Allahweh Felth
Full Name Allahweh Lucia Brahman Felth
Gender Female
Race Alien
Class Engineer
Rank Fleet Admiral
Fleet Rank ACI Captain
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Ship(s) USS Damcyan MK. V
Player Brahman1453



FIRST NAME: Allahweh



DATE OF BIRTH: Stardate 2284.341 (07 DEC 2284, 09:15:00)



GENDER: Female

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Dr. Felth, Davin (Since 20 JUN 2410)

ENTRY RANK: Petty Officer Third Class (09 December 2404)

CURRENT RANK: Fleet Admiral (15 May 2410)


  • Honors Diploma, Magna Cum Laud, Troian Institute of Civil Affairs (13 May 2303)
  • Associates of Science in Computer Engineering (13 December 2404)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Historical Studies (09 December 2406)
  • Master of Arts in Galactic Security and Internal Safety (13 December 2408)
  • Fellow at Janos Radvanyi Center for Strategic Studies (15 JUN 2406 to 13 DEC 2408)


  • 15 December 2308 to 19 April 2316: Research Assistant, Troian High Council.
  • 19 April 2316 to 22 November 2335: Diplomatic Aid, Troian High Council.
  • 22 November 2335 to 07 February 2344: Junior Diplomat, Troian External Affairs.
  • 07 February 2344 to 08 June 2356: Diplomat, Troian External Affairs.
  • 08 June 2356 to 11 January 2371: Senior Diplomat, Troian External Affairs.
  • 11 January 2371 to 04 April 2392: Advisor to Lord High Regent Kain.
  • 04 April 2392 to 05 May 2404: Advisor to Lord High Regent Victor.
  • 09 December 2404 to 15 January 2406: Petty Officer Third Class, Star Fleet Intelligence, Earth Spacedock.
  • 15 January 2406 to 13 December 2408: Petty Officer Second Class, Star Fleet Intelligence, Earth Spacedock.
  • 13 December 2408 to 15 April 2409: Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer (S-2), U.S.S. Tantegel.
  • 15 April 2409 to 15 February 2410: Lieutenant Commander, Intelligence Officer (S-2), U.S.S. Damcyan.
  • 15 February 2410 to 21 February 2410: Commander, (Acting) Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Damcyan.
  • 21 February 2410 to 01 April 2410: Commander, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Damcyan.
  • 01 March 2410 to 17 April 2410: Brevetted Fleet Admiral, Chief of Star Fleet Intelligence, Earth Spacedock.
  • 01 April 2410 to Present: Captain, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Damcyan.
  • 17 April 2410 to Present: Fleet Admiral, Chief of Star Fleet Intelligence, Earth Spacedock.
  • 27 July 2410 to Present: Junior Diplomat, Star Fleet Diplomatic Corps.
  • 15 August 2410 to Present: Fleet Admiral, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Imzadi.


  • Bronze Medal of Service awarded by R. Admiral Surak of the 9th Task Fleet, 30 March 2410.
  • Gold Medal of Service awarded by R. Admiral Surak on behalf of Star Fleet Command, 30 March 2410.


Allahweh Lucia Brahman was born on the aquatic planet of Troia in December 2284 on the politically-centered, proto-surface city of P'Lom. Allahweh was given a name of religious significance by her parents, who, as some of the planet's first ambassadors to the Federation hoped that she would serve as a beacon of peace between Troia and the peoples of the Federation. Allahweh graduated from the Institute of Civil Affairs in May of 2303, after her parents' strong urging, and was slowly groomed for a career in high politics. For nearly a century, she worked in the Troian government, holding various postings until she eventually became a direct adviser to the planet's Lord High Regent. However, after the end of her final posting, she decided to withdraw from politics and pursue an education and career outside of her own home-world. Allahweh has often looked back on her parent's lofty expectations during her childhood, and believes that it was perhaps that which drove her away from a career of politics towards one of direct-benefit to her world and to others.

Troia, an aquatic planet in the largely-unexplored Kalandra Sector of Beta Ursae, only recently became a member of the Federation, joining about ten years prior to Allahweh's birth. Until then, her world was very internally-focused, dealing with political unrest in the wake of the ruling monarchy's collapse and working on genetic advancement that would allow for sustained breatheability outside of the planet's water. In fact, it was perhaps success with the later that prompted the Troians to begin to look beyond their world, for a change.
Troian culture is different than many others because of their longer life-spans. Troian females, for example, may live in excess of 350 Earth Years. It is for this reason that Troians are not considered "adults" until they reach age 25 and participate in a series of ceremonies and tests. Up to that point, they have a very large and varied education, and may, if completed earlier than expected, begin to participate in their careers-of-choice with the proper guidance. Yet, it is not until they reach the age of 125 that they are believed to have attained the "Age of Wisdom," and it is only at that point that they can serve in a governmental capacity for their world.

Allahweh had a very untraditional childhood in comparison to the rest of her peers, spending a vast majority of it on Earth, where her parents served in various ambassadorial functions. However, from about the year 2303 until the early-2400s, she did not venture much beyond her planet except when required for diplomatic reasons. Yet, it was perhaps this different upbringing which allowed her to receive a more diverse education. Allahweh ended up following in her parents' footsteps to a point - she managed to get a Master's Degree from a prostigious Earth university with a focus on Galactic Security and Internal Safety on Stardate 86557.51 (13 DEC 2408).

As the planet of Troia had only recently, within her own lifetime, come into contact with the Federation, there were no Troians serving within Star Fleet or with the Federation in any capacity outside of diplomacy. Allahweh, being averted to serving her planet alone and having a closed mind, decided that it might be to the greater good of all that she endeavor in a career with Star Fleet, rather than serving the petty wishes of selfish rulers. Therefore, she enlisted in Star Fleet at the age of 120 in late-2404, and served on Sol as a Petty Officer with Star Fleet Intelligence until the completion of her advanced education on Earth. Because of her vast political experience and her advanced degrees, she took a commission as a Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Tantegel as an Intelligence Officer. Yet, by 2409 she had been transfered to the U.S.S. Damcyan and given the rank of Lieutenant Commander. A series of unfortunate events involving the Borg Attack on the Vega Colony in early-2410 brought her into the captain's seat and got her a field-promotion to the rank of Commander.

Yet, her valorous activities soon became noticed, as was her hard work with the 9th Task Fleet. As she was chosen to be the leader of her fleet, she was given a brevetted promotion to the rank of Fleet Admiral. And, due to a sudden turnover within the Star Fleet Intelligence office, Fleet Admiral Quinn arranged so that Allahweh could take the reins of the office. By late-summer of 2410, she was given the permanent promotion to the rank of Fleet Admiral and full oversight over SFI (largely because of her efforts in the struggle against the Red Matter Diffusers), and after her work with the 9th Task Fleet, the Sierra Defense Fleet, and the 359th Battle Fleet, she decided to settle down in the Alpha Centauri Institute with her husband and friends.


Allie and Davin 4

Allie with her husband, Dr. Davin Felth.

Allahweh had remained single for many years of her life, especially after she endeavored to go beyond her home world. Part of this was due to the fact that she never found anyone that she truly felt connected to, but later on in life, as she reached beyond the stars, she had a deep fear that anyone she could get close to would die long before her, and it would only result in heart-break.

However, things changed in 2410, when events with her own relationships with members of the Alpha Centauri Institute drew her closer to their resident Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Felth, Davin. The two were eventually married on June 20, 2410 and now are expecting their first children together (in November).