Darius Flemming
Full Name Darius James Flemming
Gender Male
Race Liberated Borg Human
Class Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Lev Bronstein
Player JmTheMick
 D.J. Flemming holds advanced degrees in microbiology and nanotechnology.  Recognizing the Borg for the immediate threat that they are, he create a biological weapon:  a bio-fractal virus which would trigger from a host 30 days after assimilation.  After numerous successful tests, he knew what he had to do.

His colony, located within the B'tran Cluster, was close enough to Borg space to reach with a runabout, which he stole from colonial administration. During his research, he discovered a Borg scientific Unimatrix located on one of the moons in the Hotep System. Landing and drawing immediate attention to himself, he was captured and assimilated.

Thirty days after his assimilation, the virus became active and destroyed the entire Unimatrix. Much to his surprise, not only did he survive the experience, but his individuality and memories remained entirely intact. As an added bonus, he now had the collective scientific knowledge of over 400 worlds within his mind. Returning to his untouched runabout, he contacted Star Fleet for an extraction. Upon being rescued, he decided that the only way to keep the Borg at bay was to join Star Fleet and use his new Borg granted abilities against those that gave them to him.

Upon entering the academy, he requested to test out of every undergrad and post-grad science class that there was. Within one week, he successfully completed all science requirements for graduation. He completed the remaining course work and graduated in the standard 4 years with more scienctific honors than anyone in 40 years.

Current Assignment: U.S.S. Lev Bronstein NCC-92875 U.S.S. Ansel Adams NCC-93147