Season 1Edit

Pilot Episode: "Escort Duty from Hell"Edit

Stardate: 87875.11 (April 9, 2010/2410)

Task Force Fontana comes under the new leadership of Commodore Mitchell Race II. An escort team made up of members of both the ACI and TFF must locate the commodore and bring him safely to his offices on Sol station. The problem? Well, the good commodore can be a bit set in his ways, demanding, and crazy. Called brash and 'Kirkian' Commodore Race takes his team on a wild goose chase, leaving the team to wonder... "Has this guy taken his medication today?" In a second-run replay of the episode, it is discovered that the "escort duty" was merely a diversion to capture a Comaloid (shapeshifting) spy. With this episode, Race becomes the new leader of Task Force Fontana and ostracizes his own son, Dr. Mitchell Race III.

Season 1, Episode 1: "Atlantis: It's Alive!"Edit

Stardate: 87899.77 (April 18, 2010/2410)

Ever since the days of Doctor Richard Daystrom and the M5 Computer, Starfleet has been reluctant to pursue another advanced computer system of its kind. As Starship systems continued to advance and the strain on the starship crew to manage those systems, the need to look at alternate means of support became evident. The Alpha Centauri Institute was selected to research and develop such a computer system. Unlike the M5 computer which was designed to replace a starship crew and her captain, the purpose of the AI was to augment the functions of the crew. The system was separated from and not allowed access to command or control of main systems, such as weapons, impulse or warp drive. However, it did have monitoring capability of those systems to which it could control and support the secondary systems as needed. Fleet Captain Cara McFerran and her ship the USS Atlantis were selected to field test the new supplemental advanced computer system. During an encounter with a Romulan ambush, the Atlantis became self-aware. At a critical moment during the attack, the self aware AI was tested its capabilities and dropped the shields. In a single alpha strike by the Romulan fleet, the Atlantis was devastated, losing almost 30% of her crew, mostly in engineering, weapons and bridge staff. If not for the sacrifice of the Chief Engineer, the Atlantis would not have returned home.

Season 1, Episode 2: "Atlantis: Voyage Home"Edit

Stardate: 87938.13 (May 2, 2010/2410)

After careful consideration, Starfleet Command decided to transfer the USS Atlantis to the ACI for further study into her supposed achievement of sentience. Captain Dell Stolliker was given command of the overall mission to move the Atlantis from Earth Space Dock to Starbase 39. The plan was to power up the ships systems and present the AI with relocation orders.

Things didn't go as planned, of course, when the AI came online and didn't recognize the orders as valid. It proceeded to act like a child during the mission, changing into various forms reflecting the personal logs of the once Captain of the Atlantis, Cara McFerran. Once the away team began to treat the AI as a child, progress was made and eventually the ship was relocated to Starbase 39.

Season 1, Episode 3: "The Shenn Conundrum"Edit

Stardate: 87943.61 (May 4, 2010/2410)

Syrlia Shenn's life has been peppered with mystery ever since her Joining. Why would a simple Trill Joining cause the breakup of a family and launch a conspiracy surrounding 'temporary hosting'? Leading up to a fateful day when Syrlia would lose her symbiont, various incidents set into motion an 'emotional split' between Syrlia and Shenn. Conflicted past memories and current emotional episodes cause pain, confusion and disjointed thoughts. Near the end of the last Atlantis mission, it all comes to a boiling point as Shenn collapses on the deck of the ship. After emergency beam-out and treatment aboard the USS Adama and Starbase 39, Dr. Davin Felth and Dr. Mitchell Race struggle to save Syrlia and Shenn's lives by temporarily transferring the symbiont into a human host... Fleet Captain Rhona Caitir.

Season 1, Episode 4:"T'Kari's Passage"Edit

Stardate: 87954.57 (May 8, 2010/2410)

Admiral Jern contacts the fleet and a few allies to inform them that her friend Ambassador T'Kari, the new Vulcan ambassador to Andoria, needs an escort to Andoria. She has been receiving death threats from an unknown source and requires protection. Several people respond to the call: FCP Cara McFerran, FCP Rhona Caitir, CAPT Dr. Davin Felth, RADM Jorek, CDR Kye, CAPT Dell Stolliker, CDR Essan Loo, and FCP Syrlia Shenn

Within a few minutes after the initial meeting with T'Kari, she falls ill. Dr Felth has her transported to his ship for medical attention. Unfortunately, despite Dr Felth's best efforts, she is too far gone.

It is eventually discovered that she was poisoned by a contact poison that had been administered via touch (a handshake). She had shaken everyone's hands to be polite, despite the fact that she was Vulcan (at least, mostly). The poison was extremely fast acting, which led those present to begin to suspect that one of them was the murderer. This became even more heated when the poison was determined to be of a type used by the Undine.

However, evidence pointed away from the internal issue when it was discovered that another "Ambassador T'Kari" had, in fact, arrived on Andoria. This was clearly an attempt by the Undine to infiltrate. Still, the question of who killed her remained, as the poison could not have been administered by this other Undine due to the timing of the arrival.

Again, attention turned inward toward those present. Eventually, the evidence pointed to FCP Cara McFerran, who also turned out to be an Undine infiltrator. She took a hostage, but was eventually subdued without casualties. She was transported to Dr Felth's ship and held in stasis for questioning.

Season 1, Episode 5: "Measure of a (Dead) Man"Edit

Stardate: 87960.04 (May 10, 2010/2410)

A strange EM pulse on a distant uncharted world sets into motion a chain of events that uncovers the most diabolically incideous -- and inadvertent! -- spy plan imaginable. Located on the distance ice world of SRM04, an away team discovers a 36 year-old Tsoong-Maddox android named "George" from whom the pulse originates. When the team discovers that the android is equipped with an alien transciever that can instantaneously absorb and transmit sensitive data, they are faced with a choice: do they destroy George to stop it, use George as a weapon against the Borg, or cripple George to dampen the pulse. In the end, they allow George to make his own decision and he sacrifices himself to prevent any further harm from befalling innocents in a long-dead conflict. Meanwhile, the inventor a perpetrator of the device, a Keskian named Dr. Noll, is arrested and remanded to SFI custody.

