Pasqua Hawthorne
Full Name Pasqua Anabelle Hawthorne
Gender Female
Race Liberated Borg Human
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Rear Admiral
Fleet Position Vice President
Ship(s) USS Nefertiti
Player CrimsonSpot

"This poor woman has picked herself up from nothing after being freed from the Borg and became a strong willed and sassy individual."


2371-2389 : The early yearsEdit

Pasqua was born to John Hawthorne and Genevra DeMedici and spent her early years in Marsala Italy where she still owns the family property. Her parents were Exoarchaeologists though, so she spent most of her time being drug around the galaxy from dig to dig, her fondest childhood memories are of returning home and running barefoot through the fields.

2389 : Assimilation

In 2389 at the age of 18 she snuck away into the woods one night with the son of another archaeologist family that was in the camp with her. The sound of explosions and weapons fire drew her back to the camp, she arrived just in time to watch the camp, the other archaeologists, and even her own parents being consumed by plasma fire. She tried to gather up any survivors she could find but she could not even find the boy she had been with when the attack began. She ran into the Borg a short time later and was assimilated into the collective.

2393-2397 : Disconnection & Readjustment

After 5 years as Eight of Thirteen, Auxiliary Processor Trimatrix 318, she was on a cube that was attacked by a fleet of Federation Starships. As part of the boarding party she was captured and restrained as the Federation destroyed her Trimatrix and felt the agony as they ripped her from the collective just as the Borg had ripped her from her humanity.

During the next 5 years she underwent numerous psychological and physiological tests to learn more about the Borg, how to liberate more of them in the most efficient way, and to attempt to readjust her to life without the collective. In her mind it was five years of mostly torture and although she harbors some feelings of unease towards Starfleet Medical personel to this date, she places the blame fully on the Borg for what she had to go through.

2398-2404 : The academy

Attempting to follow in her parents footsteps, the only thing she knew, she went to Starfleet Academy to study Exoarchaeology, there she met up with a few hot-shot sublight pilots and began to hone her skills in the field, leading to a Rigel Cup victory for her team. After graduation and the testing scores she got on basic combat techniques, she was sent to the Advanced Tactical Training Course which she passed in the top 5% of her class, once this was over Starfleet opted to send her to Command School as well.

2404-2409 : Starfleet CareerEdit

Ensign Hawthorne was assigned to the U.S.S. Starwind as a tactical officer, the first several years was rather uneventful, until she was called to the bridge after the ship responded to a distress call from the U.S.S. Khitomer in the Vega System. While on the U.S.S. Khitomer the Borg invaded the Starwind and killed the commanding officers, leaving Pasqua as the highest ranking officer. She immediately helped the remaining crew of the U.S.S. Kelvin, U.S.S. Oakland, U.S.S. Bohr and U.S.S. Montreal and beamed them to the U.S.S. Seacole for treatment. The U.S.S. Renown repaired the Starwind's shields & weapons so that Pasqua could join the fight against the Borg , an idea she very much relished.

Captain Hawthorned joined the Alpha Centauri Institute in 2010 and rose to the rank of Admiral, serving as the ACI's Vice President following the departure of former Vice President Mara Tel-Stolliker. Admiral Hawthorne continued in this capacity for many months before being reassigned by Starfleet to a special Borg task force.

Personal Relationships and InterestsEdit

Much like her parents, Pasqua is quite interested in Archaeology and the study of history, though looks more at the tactics of the Rulers of said Civilizations. She is a connoisseur of fine wines and art, and fast ships. Her favorite holodeck activities are studying and re-enacting famous battles from history, and Bat'leth sparring.


Pasqua first met the Tellarite Telev while serving as Chief Tactical officer aboard the USS Starwind . The Starwind, at the time under the command of Captain Malfati responded to a call for aid in The Bassen Rift The two ships noted high concentrations of Thalaron radiation and were approaching the adrift USS Warwick when they were attacked by Hirogen ships. After defeating the Hirogen, Pasqua beamed aboard the USS Chin'toka and agreed to provide Tactical and Security Assistance for the Tellarite Engineer Telev and Doctor Grazov.

Upon beaming aboard the USS Warwick, the joint away team was greeted with a ship full of dead bodies, but no outward markings to give clue as to how they died. Upon further investigation, a Devidian Portal opened in Main Engineering, followed by several outside the ship. The teams were forced to destroy the portals before beaming back to their respective ships.

The two ships detected and destroyed further portals opening in subspace around them. Once that was complete they finished a sensor sweep of the area, reported back to Starfleet and went their separate ways.

After becoming Captain, Telev and Pasqua met once more at Deep Space Nine and enjoyed a drink together before being called off to duty.

After facing a threat by the Borg, Species 8472 and the Romulans, the USS Starwind was severely damaged and barely had enough power for life support, impulse engines, and subspace communications. As the ship limped back to Federation space, Captain Hawthorne contacted Starfleet about the pieces of Borg-infused Romulan technology she managed to beam off of the Romulan Vessel before it attacked, among those was a cloaking device. Admiral Quinn dispatched a tow vessel for the ship, and a transport for her crew and ordered Pasqua to contact the Alpha Centauri Institute for further investigation and salvaging of the technology.

Upon reading the list of officers assigned to the Institute she came across Telev and contacted him immediately, informing him of the situation and her orders. He assisted her Engineering staff in the installation of the Cloaking Device and their acceptance into the Alpha Centauri Institute.

As her only friend outside of her crew at that point, he guided her to choose a career path with the Alpha Centauri Insitute that she wanted to do. Having been unaccustomed to being able to choose her own destiny after talking with some other officers and eventually a counselor she knew she would rather be in Tactical Operations, helping all the ships and Commanding Officers of the Institute, rather than The Guard and just being out on the front lines again.

Several months later she was contacted by Franklin Drake of Section 31 who sent her to investigate reports of a True Way incursion into the Eta Eridani Sector. Upon arriving at the coordinates given she was greeted with the sight of the USS Rainier. It seems that Drake had been watching them and had paired them up for this mission, the true purpose of which was another Devidian incursion.

Personal RecordEdit

Academic History and Distinctions:Edit

2401 Winner of Rigel Cup

2409 Grankite Order of Tactics

Service RecordEdit

2393-2397 Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth:

Numerous tests and "reaclimation procedures" were conducted on Miss Hawthorne on her freedom from the Collective. Several papers and research studies were published using data collected on her.

2398-2402 Starfleet Academy. San Francisco, Earth:

Majored in Exoarchaeology
Member of the Nova Squadron

2402-2404 Starfleet Academy post-graduate.

Passed Advanced Tactical Training Course
Starfleet Command School

2404-2405 U.S.S. Starwind

Head Security Officer

2406-2408 U.S.S. StarwindEdit

Chief Tactical Officer

2409-2410 U.S.S. StarwindEdit

Commanding Officer

2411 U.S.S. NefertitiEdit

Commanding Officer