Patrik Hunter
Pat SRR-Uniform
Full Name Patrik Hunter
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Captain
Fleet Rank Commander
Fleet Position Former Deputy Chief of Staff - ACI Diplomacy Corps
Ship(s) USS Sanctuary
Player Patarival

Patrik Hunter is the son of a very influential British politician. He joined Starfleet relatively late but ascended rather quickly through Starfleet ranks - which is rumored to be more the handiwork of his father than his own.

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Profile Edit

Haircolor Dark Brown
Eyecolor Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 182 cm
Weight 68 kg
Scars None
Tattoos None
Age 33 (Earth years)
Origin Southern England
Place of Birth Geneva, Switzerland

Personality Edit

His Starfleet file might be summarized by one word: average. It appears as if he doesn't excel in anything. His psychological profile suggests, however, that this is conscious behavior rather than due to limited abilities.

Especially when he was younger, Patrik seemed to be fairly lazy. Always just doing what needs to be done. This suggests that he might actually be quite more capable.

Patrik is known to be generally in high spirits. This frequently annoys the people around him as it sometimes looks like that he doesn't care. Nothing could be further from the truth as he is a very caring individual but prefers not to demotivate people but rather to perk them up. He is very thoughtful (even to the point of carefully thinking through everything he says so as to not harm someone's feelings) and handles conversations very diplomatically.

In stark contrast, he is a very strict captain but never crosses the line of being unfair, unfriendly or even uncaring. His also known to be "a great guy" off duty and well liked both on and off duty by his crew. He also enforces a strict dress code (his Bajoran officers are not even allowed to wear their traditional earrings while on duty).


Patrik's biological mother died giving birth, leaving him with two older brothers. His father remarried and had three more sons with his new wife. This makes him the third child of six Hunter sons.

Father Edit

  • Dr. James Hunter
    A former doctor of physics and now a very influential politician on Earth with ties to Starfleet command.

Mother Edit

  • Dr. Elena Asaltar-Hunter (deceased)
    First wife of James Hunter and a renowned archaeologist. She died while giving birth to her third child, Patrik.

Stepmother Edit

  • Gwyneth Knight-Hunter
    Second and current wife of James Hunter and a successful attorney-at-law.

Brothers Edit

  • Jack Hunter (imprisoned)
    Patrik's oldest brother once was a successful merchant with his own trade empire but got tangled up in some shady business. He currently serves his sentence on one of the penal colonies.
  • Dr. Graham Hunter
    The second of the Hunter brothers became a physician and surgeon. He has his own private practice on Earth.

Half-brothers Edit

  • Edward Hunter
    Patrik's younger half-brother and oldest of Gwyneth's sons is now, like his father, a politician. He is the owner of several holiday resorts on Risa.
  • Jeremy Hunter
    The middle child of James' second wife is a brilliant young scientist who is working with his team on an undisclosed remote world.
  • Daniel Hunter
    The youngest child of the Hunter family followed Patrik and has enlisted with Starfleet and is currently a fourth year cadet in Starfleet Academy.

Biography Edit

Childhood and early life Edit

Patrik Hunter was born in Geneva, Switzerland as his father, Dr. James Hunter, was working there at that time. Unfortunately, during his birth his mother, Elena, died. He didn't grow up without a mother, however, as his father fell in love and eventually married the attorney that was representing him when he sued the doctor that was responsible for Elena's death for gross negligence.

When the time came to choose his future career, Patrik had trouble to decide what he wanted to do. The relative wealth and standing of his father, who had become a respected politician by that time, opened many possibilities - except enlisting with Starfleet as his father never wanted any of his sons to follow a military career.

Pre-Starfleet Edit

Enlisting with Starfleet was not his first choice. In fact, Patrik tried several other career options before he decided to take the military path. He attempted - among other things - culinary school, a non-commissioned police force and even started to study to become a teacher. But nothing gave him a sense of fulfillment.

His father James, realizing that Patrik was wasting time, offered him to work for his father as a diplomatic envoy. It was a job Patrik enjoyed immensely and showed great potential. He was even on his way to become an ambassador.
But then his oldest brother, Jack, was found guilty of smuggling and illegal trading and convicted to one of the penal colonies.

This event changed Patrik and for some as of yet undisclosed reason he quit being an envoy and joined Starfleet Academy.

Life outside of Starfleet Edit

Patrik Hunter is a registered resident of both Starbase 39 and Deep Space Nine, where he shares rented quarters with a woman when not on the Sanctuary.
Not much is known about this woman as Patrik keeps quiet about her. Since he is not married and does not have any sisters it is safe to assume that it has to be his girlfriend. Neither her name nor her exact race is known.

Hobbies/Pastimes Edit

Patrik is actually a passionate actor and singer. And while he is the first to say that his singing talents are average at best, people that heard him claimed that he is actually not that bad.
His acting however has the reputation to be quite excellent.

He has an obsession with Earth history - mostly the middle ages, the late 1900's and the early 2000's but also ancient Greek, Roman, Elizabethan and Victorian eras.
With this obsession comes a fascination for stage plays and especially movies from that era.

Curriculum Vitae/Service Records Edit

Pat Hunter

Captain Patrik Hunter in his standard uniform variant after his promotion.