Season 1, Episode 6: "In Search of: Cara"Edit

Stardate: 87976.48 (May 16, 2010/2410)

FCP Cara McFerran was considered missing in action after the events of T'Kari's Passage. The ACI fleet mobilized an all out search for the Captain. Several teams formed up to look for clues as to the status of their fleet mate and friend. Through various avenues, it was discovered that Cara had been swapped out during a deep space mission in the Afehirr Nebula while on a routine mission there. The Undine had plans for her, which was to extract information about the ACI's projects, namely the Atlantis AI. At one point, Cara tried to break free, but was severely injured. The Undine, knowing that interrogation was pointless, staged a fake auction to get the Captain into Romulan hands. The Romulan's had recently taken over an ancient technological and archeological site called the Well of Ancestors. With Cara in their hands, they set about to store her consciousness in the ancient device with the hope they could then extract the information they were looking for. Unfortunately, the process would kill Cara during the transfer. With the efforts of the ACI personnel, they managed to track down and locate Cara, rescue her and saved her life.

Season 1, Episode 7: "A Time and a Place"Edit

Stardate: 88009.36 (May 28, 2010/2410)

Captain McFerran was safe, but at a great cost. Captain Dell Stolliker and the USS Highwind were presumed destroyed and missing in action until sometime later a trade vessel passing near the Rator System discovered some unusual readings in the area. After careful study by a team from the ACI, they quickly surmised the likelihood that Dell might still be alive, trapped in a warp bubble of his own creation as an escape mechanism.

A rescue team was put together and they made their way to the Rator system and the unusual readings that were found there. Several ships were able to triangulate the warp bubbles position, which allowed them to open up a breach in the warp field. This allowed an away team to beam in and attempt a rescue. Upon entering, they discovered not the USS Highwind, but a barren landscape with Dell huddled into a ball and muttering to himself.

The situation appeared to be a self created living hell as several key moments from Dell's past presented themselves. First was his father, as they fought over Dell's future. Next came Vadim, a friend of Dell's who was lost during an accident, but the Captain felt responsible for. An image of Cara McFerran and then Syrlia Shenn who also continued the message of the failure of Dell. Lastly, a shadow of Dell himself appeared, who wanted nothing more than to let Dell die in the living hell he had created.

Lyris, a member of the away team, believed if they could show and prove to Dell that he was forgiven and loved, then maybe he could break loose from his self-imposed prison. As the team began the process, the shadow of Dell transformed into Counselor Nyssa, who encouraged them to continue. Finally, as the warp bubble collapsed, the away team found themselves back on their ships and the Highwind floating dead in space. Dell was alive and well, unconscious on the bridge of his ship.

Season 1, Episode 8: "The Hexagon Action Parts I"Edit

Stardate: 88061.41 (June 16, 2010/2410)

An allied fleet suffers a catastrophe when three ships are mysteriously destroyed near the Klingon boarder. Branded "The Jarvik Disaster," the ACI goes to the rescue of Task Force Fontana, which is now short-shipped, short-handed, and short-staffed. As some members of the ACI move to fill in blanks for Fontana, others embark on a risky mission to uncover the truth behind the Jarvik Disaster and the mysteries that continue to unfold around it.

It's not long before the ACI investigators discover that USS Agincourt, one of the escort ships assigned to the Jarvik was /not/ destroyed in the attack. The ship is now listed as missing and a galaxy-wide search ensues for the missing vessel and her crew. Meanwhile, a mysterious agent from Starfleet Intelligence (Captain Grom, a Keskian) -- and suspected to be Section 31 -- appears and starts asking questions about Fontana's leadership and former leadership.

Meanwhile, mysterious Vulcans appear and begin asking questions. S.I. agents move in, believing these Vulcans to be Tal Shiar agents for the new Romulan Empire and blaming them for the destruction of the Jarvik. Evidence, however -- and according to these strangers, seems to point to some kind of Dominion threat.

As the snare begins to close around the ACI and Fontana, the ACI investigators themselves set up a trap to capture the insidious Captain Grom. As the noose tightens, things go from bad to worse as members of Fontana are targeted and eliminated. First, an engineer named Lawrence Reiser, who worked on something called "The Hexagon Project" is murdered. Then, an innocent Trill named Drenna Kex is trapped in a baryon sweep aboard the USS McKellar (Dell Stolliker's ship). She just /happens/ to resemble Shenn.

Finally... in the cliffhanging moment, it seems Commodore Race, the TFF's commander, is gunned down inside a malfunctioning holodeck.

Season 2Edit

Season 2, Episode 1: "The Hexagon Action Part II"Edit

Stardate: 88088.81 (June 26, 2010/2410)

Things begin to look glum for the future of Task Force Fontana. One by one the fleet's former -- and present -- leaders are being hunted down and eliminated. Fortunately for Syrlia Shenn, a devastating injury that costs her her left leg puts her out of commission for awhile. Meanwhile, a look-alike of Shenn's is murdered and Commodore Mitchell Race II is likewise murdered in what appears to be a holodeck accident.

During this, three mysterious Vulcans -- who are actually Tal'Shiar operatives -- show up near the Fontana offices on Sol Base and lay waste to the base section, killing Fontana officers and planting evidence to lead investigators to believe the Dominion (specifically the Jem Hadar) were behind the attacks against Fontana.

Dr. Mitchell Race III, the son of the late Commodore, is approached by Agent Grom (who calls himself Morg). The Section 31 captain coerces Race into anger by making comments about his father and, when the two step outside to 'settle things,' Race is incapacitated and abducted by Grom... to be used later. Around this time, Race's wife, Amanda (a confirmed Xenophobe who has never left Earth), arrives on Sol base at the behest of her husband (she is actually a target of Grom and would have been killed if not for the actions of the ACI team).

Meanwhile, the team from the ACI has enough gathered evidence to point to Grom as a murder and attempted murderer, so they plan a series of traps that eventually bring Grom into their midst. When they eventually catch the S31 operative, they not only get the man -- but the man at the top of 31 and the location of the third missing Red Matter Device.

Grom is brought to trial.... And will be found guilty of crimes against the Federation. Section 31 will collapse and the chapter of darkness will close.

Season 2, Episode 2: "Admission of Guilt"Edit

Stardate: 88113.47 - 88129.91 (July 5 - 11, 2010/2410)

(NOTE: This episode was a "repeater" and had slightly varied results. These are described with each run under "Episode" below).

The United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command have selected the ACI (and allies) to head up their first ever First Contact Mission. With Dr. Ethan Croft as the mission specialist (who held and/or gathered information about the new warp-capable species), several small units of FC Teams were prepared and trained for this mission.

