Atlantia Highwind
Full Name Atlantia Highwind
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Engineer
Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Watson
Player JmTheMick

A combination of ACI developed computer technology and a modified 35 year old Daystrom Institute developed Soong Type Android, Atlantia represents the single most advanced sentient AI in all of the Federation.

Having recently been transferred from the computer core in which her consciousness developed into the body of a Soong type android, she is eager to explore the galaxy around her and learn as much as possible.

She has no interest in joining Star Fleet, however, owes a great deal to the ACI, and as such feels immense loyalty to them, and would be more than willing to aide them in any endevours which would require her vast skills.

Friendly, curious, and outgoing, Atlantia is more than willing to interact with all manner of beings in an effor to discover more about the universe around her.