Dandin BoD E
Rear Admiral (LH)

Species: Human

Age: 36

Height: 1.83m  (6')

Hair: Blond

Eye color: Green

Starship: USS Tharsis (NCC-92864 - Phantom Class Escort)


Rear Admiral Dandin Hansen is a Starfleet Tactical officer serving as Director of the Guard for the Alpha Centauri Institute.

Born on Earth to Father Jeffery and Mother Susan Hansen Dandin lived a normal life until the summer of his 12th year. His Father's cargo vessel was attacked by pirates during a routine cargo run. The bodies of the crew were never recovered, and the remains of the vessel were badly damaged. His mother died of a broken heart shortly after hearing the news. Dandin was sent to live with his uncle, a MACO attached to Starfleet Intelligence. As he grew into his teens Dandin focused on bringing his fathers killers to Justice. He applied to and was admitted to Starfleet Academy as soon as he was of age. 

During his time at the Academy Dandin excelled in small unit tactics and showed an aptitude for Starfleet Intelligence. Following in his Uncle's footsteps he majored in Intelligence and minored in operations. After graduation he applied to the MACO Academy, graduated and was attached to the USS Sertius. The Sertius gathered intel on the Klingon front and patrolled shipping lanes to ensure safe travel. While on patrol the Sertius disabled and boarded a pirate vessel. Dandin led the boarding party and captured the entire 11 man crew alive, suffering no friendly casualties. It was later determined the captured crew was the culprit behind the attack of Dandin's fathers's cargo ship.

Following dozens of successful missions Dandin transferred to Starfleet, promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Avant-Garde. Switching from a MACO leader to a starship Captain was smooth for him, and he quickly mastered the skill. He retains his MACO skills, and employs them frequently on away team missions. 

After being appointed head of security for the ACI Dandin transferred back to MACO command and was promoted to Brigadier General. He commanded the USS Fearless and USS Majestic, both MACO assualt landing vessels. 

Rear Admiral Hansen implemented a number of major changes to all ACI fleet holdings to increase security and ensure the safety of the fleets members and assets. Upgrades include improvements to ACI-01’s point defense grid, internal station defenses, security staff training, revamped lockdown procedures, and numerous other improvements. Following the murder of a contractor in the Institute’s research complex on New Romulus General Hansen initiated a major change of security protocols, including security cross training, enhanced internal sensors, and rapid response actions. One of the most significant changes was a fleet wide upgrade of internal sensors designed to detect and stop any intrusions relating to time travel, Undine infiltration, and a variety of other threats. 

After serving as Chief of Security for six months the ACI Board of Directors extended the position of Director of the Guard and a seat on the board. Again transferring back to Starfleet, this time as a Rear Admiral, Dandin accepted the offer.