Davin Felth
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Full Name Davin Felth
Gender Male
Race Betazoid
Class Science Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Captain, formerly Vice Admiral
Fleet Position Former President, Chief Medical officer
Ship(s) USS Adama
Player ElMarto84

Born on the planet of Betazed, Davin spent his early life being informed of the importance of science. His father, a Doctor and his mother, a Botanist were both gratuates of the University of Betazed were keen their son should also recieve a university education. Davin went on to study Medicine like his father however his fascination with life beyond the stars prompted him to take a Xenobiology course also. Upon graduation Davin was no longer content to spend his days working on Betazed and so he applied to Starfleet. With his application accepted Davin packed up and headed to Earth.

Davin joined the ACI as its Chief Medical Officer, helping to train cadets and monitor the health of the Fleet. His dedication and exceptional peformance soon earned him the position of Fleet Liaison Officer. He continued in that role for several months before Syrlia Shenn and other Board members departed abruptly to answer Starfleet's call to re-constitute the Fontana Foundation. Davin stepped up and served as Vice President under Lenara Jern before she ultimately resigned and he accepted the position of President.

Davin served as the Institute's fourth President for nearly a year, performing his duties with distintinction through times of joy and difficulty. In late 2311, Davin's vessel, the USS Adama was reported lost in Gamma Orionis with all her crew. The ACI held out hope for his rescue and return, but the search was ultimately abandoned.

Dr. Felth remains on the Fleet roster as a sign that his presence remains strong among his friends and fellow officers.

Davin was survived by his former wife Allahweh and their twins.