Lenara Jern
Full Name Lenara Jern
Gender Female
Race Trill
Class Engineer
Rank Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Fleet Rank Admiral
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Fortuna
Player Aneira


LCARS Personnel fileEdit

Name: Lenara Jern

Rank: Vice Admiral

Position: President, Alpha Centauri Institute

Race: Trill (Joined - Jern Symbiont)

Host age: 42

Symbiont age: 253

Host informationEdit

Born: 2367, Trill homeworld

Biography: Lenara was born in a small village not far from the Tenaran Ice Cliffs that existed primarily as a tourist destination for seeing them. Despite the apparent beauty of the location, she seldom ventured outside. She was far too interested in gadgets and learning to spend much time looking at silly ice cliffs. This desire for learning paid off in the end, but not for many years. Her early childhood was rather lonely, but she didn't mind since that just allowed her more time to break things and try to put them back together again. By the age of 10, she was no longer breaking things, but improving their functionality. She found her true calling in secondary school when she began to study starship engineering. This eventually lead to a scholarship to the TSC and later to academic excellence culminating in her thesis on improving the stability of warp fields. Her ability was finally recognized officially with a Jalhal award. It was not long after that she was granted the right to a joining with the symbiont Jern - a privilege none in her family had ever attained. She could not have anticipated the results of that. The immediate influx of knowledge was nearly overwhelming. She was determined to take her knowledge and skill and put it to good use. She joined Starfleet perhaps a month later, and the rest is a matter of service record.

2383 - Entered Trill Science Commission

2387 - Earned Bachelor's equivalent - engineering

2389 - Earned Master's equivalent - warp field theory

2389 - Granted Jalhal Academic Achievement award for thesis on stability of warp fields.

2389 - Granted joining with Jern symbiont

2390 - Entered Starfleet Academy

2393 - Completed Academy ahead of schedule, given rank of Ensign and assigned to USS Pandora as a warp field engineer

2395 - Promoted to Lieutenant

2396 - Reassigned to USS Artemis as chief engineer

2396 - USS Artemis assigned to Alpha Centauri Institute (ACI)

2398 - Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander

2399 - Reassigned to USS Hera as chief engineer

2400 - Completed Commander training, promoted to Commander. Given first officer position of USS Hera.

2401 - Given command of USS Demeter

2404 - Promoted to Rear Admiral and given vice presidental position at ACI

2408 - Promoted to Vice Admiral and given presidental position at ACI due to departure of previous president