustained in the attack.

2405-2408: Shandra became a tutor in the Academy teaching basic Warp Theory to non-Engineering cadets due to the knowledge from one of her previous hosts. 2406: Earned the position of Starfleet Diplomat. after Completing negotiations to bring peace to the Nagram Republic.

USS Union E Flyby

USS Union NX-93281-E

2408-Present: Shandra Jerro has returned to a command position on board the USS Union NX-93281-E an Odyssey class Operations Cruiser. She is also the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Starbase ACI-01 and a Federation Diplomat.

Medical Notes: Shandra suffers from a very rare condition which means her Trill markings became very sensitive when she was joined, especially on her legs, they become inflamed and irritated when Shandra wears trousers, and so all her Clothing options are skirts, even when she is on away missions.


Symbiosis Commission Database:

Due to corruption within the Symbiosis Commission database the only known hosts are the previous four hosts and the current host: they are listed below in Chronological order:-

Jeremiah Jerro: Male, Warp Theorist, little more is known about this host.

Dortha Jerro: Female, Family wife with an interest in local wildlife of Trill, was severely injured in a fall while on expedition in the mountains, unfortunately her injuries were fatal and the Symbiote was returned to the Symbiote pools on trill to recover.

Albur Jerro: (25 years after Dortha) Male, Freelance Merchant was at K7 during the Tribble incident but never actually met Captain Kirk. Returned to Trill when his health deteriorated and the symbiote had to be removed, meaning Albur died surrounded by his family.

Kaitlyn Jerro: Female Scholar on Trill never left the planet, died of old age with her family   Shandra Jerro: 2398 to present, summoned back to Trill in her third year of the Academy at the request of the Jerro Symbiote.