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M'rrt H'Rrao is a Caitian Starfleet Tactical officer.


  • Born: 2378 - Sakiel, Ssy'cron Province, Cait
  • Height: 1.91 m
  • Father: R'rrmn H'Rrao
  • Mother: K'urra

Early LifeEdit

H'Rrao was born on Cait in 2378 in a forested mountain region that receives the most annual snowfall of any area on the planet. His father was an instructor of Ancient Caitian Religion and his mother an accomplished visual artist.

As a child and young adult, H'Rrao displayed an aptitude for the arts, particularly written languages and literature, and was soon placed on an advanced track for the most prestigious cultural institutions on Cait. H'Rrao lived up to his potential, graduating from Sakiel Norn University three years ahead of his age-group. His thesis on the Philosophy of Actualism was published in a distinguished journal and garnered him significant academic attention and offers of tenure-track positions at some of the finest institutions in the Federation, as well as an offer of a full scholarship in Literature to the Artists' Colony on Trill.


Academy and Advanced TrainingEdit

Despite his passion for the art and philosophy, and a desire to study with the great artists of the Alpha Quadrant, H'Rao turned down the scholarship in order to enroll in Starfleet Academy. H'Rrao felt that his philosophical convictions demanded he experience life outside the academic cloister and contribute some small part toward the actual-world progress of all races. Knowing that historically his family descended from a clan of ascetics dedicated to the defense and preservation of a massive monastic library, H'Rrao chose a tactical track at the Academy, reviving the ancient practices of his family's heritage.

His intelligence, physical prowess, and cool head earned him the attention of his instructors and upon graduation he was selected as one of only two freshly minted officers to enroll in Advanced Tactical Training. Once more in an environment where many officers were several years older than him, H'Rrao maintained his record of performance. Through several years of training, H'Rrao was groomed for vital and dangerous positions.

Active ServiceEdit

After two years aboard the USS Seleya in regular starship duties, H'Rrao was transferred to the Starfleet Tactical Office and assigned to a sapper squadron whose missions were entirely behind enemy lines. In this capacity, he lived aboard the cruisers Gloucester and Chin'toka.

It was aboard the Chin'toka, under Saurian Captain Daenek, that H'Rrao first met Telev, then Daenek's First Officer. The two formed a friendship based on their love of intellectual debate and mutual respect despite several clashes resulting from what Telev perceived as the sapper squad's unecessary exposure of the Chin'toka to enemy action. Their lifelong friendship was cemented when H'Rrao's squadron rescued a gravely wounded Telev and his surviving away team while under fire from several Reman squadrons on a planet in Romulan space.

Years of service in his squad saw H'Rrao promoted and given command of his own tactical group whose sensitive operations include destabilization, insurgency support, and intelligence gathering. In 2409, his squad was re-assigned and attached to the USS Longrifle under the command of Captain Norman O'Neill. The Longrifle is a non-designated heavy escort whose exact duties and assignments were classified operations in the Psi Velorum, Beta Ursae, and Orellius Sectors. Several months after H'Rrao's transfer, the Longrifle was attacked by True Way forces and he was captured, held prisoner, and interrogated for weeks before being rescued by a Starfleet operation.

After a period of recovery, H'Rrao was re-assigned to the USS Samarkand as Second Officer to Captain David Wallace. In late 2410, when Captain Wallace left to take a position at Starfleet Headquarters along with his first officer, H'Rrao was promoted to First Officer under newly minted Captain Grace Atwood, the former first officer of Telev aboard the USS Rainier.

H'Rrao served as First Officer under Captain Atwood for just over a year before being transferred temporarily as Commander to the newly refit Longrifle, despite his objections and negative associations with his time on the vessel. H'Rrao took with him numerous officers from the Samarkand, including his new Chief Engine
Screenshot 2013-01-07-19-25-20

Captain H'Rrao, the android-Andorian Shar, and an unnamed Rigelian lieutenant aboard the USS Longrifle in late 2412.

er Ayla, his longtime friend and combat partner Pallas Lars, and the oath-bonded Breen officer, Wen, but due to the Longrifle's newly refit status as an Escort Carrier he was forced to accept Starfleet's choice of First Officer. The position went to S'Ral, a fellow Caitian with a fiery temperment and a background aboard Cait's small fleet of Atrox carriers, who believes that she should have received command of the Longrifle.

Within a month of his transfer, H'Rrao was promoted to Captain and assigned permanent command of the Longrifle.


  • Sakiel Norn University (Cait), Advanced Placement Degree in Literature and Philosophy. Graduated 2398 (age 20, three years ahead of his peers).
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy with honors, 2402. (Second-term, third year completed at Vulcan Defensive Arts Academy; Second-term, fourth year completed in the field, Eta Eridani Sector)
  • Starfleet Survival Training, Vulcan's Forge and Australian Outback (Earth). Completed 2403.
  • Starfleet Advanced Guerilla Warfare Training, Bajor. Completed 2403.
  • Starfleet Language Training, Rio de Janeiro (Earth). Completed 2404.
  • Federation Diplomatic Corps, Consular Training. Completed 2404.

Service Record Edit

  • 2404: Given rank of Lieutenant and assigned to USS Seleya as Chief of Security.
  • 2405: Promoted to Lt. Commander.
  • 2405: Transferred from regular starship duties and attached to the USS Gloucester. (Records indicate USS Gloucester assigned to Regulus and Pi Canis Sectors)
  • 2406: Transferred to Deep Space K-7 under Mackenzie Calhoun.
  • 2407: Awarded Grankite Order of Tactics and the Star Cross (Award citations CLASSIFIED)
  • 2407: Reprimanded. (Reprimand CLASSIFIED)
  • 2408: Transferred and attached to USS Chin'toka. (Records indicate USS Chin'toka assigned to Romulan Neutral Zone)
  • 2408: Awarded Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry and Starfleet Medal of Commendation (Award citations CLASSIFIED)
  • 2408: Promoted to Commander.
  • 2409: Transferred and attached to USS Longrifle. (Records indicate USS Longrifle as non-designated Heavy Escort)
  • 2410: Prisoner, Cardassian True Way. (Exact length and conditions of capture CLASSIFIED)
  • 2410: Assigned to USS Samarkand as Second Officer to Captain David Wallace.
  • 2410: Promoted to First Officer under Captain Grace Atwood.
  • 2412: Assigned to newly refit USS Longrifle as Commanding Officer.