Sarnus V, located in the Huratti belt between the Keskian and Kaldaari systems, is home to the Sarniri, a very special race of people who have never known war, never known struggle, and who have just made their first warp-speed voyages. The important aspect of the Sarniri is their biochemistry. The Sarniri cannot be copied by shapeshifters, comaloids or the Undine! Their DNA, no doubt, would prove a valuable scientific tool toward thwarting Undine incursion. The FC team is given the contact name of See-Brin, the warp scientist an "believer." Upon meeting See-Brin the team discovers that this very ameniable species has already met -- and traded! -- with the Klingons (DNA samples for weapons)!

The Sarniri were lead to believe that the weapons were mining tools "cutters" and that their DNA isn't nearly as valuable as it truly is. After some convincing, the FC Team leaves See-Brin to find Nik-rin, a Sarniri pilot who has traveled to Drozana station to meet a contact and make the trade. In an intense show-down the Federation team must face-off against agents of the KDF, a rogue band of mercenaries known only -- and cryptically -- as The Dark Tribunal. In a race against time, and to gain the trust of the new species, the team must stop the trade and complete the introduction of the Sarniri into the Federation.

(NOTE: This episode introduced The Dark Tribunal as a future RP tool: a KDF fleet of 'bad guys' for use in RP events such as this)

Season 2, Episode 3: "Gremlins in the Grapes"Edit

Stardate: 88264.15 - 88283.33 (August 29 - Sept 5, 2010/2410)

It's a quiet evening when Fleet Captain Shenn-McFerran receives a message from Control over at her old stomping grounds, Task Force Fontana. It seems that one of their ships, USS Gantry is in the midst of a mystery. Syrlia discovers that a shuttlecraft has departed the Gantry and is about to dock aboard Sol 1. There is only one occupant aboard, a Troian by the name of Gregnorah Fahnan (Greg, for short). Greg reports that the Gantry has been "overrun" by 1-meter tall aliens, creatures or "gremlins" as he calls them, and that the crew is under some kind of spell. Anyone who had been bitten by one of these gremlins goes into a sort of sub-catatonic state where they go about their daily routines but don't respond to outside stimuli or communication. The only other survivor besides "Greg" appears to be the Gantry's science officer, Lt. Amaria Post. With a Federation starship in route to Sol 1 -- filled with "zombified" crew and snarling little simian aliens on every deck, Syrlia must act quickly to resolve the situation.

Quickly, Syrlia gathers a team to interview the Troian, and to locate and board the Gantry to determine the cause -- and shut down -- the "infection."

Season 2, Episode 4: "Woldram"Edit

Stardate: 88346.35 (September 28, 2010/2410)

Captain Kyle Rain recovered an escape pod out in Deferi space, it’s lone occupant a deceased El-Aurian who had recorded her last moments in the hopes that someone would find the pod and rescue the survivors of the vessel she had left: Woldram-1.

Woldram-1 had apparently suffered some catastrophic event which resulted in more than a hundred deaths and left few survivors. Many of the ACI’s finest answered the call to rescue the survivors and, after a long search which took them from DS9 to the depths of Deferi space, they at last tracked down the transport ship, now badly leaking radiation. The radiation itself made it impossible to discern how many survivors, if any, were still aboard.

After using shuttles to get to the ship, the members of the ACI discovered 5 survivors: a member of the crew, an exotic animal dealer, a diplomat, a doctor, and a radiation crazed mad man. After conducting an investigation of the events which transpired aboard Woldram-1, the team discovered the cause of the deaths: creatures known as the “Bluegill”; parasitic life forms which had, nearly 50 years before hand, tried to take control of Star Fleet command. They had somehow gotten aboard Woldram-1 and had turned it into a breeding ground.

The ACI rescue team had secured the rescue of the survivors and destroyed the ship, ensuring that this particular group of Bluegill would not post a threat to anyone ever again.

Season, 2, Episode 5: "The Scavengers"Edit

Stardate: 88442.24 (November 2, 2010/2410)

ACI members and their allies are summoned one-by-one to a meeting with Admiral Shilara on Earth Space Dock. Shilara tells them that the Benzite researcher Sodock has developed a mathematical model of the multiverse that offers the promise of scanning nearby universes and establishing an early-warning system to alert Starfleet of incursions from alternate realities. Sodock's model includes predictions of a 'convergence event', an event shared by multiple realities that brings each universe into close proximity with each other. Starfleet Command believes that a convergence event is close at hand and the Admiral reveals that Starfleet has recently suffered several vicious attacks from unknown assailants. They believe the attackers are taking advantage of the event to enter our universe and scavenge technology to support a possible invasion. Sodock's work is nearing completion and his scanner offers the only chance for Starfleet to detect and stop the incursions before the attackers kill thousands, but he lacks several data samples needed to complete his model. Shilara orders the ACI to deliver the final key samples to Sodock.

Determined to stop the attacks, the ACI members meet at Deep Space Station K-7 to take possession of the crucial samples from Commander H'Rrao. Upon their arrival, H'Rrao and the ACI learn that the samples have been stolen, replaced by a device designed to hide their theft from scanners. The investigation reveals that the suspect is a Ferengi trader named Grodd, currently on Drozana Station. The fleet confronts Grodd and a mysterious woman named K'Tinga with her own interest in the samples. Forced to deal with them both, the ACI finally manages to secure the samples by a combination of force and negotiation.

The ACI rushes the samples to Starbase-39 and delivers them to Sodock, only to discover too late that Sodock and Fleet Captain Dell Stolliker have been replaced by their alternates from the Scavenger Universe. Now in possession of the samples, the alternate Sodock reveals that Sodock's work is itself the convergence event and his device provides a means of traveling between realities. With the final samples in place, the Scavengers open a portal to their reality and attackers begin pouring through onto the station.

A pitched battle ensues before the portal can be closed and new security measures put into place to prevent future multiverse incursions.

Season, 2, Episode 6: "The Acrimonious Imerian"Edit

Stardate: ??? (December 20, 2010/2410)

Ambassadors from a newly encountered culture, the Imerians, arrive at Starbase 39 for negotiations. Though difficult, all seems to be progressing according to plan until evidence of a plot against the Imerian ruler is uncovered. Deceipt and politics entwine to create a mystery for the ACI and all hands rush to prevent a diplomatic crisis.