  • Starfleet Academy with a major in exoarchaeology
    Hunter took exoarchaeology as his major mostly because his late mother was an archaeologist and, in his own words, "it sounded exciting".
    His passion, however, was more with Earth archeology and Earth history.
  • Starfleet Academy Courses
    Completed several courses, among them: Archaeology, Creative Writing, Earth History, Interspecies Ethics, Interspecies Protocol, Survival Strategies.
  • Starfleet Command School
    Since the famous Captain Kirk cheated on the Kobayashi Maru test, there are some cadets every year that try to do the same. Few have succeeded but Hunter managed to find another cheat:
    Since he worked temporarily as a diplomatic envoy for his father prior to Starfleet Academy, he managed - with the help of his brother - to upgrade his status to Ambassador. The simulator took this into account. Ambassador Hunter was able to start diplomatic negotiations with the enemy to hand over the damaged Kobayashi Maru and thus finish the scenario without casualties.
  • Tactical Officer on the USS Palladium (NCC-94961)
    His first assignment was on the USS Palladium where he was enlisted as tactical bridge officer for third shift. During an attack by the Borg, most of the crewmembers got killed. Hunter managed to keep the remaining crew from panicking.
  • Acting Captain of the USS Palladium (NCC-94961)
    Even though Hunter wasn't the highest ranking officer alive, he was the only one that was still mentally fit for duty. He assumed command of the Palladium and managed to bring everyone that was left in a seriously damaged ship to safety.
  • Assignment to Search, Rescue & Retrieval
    It is rumored that Hunter's father wanted him out of the way of battles and made sure he would be assigned to the Search, Rescue & Retrieval task force. Another rumor is that Starfleet Command wanted him out of the way after his father made sure Hunter could keep command of the Palladium.
  • Captain of the USS Palladium-A (NCC-94961-A)
    Starfleet Command decided to disassemble what was left of the Palladium and named a newly built Centaur - that was lacking most of the systems - to USS Palladium-A and assign the remaining crew of the old Palladium to the new one. For some reason (rumors tell that it was the influence of a certain Dr. James Hunter), there were no personnel changes and Patrik Hunter remained acting captain of the ship.
    The new Palladium was reassigned to Search, Rescue and Retrieval.
  • Captain of the USS Haven (NCC-94962)
    When recommission of an old Vesper Class starship for the SRR was complete, it was named the Haven and assigned to Patrik Hunter for common Starfleet duties as well as simple diplomatic investigations.
  • Application to the Alpha Centauri Institute
  • Captain of the USS Sanctuary (NCC-94963)
    The recommissioning of the old prototype Cheyenne class heavy cruiser took longer than anticipated. It was finished by the time Patrik Hunter was promoted to Commander. It is Captain Hunter's main assignment and could be considered his ship.
  • Official reinstatement as a Federation Ambassador
    After earning back the status as a diplomatic envoy, he held before joining Starfleet, Patrik was able to successfully lead some first contact scenarios which gave him the honorary status of Ambassador.
  • Becoming a full member of the Alpha Centauri Institute
    with the rank of Commander
  • Acting First Officer of the USS Salvation on special occasions
    Captain Hunter is sometimes assigned as first officer of the Salvation under the command of Captain Tad Simmons.

Alpha Centauri Institute Edit


Patrik Hunter in his ACI uniform.

Since most of his career was presumably the handiwork of his father, Patrik decided to do something else - take his career in a direction completely without the help of his father. One day, as he was studying the recruitment posters on the blackboards of Starbase One, one special poster caught his eyes: The Alpha Centauri Institute was looking for people. He had never heard of the ACI but assumed it just wasn't something they taught at the academy and he wasn't very interested in politics (too much chance to see or hear about his father). Still, the ACI was just what he was looking for and so he immediately contacted Fleet Captain Sanek.

After filling out his application it took Hunter a while until could have his interview as the Sanctuary was occupied with Search, Rescue & Retrieval duties. He finally had his interview on rather short notice with Fleet Captains Sanek and Dr. Davin Felth. Two weeks later he was promoted to a full ACI member with the rank of Commander.

Notable Events Edit

Pre-Starfleet Edit

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Starfleet Career - Before joining the ACI Edit

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Starfleet and ACI Careers Edit

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Random facts about Patrik Hunter Edit

  • Elena, his biological mother, had decided on the name "Patrik" (Nordic spelling) before he was born
  • He doesn't mind his friends calling him "Pat" but absolutely hates it when someone calls him "Paddy" or "Patty"
  • He always considered Gwyneth, his father's second wife, his mother and thus calls her "mother".
  • Because he grew up in Switzerland he speaks German but he claims to have terrible pronunciation
  • Some people point out that his English shows a very slight Swiss accent (he doesn't think so)
  • He sometimes uses German idioms that he literally translates into English for comedic effect
  • Even though he was raised in Switzerland, he doesn't like Fondue

    Patrik Hunter's personal runabout, the Perihelion.

  • He doesn't like spicy food
  • He hates the taste of synthehol and while he does it very rarely, he enjoys an occasional Gin and Tonic when off-duty
  • He can't stomach most of the alien drinks
  • Even though he is of British origin he prefers coffee over tea
  • He begins every day with a traditional English breakfast
  • Owns a modified phaser compression pistol he got from his brother Jack when he became an envoy and still uses it
  • Still owns the Danube class runabout, the Perihelion (NCC-923408), that he used when he was a diplomatic envoy