Last Name: n/a
First Name: Ixara
Middle Initial: n/a
Species: Liberated Borg (human-like, original species undetermined)
Age: Uncertain, but appears to be perhaps 25-30
Gender: F
Home World: Unknown
Profession: Tactical operations, but still trying to find her place in a world free of the collective.
Rank: n/a - Civilian
Academic History and Distinctions: None
Service Record: None
Starship Class: USS Nautilus
Starship Registry: NCC-
Ixara, as she has come to be called by the crew of the Nautilius, was found abandoned by the Borg on the planet LX-183 (an L-class planet in the Delta Pavonis sector). It quickly became clear that she was in a shutdown mode when she was found. Interested in furthering the Federation's understanding of the Borg, the crew of the Nautilus took her on board. She was restrained, and revived. Much to everyone's surprise, she seemed confused instead of hostile. She spoke as a Borg, but seemed lacking in instructions from the collective. It was soon discovered that her link to the collective had been severed by a severe blow to the head that destroyed her communications system. She has remained aboard the Nautilus as the ship returned to Federation space. Since she is not hostile and not connected to the collective, she has been released from her restraints and serves as a member of the crew of the Nautilus, using her knowledge of tactics gained from her time with the Borg to the ship's advantage. This has proved invaluable at times, but other times have been incredibly frustrating. Ixara typically assumes that Starfleet personnel have similar adaptive abilities and nano-probes. It is important to note that many of Ixara's Borg implants were too deeply embedded to be removed. She remains particularly Borg like in appearance, and will likely remain so for the rest of her life. As with all Borg, Ixara will adapt. Captain Sabin of the Nautilus has additionally recommended that she acquire a job and apply for Federation citizenship. This will help her adapt to her new life. It is his recommendation that has led to her eventual application to the ACI. Her knowledge of Borg systems could be essential to the understanding of many Delta quadrant discoveries.