Season 3Edit

Season 3, Episode 1: "The Light at the End of the Tunnel"Edit

Stardate: 89153.39 (July 19, 2011/2411)

The USS Babbage, a research vessel reported lost near the Romulan Neutral Zone at the height of the Dominion War, is detected by several Federation vessels in separate incidents over a period of weeks. Each appearance ends with the destruction of the Babbage by a warp-core breach and appears to be an exact replay of the previous incident, with one notable exception: Every time the Babbage appears her time grows shorter.

With the help of Commander Sodock, the Starfleet determines that the vessel is out-of-phase with this reality and is suffering a time dilation that means seconds aboard the ship are experienced as minutes, even hours, by those not aboard. The ACI goes to full alert and positions several ships along the projected location of the Babbage to await its return. When the ship appears again, an extensive compliment of the ACI's best officers and crew beam aboard in a race to sovle the mystery of the USS Babbage.

After a tense and frenzied investigation, the members of the Institute discover that the Babbage was testing sub-quantum transportation at the time of an attack that destroyed its warp core. Though they discover the cause and prevent the transporter experiment from doing further damage to subspace or the timeline, they are unable to stop the breach and ultimately must allow the Babbage's demise...just as had been recorded by history over forty years prior.

Season 3, Episode 2: "Adaptive Dealings"Edit

Stardate: 89214.85 (August 10, 2011/2411)

After departing the Federation Research Facility 297 , Fleet Captain Three of Sixteen was reported missing after failing to arrive for a scheduled meeting at Starbase 39. No signs of the captain or his runabout were seen between the facility and 39. However, the ACI received a tip from Grodd that someone on Drozana Station knew of the whereabouts of their missing captain. After tactiful measures were taking to extract the information, the ACI met with Vavimar, a Lethean mercenary in the lower decks of the station.

Vavimar had witnessed several Nausicaans working for the Nocturne Consortium ambush Three while he was negotiating the rights to the Borg debris aquired by the local salvagers. Vavimar provided the coordinates of the Consortium's vessel, the yoDjuH'a', or Fortress. The vessel was deep within Klingon territory and on route to the Hromi Cluster. The ACI managed to quickly find the vessel, disable it, and rescue a human prisoner before attracting the Empire's attention.

While returning to the neutral zone, the vessel containing the survivor dropped out of warp and began to lose power. Upon investigation, the security teams encountered a destroyed sick bay, damaged corridors, and an assimilated main engineering. The culprit, John Henry Smith, was subdued by the ACI team before causing more damage. Lieutenant Commander Smith, the captain the USS Trent, which was reporting missing over a year prior, awoke with a recollection of his situation. Having been captured by the Consortium, John, already a liberated borg, was reprogrammed to work for the crime syndicate and inflitrate the ACI. Having access to the Consortium's plans, he proved the frequency that would reveal Three's hidden runabout outside of Drozana station. After ambushing him, the Nausicaans placed him in a transporter loop aboard his runabout and masked the vessels energy signature. The Captain was found and the ACI team returned to Starbase 39.

Questions arose to why the Consortium would go through this trouble to attempt to infiltrate the ACI and not kill Three. Unfortunately, they then discovered that during these series of events, a massive fleet of Consortium vessels bombarded Federation Research Facility 297 after Annette Peters sabotaged the station and stole valuable data. A retreat, lead by Commander One of Ten, Three's first officer, aboard the newly built USS Vista, resulted in the saving of 1,254 personnel. All other freighters, cruisers, and medical ships were destroyed, along with the station. List of ships destroyed

Season 3, Episode 3: "How Present the Past"Edit

Stardate: ???? (October 3-28, 2011/2411)

((NOTE: This episode was run in four parts over the course of a month.))

In the lounge of Starbase 39, a small gathering of ACI personnel, including Three of Sixteen, Davin Felth and Jay Clarke meet between assignments. The headquarters of the ACI have been quiet lately, but the officers are soon alerted to a strange occurrence aboard the station. Unusual noises and shifting lights capture their attention and draw them to the upper levels where they discover a single member of an unknown species. Though the alien appears to be trying to communicate with them, his words are garbled and he appears unable to see or hear any of the ACI members. Readings indicate a strong gravitational field effect around the alien, but one that appears at least partially artificial, as well as enormous radiation readings of an unknown type which appears contained within a multi-spectral force field and presents no immediate danger. It soon becomes clear that the alien is suffering from radiation poisoning and the Betazoid Dr. Felth is nearly overcome by an enormous empathic sensation...the pain and suffering of thousands or millions of similar aliens, all suffering the same fate.
All attempts at communication with the alien fail but ominous clues are uncovered. Clues that indicate the ACI is responsible for the fate of the alien and perhaps his entire race. The alien vanishes as suddenly as he appeared but the investigation continues. Who are the aliens? How can the ACI communicate with them? And, perhaps most importantly, is the Alpha Centauri Institute responsible for a potential genocide?

Days later, on the still quiet Starbase 39, Rear Admiral Telev enjoys a beverage while he reviews the information submitted to him by Sodock on the most recent recurrence of the strange happenings aboard the station. Soon he is joined by Captain Raymond Leasor and Commander Sarah Kerrigan, two officers who have learned of the puzzle confronting the ACI and have been pressed into service. The three officers spend some time discussing theories regarding the force field detected by the officers present at the last encounter with the alien race, but soon the spectral alien returns, repeating its mysterious plea for help...and accusations that the ACI is responsible for its current state. Leasor and Kerrigan investigate, taking readings on the gravitational fields that startle them both and gleaning crucial information from the alien's words that point to the involvement of Telev's first starship assignment aboard the USS Tangiers. The alien vanishes as suddenly as he appeared, leaving behind more unanswered questions.

With the situation on the alien homeworld reaching a crisis, more and more ACI officers turn out to investigate the phenomena. When the alien reappears, the Institute is ready and using equipment from Sodock's lab, Six focuses a graviton beam and pierces the alien shell, bringing the alien fully into the space on Starbase 39. With communication now possible, the assembled team learns that the alien race is known as the L'si, a powerful, aggressive race from another dimension. Their planet is suffering from severe radiation poisoning, the result of the Tangiers' efforts to close a dimensional rift opened by a trinary star system. Unconvinced that the consequences of the Tangiers' actions were accidental, the alien rages against the ACI and seizes Telev before both return to the L'si dimension, leaving behind a stunned group of officers.

