Zhal'esha fell'Toth, called Toth, was an Efrosian Starfleet officer in the early 25th century.  Toth commanded the USS Cumberland on attached duty to the ACI.  In that capacity, he lead the investigation into the discovery of surveillance devices embedded in the structural beams of the Institute's research facility on New Romulus.  The devices were discovered after the murder of Cerus Lovok, a Romulan contractor, wa
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Captain fell'Toth, pictured with Aerys and Dandin Hansen.

s discoverd in the facility's shuttlebay.

Toth and his team assisted Fleet Captain Leasor, Centurion Rekar tr'Keirianh, Captain Dandin Hansen, and Subcommander Aerys with the isolation and removal of a single device.  Examination of the device ultimately proved crucial in discovering the source of the surveillance and the murderer of Lovok.