A week after his disappearance, a plan is put in place to retrieve the abducted Telev. While a science team aboard the USS Speedwell travels to the site of the original rift in an attempt to close it and end the radiation poisoning of the L'si world, a tactical and engineering team lead by Ilara Zhal and Leon Redfield remains on 39 in preparation for the aliens' return. This time, they learn there are two factions within the L'si government, one of which wishes to end the conflict without war. With his help, the ACI tactical team enters L'si space and retrieves the Admiral moments before the Speedwell closes the rift. The radiation is cut off, but Telev is in critical condition from long-term exposure while in L'si space and he is rushed into medical care for a prolonged rehabilitation.

Season 4Edit

Season 4, Episode 1: "The Sum of All Things"Edit

Stardate: 90831.04 (March 23, 2013/2413)

Renowned throughout Starfleet and the Federation for its research capabilities and for being a leader in scientific exchanges with new cultures and technologies, the Alpha Centauri Institute accepts a request from the Federation Council, that ACI-01, the home starbase of the Institute, be the first Federation facilities to test the integration of technologies from a new prospective Federation member, the Valisi.  More than even the Vulcans, the Valisi value logic, deduction, and science as the path to truth and enlightenment.  More than even the Bynars, they are astounding masters of computer programming and theoretical mathematics and the potential benefits of Valisi programming include multiplying standard Federation computing power nearly three-fold.  But the road to integration is rough, with many obstacles to be overcome, not the least of which is the Valisi's peculiar mix of science, logic, technology, and religion. 

In preparation for the project, officers of the ACI, including Captains Moon, Dandin Hansen, Leasor, Anoyda, and Syeisi gather on ACI-01 for a briefing from Federation Political Advisor, Mosha Telev, father of the ACI's own Admiral Telev.  Stressing the value of the Valisi programming skills, Advisor Telev makes clear that cooperation is crucial and could provide the Federation with massive advantages in computing power.  Telev's briefing is followed by further elaborations on Valisi culture from V'lak, a Vulcan liason to the Valisi government.  After all questions are answered, Bamis, a Logician Second-Level arrives on the station to begin upgrades. 

Despite concerns about security and the need to take some systems off-line during the program uploade, the project proceeds after a brief delay in order to put in place precautions.  Shortly after the upload begins, a Gorn raid takes advantage of the lapse in security and attempts to sabotage the upload.  The assembled officers beat back the raid only to discover they have been deceived by Bamis, who hopes to turn ACI-01 into a harmonic resonator that will open a rift in space which will destroy everything around it and reduce it to pure information.  The officers make frenzied attempts to subdue Bamis and close the rift but are only successful when the eject the stations power core and send it into the rift, sealing it.  The station is saved, but crippled, and in the space outside, the USS Turing and a shuttle have been destroyed, while the USS Eureka is fatally damaged. 

Bamis is taken into custody, his program deactivated, and his equipment confiscated.

Season 4, Episode 2: "Temporal Shadow Boxing"Edit

Stardate: 90831.04 (April 27 and May 3, 2013/2413)

For nearly a year, a periodic temporal storm has raged outside of ACI-01 threatening the station and its personnel.  The exact nature of the storm had remained unknownd the entire time despite the best efforts of the ACI but recent investigations uncover evidence that the Institute's enemies may be behind the storm and are using it to attack.  With the station still reeling from the Valisi incident, the hidden enemy is exposed when the Tholians mount a full-scale attack on the station.

Lead by Vice Admiral Three of Sixten and Captain Rtuza Anoyda, the ACI defense fleet beats back the first wave of Tholian ships but is caught off-guard when a second attacking wave easily repulses their initial efforts.  After a protracted battle, the station is secured but the Tholian's behavior raises suspicions.  A hastily covened task force made up of Anoyda and Captains Waller, Dandin, and Leasor reviews the battle footage and makes an astounding discovery:  The second wave of Tholian ships was identical to the first.  The Tholians were utilizing a temporal loop to repeat their attacks with the benefit of knoweldge gleaned from previous attempts.  As the team continues to investigate, they grow even more disturbed when they learn that someone on the station had transmitted details of the battle to the Tholians between the attacks.

The investigators pursue their lead and soon uncover the source of the transmission.  Captain H'Rrao, who is at that moment in a runabout headed out of the sector, is revealed as the person behind the transmission.  The captains pursue H'Rrao and soon overtake him.  Despite their accusations, H'Rrao insists that not only is he not a traitor or a spy, but that he was acting in defense of the ACI and on the orders of Admiral Clarke, a time-traveling version of the Institute's Commander Clarke trapped in the present along with his ship and crew by the temporal storm.

Scans for Clarke's vessel determine that it is currently on a course for Nukara Prime, a Tholian world.  Soon, the team catches up with Clarke who begrudingly accepts their presence on his ship.  Clarke explains that in the future he will be approached by the Tholians to help attack the ACI because they fear research being done on anti-Tholian defenses and weapons.  Clarke tells the ACI that he accepted the Tholian proposal only so that he could travel back in time to stop them and protect the Institute.  He reveals that the storm is powered by a system deep within the caves of Nukara and that he intends to destroy it, even as he insists that ACI records record his future self as a traitor so that the Tholians will consider him a potential spy. Accepting his explanation, a small squad lead by H'Rrao and Chief Dan' ro, infiltrates the Tholian network and encounters stiff resistance.  Despite intense opposition, the squad manages to deliver an explosive device improvised by Leasor.  As the detonation destroys the power source and ends the storm, Admiral Clarke and his entire crew vanish from the present, fulfilling the pre-destination paradox but mysteriously leaving their ship behind.

Season 4, Episode 3: "Contract for Death"Edit

Stardate: 90941.04 (June 8, 2013/2413)

The ACI celebrates the opening of its advanced research facility on New Romulus, a world ripe with geologic and zoological discoveries.  To inaugurate the new facility, the Institute hosts a gala for citizens of New Romulus in order to introduce them to the ACI's values, philosophy, and research goals.  The event is a success and everyone is enjoying themselves until the discovery of the body of Cerus Lovok, a Romulan contractor, is discovered in the shuttle bay.

Lovok was contracted as part of the architectural engineering of the facility and was on New Romulus to perform structural scans of the shuttle bay.  Medical exams by Twenty-Five and Admiral Three reveal that the contractor was poisoned by felodesine, a favorite poison of the Tal Shiar.  Learning that the poison was applied to the victim's tricorder, suspicion falls on his co-workers and those who traveled with Lovok to New Romulus.  When the question of motive is examined, the investigating officers, including Fleet Captain Anoyda and J'Van learn that Lovok was killed to keep him from revealing anomalous readings discovered during his work.

Examination of the surrounding area uncovers the shocking fact that surveillance devices have been implanted into the support beams of the new facility, something that could only have been accomplished during construction.  The situation grows more troublesome when the entire facility is learned to be infested with the devices, which cannot be removed due to the possibility that they are rigged to explode if tampered with.  Knowing that their every move may be watched, the ACI begins an investigation to apprehend the murderer and discover exactly who is behind the espionage.

Season 4, Episode 4: "Wormwood"Edit

Stardate: 91139.46 (July 14, 2013/2413)

Investigations into the surveillance devices revealed by the murder of Cerus Lovok continue.  Assigned to take the lead, Efrosian Captain Zhal'esha fell'Toth briefs a group of officers in operations at the ACI's research annex.  The officers, including Fleet Captain Leasor, Capt Hansen, and new Romulan Republic members Aerys and tr'Keirianh, soon learn the full extent of the espionage.  The devices have been embedded in key structural supports throughout the facility and have been booby-trapped with kelbindium, a highly reactive substance.

As the officers examine scans and brainstorm ways to remove the devices, it soon becomes clear this case of espionage is unlike any other.  The devices are minimally invasive, designed to record bio signatures only.  There is no signal intercept capability and no immediate physical threat posed by the recorders even to the beams in which they are housed.

Using the USS Avant-Garde, the assembled team manages to remove one device from its location and study it.  Tests confirm that the kelbindium used matches the isotopic signature of kelbindium originating on New Romulus.  The substance is valuable and tightly regulated by the government of New Romulus, leading the officers to believe that the Tal'Shiar is working within the Republic.  Soon, however, the evidence forces them to consider another possibility - that things on New Romulus may not be all that new.  Old habits die hard and it may be that the government of D'Tan is spying on its new guests, the ACI.

Meanwhile, leads on the murder are scarce...

Season 4, Episode 5: "Tolamek"Edit

Stardate: 91188.71 (August 1,2 2013/2413)

Following their first lead in weeks, the ACI searches out the RRW D'jinn to question its commander, Volkar about their suspect - a Romulan named Tolamek.  The botanist turned Republican diplomat confirms that Tolamek, whom Starfleet Intelligence has long believed to be a Tal Shiar agent, was on board the vessel but left it when the ship arrived at New Romulus.  Volkar informs the team that Tolamek may have been bound for Nimbus III and travels their to locate him.

In a bar in Paradise City, the away team lead by Capt Hansen, Fleet Catpain Moon and tr'Keirianh pursues Tolamek through various disguises until he is captured and brought aboard the Thiurrull, a Romulan Warbird commanded by Rhiana Llewi.  While Tolamek is restrained the team question him and he admits to planting the surveillance devices and killing Lovok on the orders of Hakeev because the ACI was promoting "dissidents" on New Romulus and encouraging rebellion against the Romulan Empire. 

The interrogation is interrupted when Tolamek's booby-trapped utility belt is discovered to be emitting a homing beacon.  Before the device can be de-activated, Tolamek's Tal Shiar partners discover his location and use hybrid Iconian-Borg technology to fabricate pattern enhancers within Tolamek's holding cell, beaming him to safety and leaving an explosive device in his place.  The bomb explodes, covering his tracks and wounding Fleet Captain Leasor. 

The mystery of Lovok's death is solved but his murderer escapes justice and the ACI is left with an a new and ruthless enemy still at large.

Season 4, Episode 6: "The Impossible City"Edit

Stardate: 91344.66 (September 27, 2013/2413)

Part 1
On ACI-01, officers and Institute members are going about their usual business when Admiral Telev calls them to conference.  There, Antia Tems, daughter of the Institute's own John McHale, makes a request for help on behalf of the government of the Romulan Republic.  The Republic is making a diplomatic push to convince Romulan colonies to join them, but one colony has refused their overtures as well attempts by the Empire to bring them to heel.  The colony maintains its independence in the face of pressure thanks to impenetrable defenses that have withstood attacks from the Tal Shiar and Elachi.  Controlled by a single city-state on the colony whose origins and builders are completely unknown, the impossible city lures thousands of colonists and immigrants with promises of utopia.  Mysteriously, those who emigrate to the city are never heard from again.  Antia reveals that she and her team of civilian specialists have visited the colony in cognito and managed to penetrate the city in question only to find it completely deserted.  Unnerved by their discovery, Antia's team escapes the city-state and brings the ACI a request from the Republican government to determine what is happening to the colonists. 

During the discussion over their response, the artificial intelligence HORUS establishes a link with probes near the planet's surface and as the assembled officers watch a vessel of unknown origins approaches and something is transferred from the planet's surface to the ship.  Suspecting that the vessel is an ally of the city-state and holds the answers they seek, the ACI moves quickly to act.  Gleaning information from the recorded footage, they make contact with the alien contractor who helped build the defenses.  An acquaintance of Antia's he provides the team with information on how to circumvent the defenses.  With the information in hand, the ACI splits into teams.

Part 2 An infiltration squad made up of H'Rrao, Keval th'Loran, Iriori t'Keirianh, and Dr. Moon boards the suspect ship using Peregrine fighters.  There they find massive computers and tremendous stored energy that upon examination appears to be highly complex and bio-neural in nature. Their investigation is interrupted by the presence of Romulan colonists who attack without warning.  The squad subdues the attackers and discovers the bodies left behind are entirely drained of neural energy, making them little more than biological puppets. 

Meanwhile, on ACI-01, a science team composed of Sybell Nesara, Shail Arguei, Jay Clarke, and Ehou Asnov work on circumventing the city's shields.  When they succeed, a reconstituted team of Shail, Nesara, Keval, and Asnov beam into the city where they initially find only empty rooms. HORUS, brought along on a portable device, observes that the readings are consistent with those on the ship.  Shortly after, Nesara is quickly overcome with the sensation of hundreds or thousands of people nearby, but no one is visible.  Gradually, her impressions resolve into glimpses of memories and thoughts tinged with happiness and a touch of fear.

Once connected to the systems, HORUS confirms their basis as neurological data, as if the minds of many people have been digitized and stored there.  Following their lead and continuing to explore, the team soon comes to a main room where they encounter a lone individual standing near a large reservoir-like structure. This man is unreadable by Nesara but appears utterly calm and relaxed despite being surrounded. 

Under questioning by Shail, the man reveals he is the proprietor of the installation.  Calmly, he explains how all the people who came to the city were made extremely happy by believing they would be given everything they need to live fulfilling lives, their minds were them removed from their bodies and stored so the members of the man's race, which are an evolutionary off shoot to Devidians, can feed on them. The man, who now calls himself a Gourmet, explains that the more evolved a species, the more difficult to feed on the mind, but simple carbon based lifeforms like most of the Federation have a large range of emotions, and happiness is what many of them find delicious. The away team already disgusted enough at this man keep talking while Horus weaves his way into the cities computer system and finds a way to offload the minds somewhere else. Realizing the city project has failed the Gourmet decides to leave, for a brief second his true form is seen as the physical body collapses and dies. The city's structural integrity then fails and it starts to collapse.  The team beams out, leaving the city abandoned but the orbiting defense system intact and an intense political debate between the colony and the Republic just beginning.

Season 5Edit

Season 5, Episode 1: "Convergence"Edit

Stardate 91642.89 (January 14, 2014/2414)

Sodock of Benzar, the theoretical astrophysicist who developed a quantum spectrum scanner allowing the Federation to map nearby quantum realities, has been missing for nearly two years.  In recent months, multiple reports of encounters with someone who might be Sodock have begun to flow into ACI command with increasing frequency, leading many familiar with Sodock's work to conclude that another convergence event is on the horizon.  The last convergence nearly destroyed Starbase 39-Sierra when invaders from the Scavenger Universe attempted to flee their decaying reality.  Knowing well that the next convergence could threaten the prime universe,, with information scarce and the nature of the possible threat unknown, the ACI goes on high alert.

It isn't long before Sodock, or some version of him, reappears, this time inside the ACI Research Annex on New Romulus. Visibly confused and frightened, this Sodock is no sooner identified as from another quantum reality than he disappears.  Ehou Asnov, Shail, Willexis and others pour of the data and Sodock's appearance and other recent sightings.  It soon becomes evident the sightings coincide with Tholian attacks as well as the discovery and activation of the Iconian Gateway on New Romulus.  Concerns over a convergence grow stronger when the Institute members recognize the possibility that the Tholians, already known to possess some inter-dimensional capabilities, might possess the technology for both the Iconian Gateway and Sodock's original quantum scanner, threatening a multi-dimensional shift in the balance of power.

At the same moment the team at the Research Annex is coming to this conclusion, another Sodock appears on the newly occupied ACI Solonae Expedition Spire.  Keval, Belnaar, the real Shail, O'Donnell and other officers near the Dyson Sphere or the Spire converge on the new location.  Over the next several hours, they confront a multitude of Sodock's from across the quantum multiverse.  Each of the ones that appear stress the discoveries of the Gateway and Dyson Sphere across universes, events so powerful that they are creating a convergence.  The assembled personnel realize the Tholians plan to take advantage of the event and link together their network.  Though they cannot prevent the convergence, the Institute members soon realize they can hide from scans by masking their quantum signature at the space-time point of convergence.  Acting swiftly with every resource at their disposal, the team manages to use the Spire itself to obscure the quantum axis and rotation signature until the crisis passes.

Not all is settled or understood, however, as an unidentified ship emerges near the Spire to beam the long-lost Sodock away.

Season 5, Episode 2: "Open Doors"Edit

Stardate 91736.03 (February 17, 2014/2414)

With the most recent events behind them, the ACI hopes to resume business as usual but things soon take a surprising turn.  In the weeks following the dimensional convergence the ACI, and especially Belnaar, Solannae Spire Project Manager, found themselves under silent surveillance by an unfamiliar member of Belnaar's trans-dimensional species calling herself Lireeta.  During a seemingly normal evening on ACI-01, Lireeta's presence is finally exposed and her motives brought to light.  Confronting the ACI directly, she reveals that she seeks the apprehension of Belnaar on orders of the Kith Council.  Suspicious of her reasoning and unwilling to surrender an officer of the Institute, the assembled members seek a fuller understanding of the circumstances and soon learn that Belnaar's efforts during the recent convergence have re-opened doors between universes that the Kith had previously closed.  For a member of Belnaar's species, this action amounts to treason.  In response, Lireeta has been dispatched to bring the criminal to justice and re-secure the doors between worlds.  In pursuit of a diplomatic solution, careful negotiations and proper application of logic, ACI leadership and staff manage to defuse a potential costly situation and bring about a successful conclusion to the investigations by the Kith Council, convincing Lireeta to question the true reasons behind her orders. 
Rather than return to her reality and follow through on orders she no longer believes to be correct, Lireeta accepts exile and is granted provisional clearance at the Spire as an assistant to Belnaar.  Though the threat of retaliation by the Kith Council remains, Lireeta is confident she can find the means to secure this realities survival given enough time and study, it will be good to have a fresh perspective on an old problem.  Yet she and Belnaar, along with the majority of the ACI's science officers, fear this most recent incursion is only the beginning, and that the open doors may mean backlash from other troubled universes such as the Mirror Universe.  Belnaar in particular believes his actions during the convergence may have caused more trouble than was needed, but the damage done in the long run would have been far worse. 
The Institute remains on alert for any sign of further dimensional malfeasance.

Season 5, Episode 3: "Burned by the Fires of Time"Edit

Stardate 91837.14 (March 26, 2014/2414)

Admiral Telev is working on a new engineering project on ACI-01 and requests help from his old friend and Institute member, John McHale. In a lab on the starbase, the two begin diagnostics and tests on the new systems, but Telev begins to notice uncharacteristic behavior from the Trill.  John's focus and energy begin to lag and he brushes off the Admiral's concerns.  Soon after, McHale collapses to to the floor of the engineering lab, gripped by a seizure.  McHale is beamed directly to sickbay and Institute officers, including Shail and Vice President Three

Medical scans indicate that McHale, who once leap-frogged thirteen years into the future, is now suffering from rapid aging as lost time catches up.  McHale reveals to the officers that he knew this day was coming and has been looking for a solution for some time with no results.  When treatment fails and calculations warn that another surge or two of aging will result in his death, the officers leap into action to find a cure.  At McHale's suggestion, they contact M'Ret, a long-ago Romulan antagonist.  Tracking the mysterious Romulan to Drozana Station, envoys from the ACI approach him.  V'Serra takes the lead and soon confirms McHale's diagnosis from M'Ret, who suffers the same aging effects and has already resigned himself to dying and paying the price for his past misdeeds.  But in an uncharacteristic gesture, M'Ret allows that the Ferengi Grodd may be able to help.

The ACI members locate Grodd, also on Drozana, and convince him at M'Ret's behest to part with a rare item - a temporal beacon - in return for unspecified debts to M'Ret being wiped clean.  The officers return to ACI with the beacon but learn to their disappointment it offers only a temporary solution.  Out of other options and with another aging-surge approaching, the ACI uses the beacon to create a chrono-stasis chamber to house the rapidly aging McHale.  Taking his leave, McHale offers thanks to the members and worries aloud how much engineering damage Telev while he is away. 

The stasis chamber is activated, sending McHale into a cryo-sleep of undetermined length and leaving the ACI to confront the absence left behind.

Season 5, Episode 4: "Subject Rhu"Edit

Stardate 92140.38 (July 15, 2014/2414)

The ACI picks up a Federation distress call sent on a Borg carrier wave.  Obviously interested in the unique phenomenon but wary of a trap, President Three gathers a team made up of General Dandin, Commander Jerro, and Shail to investigate the signal.  Upon arriving at the coordinates, they find the signal to be originating from a stranded Romulan vessel.  Unfortunately, the Borg already arrived and have begun assimilating.  After a lengthy endeavor, the rescue team prevails in disabling the Borg cubes, giving them time to board the Romulan vessel.

Once aboard, the team quickly notes that the assimilation process has already taken its toll on the ship.  However, upon further investigation, they find that it was the Romulans that installed much of the technology.  Making their way through drones and assimilated crew, the team finds the true source of the signal, a lone drone.  Dandin and Jerro quickly secure the room as Shail and Three investigate the drone's purpose.  Shail finds a reference to 'Subject Rhu' involving a direct link to the Collective.  Together they are able to surpass the Romulan subroutines and free the drone.  The team beams back with the drone just as Borg reinforcements arrive.

Back on ACI-01, Admiral Anderson takes command and begin coordinating tactical efforts to assist the rescue team.  The USS Saga arrives on scene to assist, turning the tide in the ACI's favor as they once again defeat the Borg.  In order to ensure the Romulans do not recklessly endanger themselves and others again, the team coordinates a mass transport of all Borg technology from the Romulan vessel.  Facing overwhelming odds, the Romulans retreat.

After returning to ACI-01, the drone is beamed to sick bay where Dr. Evaline Dark begins her examine her. The team, joined by Anderson, head down to sick bay to formally meet their new arrive.  The drone identifies herself as 'Rhu' and explains that the Romulans were using her as a means to gain access to the Collective's knowledge.  However, she was able to send a distress call in an attempt to be re-assimilated.  The ACI's rescue was unexpected.  While hesitant, Rhu is not violently opposed to liberation but continues to compare the ACI's medical facilities to the Romulan labs.  The team assures her that no harm will come.  Rhu lies down as Doctor Dark prepares the first of many procedures needed to ensure the resurgence of the body's physiology goes smoothly.

Three takes Shail aside to discuss unusual energy signatures they detected during the rescue.  While not actively present, the echo readings are determined to be Iconian in origin, as though a vessel was present at one point.  Since there was not enough data to act upon, Three asks Shail to keep the information private to avoid escalating stressful times.

Season 5, Episode 5: "The Divided Self" Edit

Stardate 92508.15 (November 26th, 2014/2414)

ACI member Vice Admiral Christine April, having been MIA for 6 months following a mission in the Solanae Dyson Sphere is found after a mysterious and power energy signature shows up in the sphere's shadowzone, an area of perpetual night made possible by a large hadron shield blocking the light of the sphere's star from a section of the sphere. Reports indicate the shield used to move to create day/night cycles, but now it is locked in place. The location of the signal is a spire in the shadowzone. Further, disturbing details come to light from SFI about things they learned Christine was involved in. She had apparently taken the consciousness of her mirror alternate, known as Tina, who was a former human now turned into a sentient computer intelligence, and imprisoned her without Federation knowledge. Even more, she had apparently begun altering the doppleganger's mind via programming to make them more subservient. Such actions surely were not legal in Federation law. Starfleet doesn't leave people behind, Christine had to be rescued, but she faced rough times after she was.

A team of ships and officers from ACI, and one from newly allied fleet The Trust, head to the Shadow Spire to find it is drawing power from the Odyssey class U.S.S. Valencia, Christine's flagship, and was using it to power some type of beacon. An attempt at infiltration met with heavy automatic resistance with no communication working. A battle outside started up as the commotion got the attention of some nearby Voth forces. After they were dispatched the spire suddenly began drawing so much power from Valencia it literally caused the ship to melt into pieces from the heat as the ship fell to the ground below destroyed. The spire emits a powerful signal and then goes silent. The team finds no more resistance as they infiltrate their way in.

Inside they eventually find Christine unconscious, and are greeted by a disembodied voice, one identical to Christines, but different. It is Tina, who appears to be within the Spire. She notes how she was having fun with Christine but now plans to move on, evolving herself into subspace itself to become something new, bigger than the mortal issues faced currently. The team is unsure about how to handle this. Tina is clearly not the most stable, but at the same time they understand she was in part a victim. As morality is debated Shail and Horus decide to advocate for Tina's right to evolve. Ulalu Dani convinces the entity if they let them leave with Christine alive, they won't try to stop it. Other members are less convinced and start thinking up ways to destroy Tina. The entity laughs as it explains to everyone present that it would not have had this conversation if there was any chance of failure. Tina explains it already succeeded when the massive signal was fired off earlier. They were just speaking to a remnant in the Spire before it was fully gone. It decided to release Christine from it's grips, who woke up weak but alive. Horus prepared some parting words of caution to Tina as she vanished, the spire powering down.

In the aftermath of this event Christine was ultimately court martialed and new evidence came to light exonerating her of the worst charges, but she still had to be punished for keeping dangerous secrets from Starfleet, and was demoted to Rear Admiral. While villified for a while and later accepted, Christine maintains heavy PTSD symptoms from this event she will always have to deal with, and everyone else learned that sometimes, not every situation is black and white. As for Tina, she has not been heard from since. Whether she survived her evolution, and is out there somewhere, is unknown.